5 Reasons why women prefer to masturbate with toys

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Have you ever wondered why people masturbate in general? Of course, you have because you do the same thing. Some people do it because they are lonely and would like to feel something, and others do it because that’s the best pleasure they can feel. Regardless of the reason, we are all aware that there are multiple ways to masturbate, but people have begun to wonder why women prefer using sex toys over their bare hands.

Well, isn’t the answer pretty obvious? Sex toys can do so much more than your fingers can. Also, by purchasing one of the toys, you will have a chance to try out new things you always wanted to and won’t have to think about how to finger yourself today.

There are numerous reasons why women can’t go a day without their favorite sex toys, but how about we take a closer look at some of the most common reasons why they would never give up using toys and go back to using nothing but their fingers?

More intense orgasms

More intense orgasms

No words can describe how many times an orgasm can be when using sex toys than when using nothing but your palm and fingers. Instead of doing all the work yourself, you could simply take the Lush 3 vibrator, put it in place, and turn it on for a pleasure that cannot be compared to anything else!

Not only can you let the toy do most of the job, but you can also try to do various things while the sex toy does its magic on you. Can you imagine fingering yourself while using a vibrator on your clit? I think that’s a dream every girl has, and if it weren’t for all these sex toys, I doubt it would be possible to make that dream come true.

There aren’t many things that can make a girl’s leg shake, but I know damn well that using sex toys is one of those things. It takes just a couple of minutes for a chick to reach an orgasm, and after that, she will do nothing but watch her legs shake because of an intense orgasm she hasn’t felt before!

Exploring your body

Exploring your body

It’s no secret that you can do only as much with your hands. You could start slowly rubbing yourself before sliding a couple of fingers into your pussy. That sounds like a pretty good thing, but if you think about it, why would you stick to the old ways of doing things when there are many sex toys available that will get the job done much better than you could?

Maybe one of your wildest dreams was to see what all the fuss was about anal masturbation but never dared to do it with your hands. Well, you won’t have that problem if you grab one of the sex toys from your favorite sex shop. You could do all the things you’ve always wanted, and you would have a small companion that’s perfect for various tasks you might think of.

It’s no secret that women use vibrators and other sex toys for multiple things, so one toy could do various things, not just penetrate their holes. Have you ever seen a girl use a small vibrator on her nipples while gently rubbing her clit? Well, that’s one of the things that makes them go crazy, so you can understand why having at least one toy lying around could come in handy.

Finding the right size

Finding the right size

All women are the most comfortable with different sizes. Some of them like them big, and others prefer them small. Well, you know what they say, it’s not about the size, but about the way you use it. I think that might be entirely true, but yes, there’s some truth behind that statement.

Anyway, instead of looking for the most perfect guy, women can experience various sex toys until they find the one that makes them feel the most fulfilled. It might take a couple of tries, but figuring out nothing beats the feeling that when you masturbate with a horse dildo, it will be worth it. After that, you will know what’s the perfect size for you and what will most definitely satisfy you.

Mastering your skills

Mastering your skills

Did you also know that some chicks like to practice on sex toys? Everyone loves to get down and dirty with their partner, and no one wants to disappoint them. Well, one of the ways to master your skills is by practicing on sex toys. So, if you are interested in learning how to suck dick properly, there’s no better way than practicing on a dildo.

You could keep going at it for as long as you want, and once you feel like you’ve mastered your skills, you can put them to good use. Also, that dildo won’t go to waste after you’re done with learning how to handle a cock. It will stay in your drawer, ready to penetrate your holes once you get horny or feel like it’s the time to reward yourself with an intense orgasm.

Toys can also be used to find that sweet spot that makes your eyes roll back. There’s no better way to get anal training than using one of your favorite sex toys. Once you’ve found that sweet spot, you will know what to do the next time, so no time will be wasted!

It’s faster

It's faster

Masturbating by using nothing but your bare hands sometimes takes a lot of time. You’ve gotten used to the same motion, and it just doesn’t do the trick for you. You could keep going at it for half an hour, and you would still be lying there in bed, hoping to reach an orgasm.

Well, you women who keep a big vibrator in their drawers don’t have to worry about such things happening. Once they turn on that vibrator, they just have to put it in the right place, and the job will be done in a matter of minutes. Afterward, they can continue with their day like nothing has happened!

Various sex toys have been made so women can reach orgasms in the blink of an eye, so all those busy ladies can take a few minutes out of their days to pleasure themselves and continue with their busy schedules. Not everyone has all the time in this world to get a pillow hump and bounce on it. Sure, it would get the job done, but it would take some time, just like it would when using your good old fingers.

Sex toys give a new meaning to masturbation

Sex toys give a new meaning to masturbation

Some ladies haven’t had the chance to use sex toys, and others are well experienced with them by now. So, regardless of your past experience, you shouldn’t miss out on new sex toys that were created solely for your pleasure and will help you reach orgasms like never before. Various sex toys can be purchased; some are battery-operated, and others are not, but they both have something in common. They will bring your masturbating game to a whole new level, and you will forget about using your hands to pleasure yourself the next time you get horny!

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