Which is the best vibrator for women  in the world? This question is a little tricky and may not have a definitive answer. You may have to look at hit from various perspectives, such as; your body type, preference, experience, cost, maintenance, so on and so forth. There are a bunch of vibrator brands out there claiming their products to be the best. While a lot of it is hype, some of them are good indeed. No matter what, it is sure to make your choice confusing. This is why we have come up with this vibrator buying guide to help you figure out the vibe that best suits your needs.


7 Best Vibrators for Women On Amazon 2019 and Vibrator Reviews

1. We-Vibe Tango USB Rechargeable Vibe

It takes two to tango. You and the We-Vibe Tango. Corny jokes aside, the Tango is an excellent clitoral vibrator. It’s powerful, discreet, and packs in a good number of functions. The vibrator is small; almost the size of a lipstick, and the shape and color help give off that random accessory feel too, keeping up the discreet appearance. Two small charging points at its end should make it clear that it’s not just a random lipstick.
The We-Vibe Tango is 100% waterproof, so if you prefer things that way, you sure can take the vibrator to the shower, maybe even the bathtub. You can use the length of the vibrator for stimulating the clitoris, and if pin-point vibrations are your thing, simply move to the lipstick top of this sex toy and let it work its magic. Vibrations offered by the We-Vibe Tango are deep and rumbly — exactly what’s needed for that deep, satisfying orgasm.

We-Vibe Tango has four different vibration intensities (low, medium, high, ultra). And should you want a bit of rhythm and patterns to your vibrations, this best rated vibrator will let you enjoy four patterns (Tease, Wave, Pulse, Cha-cha). Another great positive is that the vibrator starts off with the same setting it had when you used it the last time. Those who are fans of a particular vibration setting will see the immediate use this feature has over fumbling to move to their favored setting every time.

We-Vibe Tango is a bit expensive, but it is generally worth the price as attested by vibrator reviews, both professional and consumer.

Variety of patterns and intensity settingsSlightly expensive
Low battery indicator prevents the risk of being left surprised mid-actCharger connection can be slightly troublesome
Silent operation
Intense rumbling vibrations

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2. Lelo Sona

Best Vibrator For Women - Lelo Sona

Taking clitoral massage to a whole new high-tech level, the Lelo Sona uses sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris. And when the Sona says clitoris, it doesn’t mean just the visible part on the body. It means the whole organ, where the visible clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg and most of the organ lies below the surface. That’s one reason deep, rumbling vibrations work so well with regular vibrators.

Sona won’t go around making vibrations, instead, you place it on the clitoris and let the sonic waves bring in the waves of pleasure. It’s quite a technological marvel, and one that’s working very well. Lelo Sona has received rave consumer reviews and professional reviews. Buzzfeed published a very excited article about this incredible sex toy. There’s little to find fault with about the Lelo Sona, and its probably one of the most effective clitoral stimulators on the market.

Lelo Sona’s body is covered in the matte, soft silicone that Lelo is so famous for. The bottom side has an ABS plastic sheet in metallic finish. Its control have the familiar Lelo setting with intensity increase/decrease buttons flanking the pattern button. There are eight pattern and intensity settings to choose from, and they are very well targeted to stimulate the whole clit.

This vibrator is reputed to bring on intense, deep, toe curling orgasms – just the way we like it! Lelo Sona is widely available through several reputed retailers and distributors, though in my opinion, the best place to buy is Lelo’s own website. Lelo Sona is available in three colors, Pink, Cerise, and Black.

Stimulates the entire clitoris, including the non-visible partsSlightly noisy
Deep, satisfying orgasms
Convenient size to carry
Waterproof and rechargeable

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3. Svakom Alice Powerful Rabbit Vibrator

Best Vibrator For Women - Svakom Alice

SVAKOM Alice looks quite simple and non-intimidating. This rabbit vibrator has an insertable length of 4.5-inches and a rather average diameter. Once it kicks into gear though, the Svakom Alice does not fail to impress. Its insertable part usually finds the G-spot without much trouble, while the external end does a great job stimulating the clitoris. The result is usually a wonderful orgasm.

