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Every man likes to do a bit of handy work now and then. And by handy work, we do not mean taking care of random little tasks around the house or at work. We mean taking care of you and your “tool!”

Yes, the general conception is that men *love* to masturbate. We read about it in books. We see it in TV shows and movies. Remember that moment in “American Pie,” where Jim Levenstein tries to get a “taste of pleasure” from his mom’s pie? Mentioning that scene seems like such a blast from the past, but no one can deny that the pie masturbation moment was as iconic as they come. 

Today, boys and men are less prone to doing a quickie with apple pies, but they are unquestionably inclined to masturbate at least once in a blue moon. If you’re one of those men who do masturbate but feel like you need to up your game or try something different, this is the perfect guide for you. 

Stick around to learn more about the best practices for masturbation for men (expert insider tips included!).

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masturbation for men

Benefits and Setbacks of Male Masturbation

Many would argue that nothing’s more relaxing than “taking care” of yourself after a long, exhausting day at work. And we absolutely agree – it’s a surefire way to release all that built-up tension without involving a third party. This is just one way masturbation can benefit you – those who “flick the bean” on the reg would know!

However, there are also ways in which masturbating too much may lead to side effects, like a decreased sex drive when with a partner. 

To help you remain informed yet satisfied, we’ve created a list of essential benefits and setbacks of masturbation for men. Let’s get right into the list and see how it affects a person’s body, mind, and overall health: 

Benefits of Masturbation for Men

Every man should consider masturbating at least 2-3 times per week to take full advantage of benefits such as the following: 

  • Improved Sleep: Men who masturbate before bed can fall asleep faster and have a better night’s rest, all because of the hormone changes that happen during masturbation and after climaxing. Masturbation releases prolactin, oxytocin, serotonin, and other chemicals in the brain, making men sleepy and allowing them to fall asleep as soon as they finish their “handy work.”
  • Mental Health Benefits: Many sex therapists and psychologists have spoken about the mental benefits that men and women can get from masturbation. When it comes to men, masturbating has proven helpful in relieving stress or tension. They have also reported feeling less anxious or depressed when they masturbate, while some have also noticed a positive shift in mood.
  • Physical Health Benefits: Aside from the mental health benefits, masturbation can also improve your heart health, skin, and immunity. Some studies have also found that regular ejaculation, as part of masturbation or intercourse, can lower the chance of developing prostate cancer. However, more extensive research is required to confirm this claim.
  • Find What Feels Good: Aside from all the mental and physical benefits, masturbation also provides men with the benefit of finding what feels good and what their body reacts best to. 

Remember: there’s no shame or blame in masturbating! A bit of self-exploration never hurt anyone and will also likely come in handy the next time you invite someone into your bed. The fact that you’ll know exactly how to help yourself get into the mood will speed things right up. 

Setbacks of Masturbation for Men

While masturbation is hugely beneficial in many ways, it also comes with a few setbacks men must consider. Here are some of them:

  • Feelings of Guilt: Many men have reported feeling guilty or bad after masturbating. Such feelings are never beneficial to a person. If you have any negative feelings regarding masturbation, you should talk to a sex therapist or someone who can show you that masturbation is not dirty – on the contrary, it is quite beneficial and healthy!
  • Decreased Sex Drive: Masturbating too often can cause reduced sex drive in some men, as they get used to climaxing and releasing tension alone. If you are in a relationship or have a sexual partner, it would be better to limit masturbation as much as possible and allow your partner to take the wheel. 
  • Decreased Sexual Sensitivity: Men who like it raw can cause themselves decreased sexual sensitivity as they get adjusted to too much pressure or tight grips. If you start noticing a lack of sensitivity in your tingly bits, you should cut back on masturbating and think about being more gentle with yourself. 

Male Masturbation: Taking Full Advantage

As common as it is, male masturbation is often seen by men as something you’re predisposed to do – even more so than women. 

Typically, you’d use your dominant hand to “grab the bull by the horn” and start moving up and down. But masturbation doesn’t always need to be that flavorless. After all, who wants to take the same route down PleasureVille every time?!

Instead of circling back to the same thing and settling for dull, simple masturbation sessions, you can always step things up a notch to make the most of your me-time. Here are some ideas to spice up your go-to masturbation technique:

Set the Mood

Who said experimenting is only done during sex? If you live alone, seize the opportunity to sprinkle some excitement into your solo ride. You can always try setting the mood with music, erotic videos, or maybe even a few candles – whatever makes you feel like your sexiest self. 


Find a Comfortable Position

Let’s say you’ve been masturbating while sitting down for as long as you can remember. But something about your position just doesn’t feel right. 

