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(Last Updated On: June 18, 2023)

No luck in women? Well, you’re not the only one having this kind of problem, my friend. When people say “there are so many fish in the sea,” I think they keep forgetting the part about how most of them are pretty elusive to the bait. I mean, you can wag your ding-dong in a huge-ass crowd and the only place that’s going to get you is jail. On second thought, never try this suggestion anywhere – exhibitionism is a crime and will pretty much kill all your chances of ever getting a girlfriend. Read why you’re so into casual sex here:

But I do get it. You feel desperate. There are times when you question yourself “Why only me?” When you take a walk in the park and see all the happy couples walking hand-in-hand, when you sit in a family restaurant all alone quietly looking at all the merry couples sharing a bite off their plates, and when Christmas comes around and everyone seems to be kissing under the mistletoe you probably wonder why you’re the only person in the world with such ill-fate when it comes to love. You also probably envy all those other guys because you pretty much know they get laid all the time.

But trust me; you’re not alone in this battle. There are more men suffering from sexual deprivation and loneliness than you know.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures?

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Let’s be honest here. When was the last time you searched for a good hook-up app? Well, when was the last time you actually tried using it? Let’s not kid ourselves here because we’re not children anymore. Looking for some comfort in sex apps is a pretty common thing – especially for lonely guys like us. We think that since there are women out there who seem to be lonely as well, why not just team up and relieve each other’s sexual urges? You may think that this is a stellar idea, worthy of a Nobel Prize even. But I’m telling you: This is not something you would want to do.

I’m not being a killjoy or anything but sex dating apps are hardly safe.

“Safe? What do you mean safe? Nobody gives a darn about being safe now. Desperate times call for desperate measures!”

… is probably your initial reaction. I understand that you’re feeling edgy and you’d rather take what you can than be picky. But let me ask you, do you have health insurance? If you do, how much does it cover? If you don’t, then how much money do you have in your savings account? Because aside from the possibility of paid sex, you may want to brace yourself for an even bigger expense: STD Treatment.

That’s right. Just think about it. If there’s someone out there who’ll be more than willing to have sex with you, it would mean she’ll be more than willing to have sex with anyone. Now you might think “What’s so wrong with that? It’s not like I’m asking her to marry me.”

While nothing is wrong with casual sex and it is totally your call to make, you have to remember that when you sleep with a person with a very active sex life you put yourself in a dangerous position. It may just be one person but sleeping with that one person would mean that you’re also sleeping with all of that person’s history – some harmless; others not. If that one girl you happen to meet on a sex dating app is a carrier of some type of STD, you’re in big trouble. You’d be lucky to get away with herpes or gonorrhoea but some STDs are deadly and incurable. Say HIV, for example. Read more on this topic here.

This is not me scaring you or being a kill-ass joy. This is me being a friend. So as your friend who doesn’t want you to sink deeper into the void of sex deprivation, here’s a better suggestion: Why not buy yourself a fleshlight sleeve?

Masturbation & Fleshlights – Cures To Lonely Nights

“Wait, what? Are you telling me to masturbate? I’ve done that a gazillion times and it’s not really working for me anymore!” 

I know that this may seem like an off-putting idea. I know that masturbation is the oldest trick in the book and if you are to just masturbate anyways, you won’t be wasting your time reading this article. The old hand and lotion trick is getting old and it’s probably what you turned to whenever you get lonely since your middle school years. To do it now as an adult will surely feel pathetic. So how about we do this? Let me modify the whole self-touching activity for you.

Buy yourself a fleshlight sleeve.

A fleshlight is the perfect solution to your sex deprived soul. It’s shaped like a flashlight but it does so much more than just give light to your world. This one brings life into your world in the horniest and dirtiest way possible. This sex toy has three orifices to choose from: Vagina, mouth, or butthole. The opening is positioned at the top or the head of what would look like an ordinary flashlight from a distance. I believe that this sex toy is shaped in such a way so that it has a convenient grip. You hold the handle as you would a flashlight and insert your penis into the orifice. You can check out awesome fleshlight reviews in this website.

Once you do, it goes bam! A world of sensation awaits on the other side. There are types with many folds, nodes, and waves which will give you the sensation of an actual vagina – a pretty tight and hard-core one, at that. You push and pull the fleshlight in and out your junk as you would when you jerk off. The right fleshlight will make you feel so hard that you’ll burst into a powerful climax after just a few minutes. If you want to experience optimal pleasure, be sure to choose the kind that is most realistic – with several folds and skin-textured surface. You’ll definitely enjoy your time with it. Plus, it’s 100% safe and STD free!            

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