Svakom Alice has seven patterns and five speeds to keep you entertained, and the mix usually does a wonderful job. But that’s not all. It’s the Svakom Alice Intelligence Mode that makes a big difference. This mode uses both motors on the Alice to concurrently massage the clitoris as well as the G-spot, while going through a series of patterns and intensity settings. Vibration inherent in this mode make an absolutely pleasurable set as they travel through the inserted length of the vibrator, as well as on the external arm.

The usual trouble most rabbit vibrators face is that each body is different, and there’s a good chance that the clitoral arm does not reach the right spot once the insertable appendage is placed. It is a more pronounced problem with vibrators that have a fixed clitoral arm, and that’s what usually makes rabbit vibrators a hit or miss with several women. Svakom Alice deals with this problem by giving the clitoral side a good length, so it can be placed right without moving around the inserted end to less stimulating positions.

Easy to use for beginnersThe intelligent mode can be a hit or miss
Silicone constructionQuestionable longevity. Many customers say it only lasts about a year.
Waterproof and rechargeable
Silent operation

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4. Lelo Soraya

Best Vibrator For Women - Lelo Soraya

The unusual, but well designed shape of the Lelo Soraya makes it an object of interest at the first glance. Lelo Soraya’s outer edge is coated in Silicone. It is soft, velvety in a matte finish and feels very nice to the touch. The inner side is made of ABS plastic with a metallic finish. Overall, the combination and shape give the Lelo Soraya a great look. Thankfully, it doesn’t rely on looks alone. Lelo Soraya does pack a performance that makes it one of the best sex toys on the market.

Lelo Soraya dual massager does its job, with the insertable end heading straight for the g-spot, while the external arm gets to work on the clitoris. While the insertable end is only 4.3-inches, it does have a nice girth of 4.4-inches. All said, while not intimidating to insert, the Lelo Soraya does have a very pleasant “filling” sensation that works wonders as it begins to massage the g-spot. The clitoral appendage is about 2.1 inches and is slightly bendable at its base, giving some wiggle room for adjustment and positioning of the vibrator.

Another good feature is the circular loop at the end, which makes the Lelo Soraya rabbit vibrator rather easy to hold, maneuver, and to control. While holding the vibrator, your thumb will be naturally positioned over the controls, making it convenient to move through the Soraya’s five speed settings and eight patterns.

Easy to control, use, and maneuverSlightly more difficult to clean, especially at areas where ABS plastic and silicone meet
Rechargeable and waterproofExpensive
Low noise
Looks great!

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5. Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

Best Vibrator For Women - Hitachi Magic Wand Massager

This old and reliable massager has been amongst the best clitoral vibrators for decades now. It does help that the Hitachi Magic Wand is easy to use, and is one of the most powerful vibrators around. It may have been decades, and the name may have changed to “Magic Wand Original”, but this wand remains popular and is easily the best vibrator on Amazon, perhaps simply by the sheer volume of sales made – including the tons of listings.

Hitachi Magic Wand has two modes, one vibrating at 5000rpm, while the higher power mode vibrates at 6000rpm. Each, capable of producing deep, rumbling vibrations that usually lead to wonderful orgasms.

Hitachi Magic Wand goes beyond just the regular clitoral vibrator (or for that matter, body massager). Its popularity and decades of existence have spawned a very large number of attachments that can modify the use to your personal preferences, or even kinks. The attachments and modifications go a long way, and make the Hitachi Magic Wand customizable in ways that just aren’t possible for usual massagers, dildos, and vibrators.

An advantage and disadvantage for Hitachi Magic Wand is that it draws power straight from the mains. This means it can be fairly powerful and handle the load its attachments bring. On the other hand, it also means that your movements are restricted by the length of the wire, and the encumbrance of wires is often not required.