Feeling uncomfortable can often happen to people who’ve developed a set pattern in their masturbation technique. Instead of trying different things, they just go to the same spot, chair, bed, or whatever they associate with masturbation and pull out the ol’ reliable – cum sock. But that is no way to pleasure yourself. 

One of the key factors of a good masturbation session is feeling comfortable. You might need to switch positions or rooms to achieve this feeling. You can try masturbating sitting, lying down, standing, being in front of a mirror, on the countertop, in your bed, in your shower, etc. 

The possibilities are limitless, so why not try them out and see what position feels most natural to you?

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Have you ever tried switching up your stroke? You might not think this will change your experience much. Still, even a slight difference in grip or movement can raise the excitement levels as you’ll feel like you’re experiencing a brand-new sensation. 

There’s no need to focus solely on moving your hand up and down, up and down, and up and down… You see, it gets pretty boring pretty quickly. So, whenever the excitement starts to dwindle, try grabbing “it” from another angle, wrapping your hand all around it and twisting, rubbing more or less gently, focusing on long movements instead of short ones, etc. 

This is not an exhaustive list of options. However, it should be enough to show you how to make your next date with Pamela HANDerson one-of-a-kind!

It’s Time to Activate the Non-dominant Hand

Another fun way to switch things up is to move from one hand to the other. Using your non-dominant hand can be a significant game-changer and make your dick feel… well, different. But it’s the good kind different, we promise!

If you’re not particularly into non-dominant-hand-only masturbation, you can always try switching between the two hands. That way, you won’t have to tire out one hand, thinking that you couldn’t possibly tickle the pickle the right way using the other one. 

Have you ever heard of the “stranger” hand trick? It’s when you sit on your hand for a tad too long and limit blood flow enough to get a tingling sensation. Touching yourself with the “stranger” hand can almost make it feel like the hand is not yours but someone else’s, which can also be a fun way to spice up your alone time. Basically, let your inner fantasies do the work for you!

Masturbation for Men: Extra Tips

If the pointers in the previous section were not enough for you, we have a few more we’d love to share. Among these tips, you’ll discover helpful techniques and interesting pointers for further stimulating your cock and the surrounding area:

Explore the Area

Masturbation should not be only about the dick, although much of it is. You would make things much more exciting if you tried stimulating your balls, the perineum, or even the butthole. Yes, we really did go there. Nothing should be off-limits when on the quest for the greatest self-given orgasm ever!

Why don’t you try focusing only on the tip or only on the shaft? Then, you can gently pull or massage the testicles. Another thing to try is stimulating the perineum – the area between the ballsack and the anus. If it feels good, you can also try playing around with your anus. It’s time to make use of all those nerve endings down there, don’t you think?

Prostate Massage

Prostate massages might be a bit more comfortable when someone else is doing the heavy-lifting. Nonetheless, they can be an absolute delight whether done by a partner or yourself. If solo play is more your thing, you can always use your own fingers to give yourself a massage. 

Many people fail to account for the prostate, but prostate milking or orgasm is a must-have experience for any man. You can use one or two fingers, depending on what feels most comfortable, and reach that sweet spot after inserting the fingers in your anus. 

It might sound complicated, but it’s really not. You just need to be generous with the lube and not be too quick to put the fingers in, as that can cause tension in the anus muscles. Proper stimulation technique, rhythm, and pressure are also necessary for a good experience.

You might not be able to orgasm the first time you do this, but practice makes perfect, so you should continue practicing until you reach the top!

Include Toys

Toys are traditionally connected to female pleasure, but in recent years, various manufacturers have also started making pleasure toys for men. And they go far beyond the strokers or sleeves now! You can find specialized vibrators, cock rings, prostate massagers, butt plugs, combos of cock rings and butt plugs, etc. 

The toys come in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find some tailored to your kinky needs! Once you do, do not hesitate to get them and try them out. They will revolutionize how you masturbate as they will make every experience unique. Trust us – you will not be able to contain yourself after indulging in your first one!

Try Edging

Edging is a technique more common with people who have sex. The method involves stopping right before you collapse into an orgasm and starting over again. Usually, the man will try to extend the time they need to orgasm to give their partner a lasting, pleasurable experience.

While common when having sex, men can also try edging while self-pleasuring. If you have a lot of time and don’t like to rush yourself, you can always try edging to get an even more explosive ending than you’d otherwise get. 

Final Thoughts – Why you should add masturbation to your sex routine

Masturbation is always a good idea to start your morning, afternoon, or work day! When done in moderation and using the proper technique, it could be just the release you need to feel better. What’s more, it gives you a chance to get sexual pleasure without any of the added risks that come with having intercourse. 

Masturbation is all about self-exploration and focusing on what feels best for you. When you feel good, you can make your partner feel good and even radiate positive energy to the people around you. If this is not enough to get you fired up about practicing some one-on-one action with your dick, we don’t know what is!

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