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Pleasuring yourself should be comfortable, convenient, and most of all, enjoyable. Only you would know what works best for you, but exploring some masturbation techniques can give you a whole new perspective. That doesn’t mean you should do something convoluted or take uncomfortable positions inspired by porn. I’ll say female masturbation techniques that work the best start with being comfortable in your choice.

Masturbation Tips For Beginners

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It All Starts In Your Head

For whatever reason, many women believe that females should not masturbate. Many associate guilt or shame with masturbation. And to that, I say, why? There is nothing wrong with pleasuring yourself or considering sexual release through masturbation. Do not confine yourself to poorly held ideals. It is this weird thinking that prevents many women from enjoying the pleasure and release of an orgasm.

Similarly, many married women or those in a stable relationship believe that their orgasms should come from their partners. It’s a terrible approach, and unfair for you as well as your spouse/significant other. It is perfectly okay and acceptable for people in stable relationships to masturbate.

So let go of any inhibition, guilt, or any similar view you are holding. Masturbating is perfectly okay and natural. Chill, relax, or just Netflix and chill by yourself. Being relaxed is the first step to having an amazing orgasm.

Masturbating Is Your ‘Me’ Time

It’s the time when you focus only on you. Put it as a time that is all about you and your pleasure. If you feel like it, take a bath, relax, put on some nice music, even some mood lighting. Do whatever feels right and puts you in the mood.

Some women enjoy reading erotica, others like watching porn to set the mood. Many will just let their imagination take control. There are no holds here, the priority is putting yourself in the mood. If your phone has a habit of constantly buzzing with notifications, consider switching it off.

Hygiene Is A Priority

Obviously, you don’t need to be told this, but I’ll put it here for the sake of posterity. Your hands and nails should be clean, and if you’re planning to use sex toys, ensure they’re clean as well. In case you have plans to finger yourself, it’s best to keep your nails short, especially for beginners.

You Don’t Have To Limit Yourself To The Clitoris And Vagina

Explore yourself! Any good masturbation technique is about setting yourself free from preconceptions. Of course, a good orgasm will come from stimulating the clitoris and/or vagina, but you can (and should) stimulate other erogenous zones on the body as well.

Touch around the vagina, explore your inner thighs, stimulate your breasts, and work on other erogenous zones. Building up to the crescendo and enjoying every moment of it can be the difference between a meh orgasm, and toe-curling earth-shattering orgasm.

The Endgame Is Not The Orgasm!

Yup, you read that right. Do not pressure yourself into believing that you must have an orgasm. Some women end up psyching themselves out or putting undue pressure on themselves to orgasm. The goal here is to enjoy yourself, and if it results in an orgasm (and another, and another!), it’s a bonus.

This rings especially true for starters. Don’t just expect to touch yourself and get squirting. Be patient, and learn to enjoy the journey. That’s what makes the climax more enjoyable.

Female Masturbation Techniques For Stimulating The Clitoris

Masturbation Techniques For Women — Clitoral Stimulation

For a lot of women, clitoral stimulation is necessary for an orgasm. There are a variety of ways and masturbation techniques to stimulate the clitoris and to get that amazing orgasm. The clitoris is a pearl-sized organ located at the top of the vulva. It is often covered by the clitoral hood. The clit is packed with nerve endings and stimulating the clitoris is the most common way to get an orgasm.

Using Your Hands For Stimulation

To stimulate the clitoris using your hands, start by massaging the fleshy area on top of your pubic bone. Slowly, make your way towards the vulva and rub your fingers along the inner and outer lips of the vulva. Then rub the clitoris through the hood, and when you’re ready, go under the clitoral hood and stimulate the clitoris directly.

You can hold your fingers in a “V” pattern and rub them along the length of the clitoris. Or use the same setup to move the clitoris in a circular motion. Change the pace and rhythm to your liking, though it is generally best to start slow and pick up speed.

Maintaining a good rhythm and pace is important as things heat up, so it’s probably best not to start with an overly vigorous speed at the beginning. You should also experiment with pressure, and adjust it to what works best.

Using a lubricant can help improve the sensations, and lower the friction enough to make the act more enjoyable.

The Old Faithful Pillow Humping Masturbation Technique

Learning how to pillow hump can give you an excellent female masturbation technique. It is a great way to stimulate the clitoris and provides a different sensation than using your hands to masturbate. Taking this simple route to orgasmic pleasure doesn’t require any special equipment either, though of course, it does need a pillow.