PowerfulDated, decades old design
Deep, rumbling vibrationsWired, only draws power from mains
Several attachments available for customizationOnly 2 vibration speeds

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6. Lovense Hush

Best Vibrator For Women - Lovense Hush

Lovense Hush vibrating butt plug is convenient, powerful, and high-tech. The silicone that covers the Lovense Hush feels soft and gentle to the touch. Its matte texture will require it to be doused in lube when you use it, but the soft, velvety feel of silicone stays. Available in two sizes of 1.5-inch diameter and 1.75-inch diameter, Lovense Hush isn’t a toy for beginners.

Once you’ve inserted it, the butt plug stays put, partly in thanks to the wider diameter. So, you can go about your daily activities with the Hush inserted, and get a quick dose of pleasure whenever you feel like it.

Being a remote controlled vibrator, the Hush connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once connected, the Lovense app opens up a whole new world of vibration and controls for your vibrator. The Lovense Hush is especially versatile when it comes to vibration patterns.

You can set it up for regular vibrations, sync it to your music, and even make it respond to conversations you’re having over the phone. I’m sure we can all imagine right about now a favorite song that would sync with Lovense Hush vibrator syncing to music.

Since Lovense loves teledildonics, you can allow your partner to control this vibrating butt plug through their phone. They’ll have access to all the app features, and the controls are pretty good, even if you’re in a long distance relationship.

Powerful vibrationsSome customers say it develops battery issues
App and connectivity work great and offer virtually limitless vibrating patternsCan get noisy at higher vibration speeds, making public play troublesome
Discreet enough for public playInitial setup can be time consuming and annoying
Made from body safe, phthalate-free, non-toxic, non-porous materials

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7. Satisfyer Pro 2

Best Vibrator For Women - Satisfyer Pro 2

One of the hottest vibrators in the non-contact niche, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is a powerful, well-priced vibrator. Designed to mimic the sensations of oral sex, the Satisfyer is endowed with a powerful motor to suck out air and give the clitoris a sensation of being sucked. Of course, the same also applies should you choose to use the Satisfyer Pro 2 on other body parts, like the nipples.

Once correctly placed, the silicone nozzle forms a seal around the clitoris, so the air sucking effects can be fruitful. It works far better if you’ve used some lube, since it helps keep the nozzle (and seal) in place.

There are 11 intensity modes on the Satisfyer Pro 2. Even so, I’m fairly certain most of us won’t ever get to use the higher intensity options. This thing is so powerful, it gets the job done in a couple of minutes, and way before you’re anywhere near the top speed. It can pretty much elicit an orgasm at will, so if back-to-back orgasms are your thing, you will be satisfied. Get more details with our Satisfyer Pro 2 review.

Satsifyer Pro 2 offers 30 minutes of playtime after a charge of 150 minutes. It shouldn’t be a problem during use since the vibrator only needs a few minutes. It is, however, an indicator of general battery health and of the battery problems many customers say the Satisfyer Pro 2 develops.

Waterproof, rechargeable, and powerfulCan be noisy until placed on the body
11 intensity modes to match most preferencesThe magnetic charger connection seems flimsy
Made from body safe, non-toxic, non-porous materialsSome complaints of the vibrator battery developing problems over time


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How To Buy Best Vibrators For Women

1. Picking The Best vibrator Material – Safety – What Are The Factors To Consider

We believe safety is the most important aspect to ponder while choosing a vibrator. You must ensure that the vibrator is made from ABS plastic and silicone that is approved by the FDA. It should also be free from phthalates and latex, and be 100% body-safe. Vibes made of jelly or rubber will surely give you a tough time cleaning.


Silicone is considered to be the best material that a vibrator can be made of. It is hypoallergenic, which means it is less likely to cause any form of allergic reactions. It’s very easy to clean and it has a high resistance to wear and tear, thereby prolonging its life and shape. However, silicone vibrators are on the pricier side. Silicone vibes are extremely safe for internal and external stimulation.

A Big No To Phthalates

Phthalates, as an ingredient in your vibrator, is a BIG NO!! A lot of cheap sex toys are made of this material and regular contact with it can even cause cancer. For some unacceptable reason, they continue to be approved for use in sex-toy production. [Stay away from it].


Plastics are a pretty common material used in making vibrators. It is affordable and makes the vibrators easy to clean. It has a firm stature, thereby making it suitable for both external and internal stimulation. Plastic vibes also tend to warm up rather quickly when it’s used; a lot of women seems to have liked this characteristic a lot. But on the downside, it is quite rigid. And this inflexibility may turn off a few girls.


Latex vibrators are a one-step upgrade from plastic vibrators. They are firm; therefore, they can offer deep penetration. But at the same time, they are also more flexible than their plastic counterparts. You will definitely need a lubricant for your latex vibrators, but you should stay away from it if you are allergic to latex.


Jelly vibrators are the most versatile vibrators since it can easily mold into any shape; therefore, it is widely used in making different kinds of vibes. It is smooth and flexible yet, firm enough to be inserted. However, it is a type of rubber at the end of the day; so it does tend to attract a lot of dirt. You have to clean it properly before every use. You may even have to sterilize, or disinfect, it to avoid transmission of any sorts of diseases.


Cyberskin vibrators are the closest thing to human penis and vagina. They look and feel almost like the real stuff, especially when it’s warm. This is why this material is mostly used in making high-end dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys. It is firm for deep penetrations and at the same time soft enough for external stimulations. But it needs a li’l bit of spending on the maintenance part; the usual soap and warm water won’t work here.

2. Choose The Right Type Of Vibrator

1. Classic Vibrator

There really isn’t much going with the classic vibrator. It’s a dildo that found out it could use power and vibrate. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the classic vibrator, it just seems so… dull when compare to all the other feature rich and targeted stimulation vibrators we have these days.

Classic Vibrators are straight, may be made with any of the materials listed above (or even something entirely different), and are perhaps good starting points for those just starting out for vibrators. Even then, there’s a lot more to go on in other options, so even if you are a beginner, take a look around for other options.

When using a classic vibrator, or any other vibrator for that matter, try not to solely rely on the vibrator. If you have a free hand, use that to stimulate the other parts of your body while the classic vibrator does its job.

2. Bullet Vibrator

They may look like lost cousins of the classic vibrator, but bullet vibrators have a different, and more targeted role to play. Bullet vibrators are usually small, rarely going above 5-inches in height, and have a rather modest diameter. All of this is because the bullet is meant to be an easy to carry, discreet, and yet powerful companion that can conveniently bring women to orgasm.

Bullet Vibrators are built to be portable and discreet, which means they are usually battery powered, and built so that they don’t stand out. Many bullet vibrators, like the We-Vibe Tango above, or the Lelo Mia 2 take a look very similar to a lipstick. Of course, that is not always the case. Another important consideration is the noise. Bullet vibrators should be silent, making as little sound as possible. Most quality bullet vibrators will max their noise at 50dB – the same noise as a regular conversation. That means the vibrator’s sound does not travel beyond closed doors.

The most important job for a bullet vibrator however, is clitoral stimulation. A bullet vibrator must be able to deliver vibrations to the clitoris, maybe even to the general area of the vulva, and also offer pin-point stimulation for the clitoris. This obviously depends on how you prefer to use your vibrator, but the option must always be available.

Owing to their simple construction, these vibrators can be fairly cheap, though there are fairly expensive ones also available, depending on materials used in building the vibrator, and other factors.

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3. Remote Vibrator

A remote controlled vibrator can belong to any class of vibrators. The defining factor here is that the vibrator should be operable by a remote control. The most widely regarded use of these vibrators is of course for public play with insertable vibrators like the Lelo Hula, the possibilities go far beyond.