You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to pillows though. Stuffed toys work just as well. The stuffed bodies of these toys and harder bits like the nose provide quite a contrast that you can work to your advantage. You always knew having all those throw pillows and stuffed toys had to have a purpose!

Use A Sex Toy — Vibrators For Clitoral Stimulation

Sex toys are available in a variety of shapes and functions. For their part, clit stimulation vibrators can be quite awesome. Knowing how to masturbate with a vibrator can open up the road to amazing orgasms, perhaps even on-demand orgasms once you learn your way around these sex toys.

There’s a lot to choose from in this category, so take your time and you can afford to be picky. Should you choose one of the most powerful vibrators for clitoral stimulation, be sure not to head straight for the clitoris. Give it time to adjust to the stronger vibrations, and slowly move the vibrator towards the clitoris. You can also consider using these stronger vibrators from over the clothes first.

Wand vibrators conventionally are powerful, and are often presented as “massagers.” To their credit, they do work well in giving a good massage, but the real magic of these wands lies in stimulating the clitoris.

Women who prefer the sensations of cunnilingus for their clitoris can rely on the range of clit-sucking vibrators like the Satisfyer Pro to do their bidding.

Vibrators are simple and convenient to use, and can literally be game changers for your masturbation techniques. If in doubt, you can learn more about how to use a vibrator and get the most amazing orgasms using a sex toy.

Exploring The G-Spot For Masturbation

Masturbation Techniques For Women — G-spot Stimulation

Stimulating the vagina, or more specifically, the g-spot for masturbation can give you results that are absolutely divine. Many would consider knowing how to squirt as the holy grail of female masturbation techniques. That could be jumping the shark, but g-spot orgasms can be intense and intensely satisfying.

Fingering Yourself

Fingering is a time-honored masturbation technique that can deliver orgasmic results. Knowing how to find your g-spot is going to play an important role in delivering results for your orgasm. The g-spot is usually located one to three inches from the vaginal opening, towards the anterior side of the vaginal wall. To the touch, it feels slightly different from the rest of the vagina – something like a little, soft dimple.

Once you have located it, put on some pressure and massage the g-spot to let the waves of pleasure flow. Curling and moving your fingers in a “come hither” motion can usually bring amazing results and provide ample stimulation to the g-spot.

Being aroused is a very important part of g-spot stimulation. So take your time to build-up and to put yourself in the mood. The g-spot gets more prominent with arousal, and your fingers will have an easier time working on the pleasure spot.

Using Sex Toys To Stimulate The G-Spot And Vagina

Vibrators and dildos work wonders at stimulating the vagina and the g-spot. As the old tale goes, Cleopatra used a hollowed-out gourd filled with bees to function as a vibrator. While the veracity of this little tidbit might be questionable, the use of dildos and sex toys, in general, is historical fact.

Many modern dildos and vibrators are designed in a way that makes it easier to stimulate the g-spot. If you enjoy vibrators and fancy some vibration patterns stimulating your vagina, a good g-spot vibrator will do the trick for you. Modern vibrators have several options and controls that make them excellent tools for masturbation.

A dildo might seem low-tech in comparison, but don’t discount its ability to zero in on the g-spot and unleash waves of pleasure. The g-spot often responds better to light pressure, and using a dildo right will put you in full control.

Well-crafted sex toys like the Njoy Pure Wand are practically celebrated for their ability to stimulate the g-spot and bring on terrific orgasms. Lelo Ella is another amazing dildo for g-spotting, and should you be feeling especially rich, you can try its gold-plated sibling, the Lelo Olga.

Stimulating the g-spot is a bit of an art. Have patience, and do not expect that you would be squirting your way to bliss right away. Always remember that your job is deriving pleasure, and do not take on the pressure of having an orgasm, or squirting. Having a good masturbation technique works great, especially so when you can focus on pleasure rather than worry about results.

Deriving Your Pleasure From Female Masturbation Techniques

It is estimated that only a small number of women can orgasm through regular penetrative sex. Some studies have put that number at as low as 18%. There really is no good reason for you to deny yourself the pleasure of an orgasm. Enjoy yourself and masturbate without any thoughts putting you down. These masturbation techniques are intended to be simple, practical, and most of all, useful. Take control over your own pleasure, and have a good time!

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