An excellent example of how advanced remotes can be is the We-Vibe Connect app for your phone. This app is available for iPhone as well as Android devices, and can give remote access to the vibrator to any part of the world connected by the internet. This makes it especially useful for couples in a long-distance relationship, but regular old public play like with the We-Vibe 4 Plus.

Of course, the remote vibrator does not necessarily have to be an app. It can be a simple device that turns the vibrator on/off, and can control some functions like the intensity and patterns available. Remote vibrators can easily involve a couple, making the experience more enjoyable. Your partner need not be a spectator while you play with a vibrator, and can indeed join in and play along.

Keep your requirements in mind when you decide to purchase a remote vibrator. The functions on the remote can vary by brand, device, or the remote itself. It’s best to know what you expect from your remote vibrator before you purchase one. Also, sound is generally a factor; a remote vibrator should be virtually silent. There is little fun in public play, or even walking around the house if the whirr of the vibrator drowns all sound!

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4. Clit Vibrator

A clit vibrator, or a clitoral vibrator is obviously designed to stimulate your clitoris and bring on amazing orgasms. This again, is a somewhat wide category and can include other groups like bullet vibrators and wand vibrators. Plus, several regular vibrators too can do amazing jobs at stimulating the clitoris.

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts on women, and there are quite a few ways to stimulate it. Beyond the regular vibrating systems, there are more advanced vibrators as well that take slightly different approaches. For example, the non-contact Womanizer Pro40 crates a suction effect on the clitoris, while the Lelo Sona we saw above uses sonic waves to stimulate the clitoris. Clit vibrators are popular for a great reason — the clitoris is very sensitive, and responds well to stimulation.

Check out our recommendation of 5 best clit vibrators.

5. G-spot Vibrators

As the name clearly implies, a G-spot vibrator is designed to stimulate the g-spot. Many women swear by the capabilities of g-spot vibrators, claiming to have lost their squirting virginity to g-spot vibrators. If you have not yet experienced that magic, read a guide on making a girl squirt, and then quickly break out your Amazon Prime subscription to get next day delivery of an amazing vibrator.

G-spot vibrators generally don’t need to be very long. Mostly, they are curved to allow them access to the G-spot, where they may massage or add pressure, taking things hot to the climax. When using a g-spot vibrator, remember the vibrator does not have to shake things up a lot. Most of the times, its gentle vibrations at the right point that does the trick. It takes some time and patience to gain experience stimulating the g-spot, and all that work is totally worth the results.

See my recommendations for best g-spot vibrators.

6. Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are 2-in-1 vibrators, built to stimulate the vagina and clitoris at the same time. Theoretically, this is a great idea that brings about earth shattering orgasms. Practically, only a few rabbit vibrators can bring that result. That doesn’t mean the rabbit vibrator isn’t held in high regard, a very large percentage of women who use sex toys do own a rabbit vibrator, or intend to own one soon.

A rabbit vibrator has two appendages, one inserted into the vagina, while the other stimulates the clitoris. In the original rabbit vibrator, the clitoris arm had two appendages sticking out at its end to provide pin-point stimulation for the clitoris. The look also made them appear similar to bunny ears, and the name was born.

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7. Egg Vibrator

Egg vibrators are designed to be fun, and a bit naughty. One of the biggest applications here is public play. You go around your daily business with the vibrator inserted in the vagina, and you (or your partner) can control the vibrator remotely for stimulation, and fun.

It is for this reason that egg vibrators are built to be small in size. They must be discreet, easy to insert in the vagina, and equally important – comfortable enough to leave in the vagina for several hours while you go about your day. These little kinky toys are amazing for play and pleasure. Plus, they’re a great way to spice up your sex life, so give it a shot. Though not necessarily the same thing, egg vibrators often overlap with bullet vibrators, and obviously, remote controlled vibrators.

8. Wand Vibrators

Perhaps it won’t be a stretch to consider wand vibrators as the harbingers of vibrators. The most famous wand vibrator is the Hitachi Magic Wand, which can be credited with starting the revolution. Given the origin, most wand vibrators retain the look of body massagers, and indeed, can be excellent body massagers beyond their use for clitoral stimulation.

Unlike regular vibrators that vibrate throughout their body, wand massagers only vibrate at their head. And since their head has so much surface area for contact, the clitoral stimulation provided can be intense! If you are a woman who depends on clitoral stimulation for an orgasm, wand vibrators can be a great investment.

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9. Anal Vibrators

Anal, or prostate vibrators can often look very much like their vaginal counterparts. A very important distinction here is that anal vibrators have a flared base. The flared base is an important safety measure that prevents the vibrator from completely entering the rectum. Do not be overconfident and try to use a classic vibrator for anal use. That’s the plot of embarrassing ER stories.

Anal vibrators can be used by both sexes, and men may especially enjoy prostate stimulation offered by anal vibrators and prostate massagers. In fact, many anal vibrators and prostate massagers are marketed squarely at men, and can result in deeper, more intense orgasms for men.

3. Determining The Size Of Your Vibe

Size of vibrator and intensity of vibrations do matter. There is no straight answer here, and it remains a matter of personal preference. It is a good idea to start with an average sized beginner vibrator like the Lelo Gigi 2. There’s a good chance you will like the vibrator, and in case you feel like a greater size and higher vibrations, you can move to a different vibrator. It is also wise to consider your preferences while having sex, and relating that to the insertable length of the vibrator.

4. Check The Battery Type

Vibrators need power to run. Unfortunately, there is no standard on what power source vibrators will use. A rechargeable vibe running on Lithium-ion batteries, or perhaps even Ni-MH batteries can be acceptable, though the latter will be slightly heavier. Then there are those vibrators that use single-use batteries like alkaline batteries. In such cases, it’s always better to choose one that has easily available batteries you can carry. If your vibrator uses obscure non-rechargeable battery types, it’s going to be a lot of trouble replacing or carrying spares. Where possible give preference to rechargeable batteries for your vibrator.

5. The 5 Best Known And Reputable Vibrator Brands

  1. Lelo
  2. We-Vibe (Standard Innovation)
  3. Trojan
  4. Svakom
  5. Doc Johnson

6. Cleaning And Caring For Vibrators

Cleanliness is key to maintaining your vibrator. Care for your vibrators, not only because you want them to last long, but because they are going to “visit” intimate places, and you don’t want to risk trouble.

Any vibrator must be cleaned after every use. This is important. Irrespective of whatever type, material, or any other quality your vibrator may have, it must be cleaned after every use. Yes, I did repeat myself, and yes, it is that important. While different materials will have different requirements, here is the general list of things you should (and shouldn’t) do for cleaning or caring for your vibrator.


  • Clean your vibrator after every use
  • Read instructions by vibrator manufacturer on cleaning and maintaining the vibrator
  • Where recommended, use a mild soapy solution to clean. This can work on most non-porous vibrators like steel, silicone, plastic, and glass
  • You can use simple baby wipes to wipe off your vibrator (unscented, and non anti-bacterial)
  • If your vibrator is waterproof, rinse under flowing water. You may also put it in a sink of soapy water
  • Use water-based lubricants
  • Store your vibrator in a good, clean place. Having pouches or boxes will keep your vibrators clean and safe from lint or dust
  • Before use, check if your vibrator is clean. If it has dust or lint, clean it up
  • If available and recommended by the manufacturer, it is okay to invest in a spray cleaner for your vibrator


  • Don’t use antibacterial soaps or wipes. There will be remnants on the vibrator, and can mess up the pH regulation and good bacteria levels of your vagina
  • Don’t use scented soaps or wipes. There are chances of residue, and can cause irritation
  • Don’t use silicone-based lubricant with silicone sex toys. Using water based lubricant is generally a safe choice. See the vibrator manufacturer’s directions on lubricants if necessary
  • Your rechargeable vibrator should not be left with zero charge for more than one week. Recharge your toys regularly
  • Unless the vibrator manufacturer specifically recommends them, don’t use products like alcohol, acetone, acidic/alkaline cleaners on your vibrator
  • Don’t use a dishwasher to clean your vibrator

Vibrator FAQ

1. Is it okay for me to use a vibrator?

Yes. Using a vibrator is a healthy and responsible way to explore and learn about your sexual self. Independent scientific studies confirm that using a vibrator can increase pleasure, and may also help make a person feel more sexually liberated, aroused, and lubricated. Almost anyone can use a vibrator. However, if you have serious health issues or are pregnant, talk to your doctor before using a vibrator.

2. Are vibrators only for use by women?

No. There are several types of vibrators. Indeed women are the largest market, but there are several vibrators that can be used by men. And there are several more vibrators that can be used together as a couple. Men can use a vibrator on their partner, or have the partner use the vibrator on them. Studies indicate that most men are introduced to vibrators by their partners, and most continue using them after the first introduction.

3. Should I use lubricant?

Yes. Lubricants make movement of vibrators easier and more pleasurable. While this is very true for insertable vibrators, it also holds true for external use vibrators like bullet vibrators and clitoral vibrators. Always test a lube on a small patch of skin like the inside of elbows or upper thigh before you use it vaginally. See the vibrator manufacturer’s recommendations on lubricants. Water-based lubes are generally okay to use with most vibrators. Avoid silicone-based lubes with silicone sex toys. Oil-based lubes can breakdown latex or rubber and damage vibrators as well as condoms.

4. What should I do if I feel discomfort when using a vibrator?

Using a vibrator should not be uncomfortable or painful. If you are feeling discomfort, make sure you have used enough lube. Other things to keep in mind are to never use a vibrator for more than 30 minutes at a time, or when you are unwell (have irritation, itching, soreness, or injury). If your vibrator or its battery shows signs of damage or leaking, do not use it. Pregnant women, those with pacemakers, or with serious health issues should speak to their doctor before using a vibrator. If none of these apply, and you continue feeling discomfort, you should speak to your doctor.

5. What should I do if my partner is uncomfortable with my vibrator use?

There may be instances where those starting to use vibrators find that their partner is not totally on-board, and is even uncomfortable with using vibrators. In many cases, it is the partner worrying that the vibrator is a (sexual) replacement for them, or that the user may become addicted to vibrators. Openly discuss your sex life with your partner, and remind them that vibrators cannot take place of human intimacy, or a relationship. You could also suggest using a vibrator together. Studies suggest that couples using vibrators found that their relationship and sexual pleasure was enhanced by the use of vibrators.


Other Tips of Choosing a Best Vibrator For Beginner

For some women, finding the best suited vibrator could be a daunting task because there are enough vibrators available to confuse you. So here’s a quick guide that could help you narrow down your search.

  • If it’s your first time, then you should opt for a clitoral vibrator that is simple and compact so that it is easy for you to use with your partner. At the same time, it will help you avoid the sudden thrust of orgasm that these external vibrators are known to give.
  • If you are new and unsure about what type to go for; a versatile vibrator shouldn’t be a bad choice. A versatile vibrator can be used for clitoral stimulation as well as penetration.
  • For an out-of-the-world orgasm, a G-spot vibrator could be your best bet. It has a curve specially designed to tickle that magic spot found about 2” into your vagina.
  • If dual pleasure is your thing, you could go for a rabbit vibrator. This one has a “rabbit ear” designed for external stimulation while the shaft penetrates inside. It’ll surely take you to a new high.
  • If you want to share your pleasure with a partner, a vibrating ring will be your best friend; it is designed keeping couples in mind. It is a vibrator and a ring put together. The vibrator is for your clitoris while the ring is for him. The vibrator and the ring can also be used separately.