Everything There’s to Know about Female Masturbation

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Feeling playful in the bedroom is a great way to experience and explore yourself in more ways than one. Masturbation is one handy sexual technique that more and more women are open to, and we applaud the ladies for it!

Women are embracing their own bodies in a way that’s only been presented to their partners, but now, with masturbation in the picture, women are empowered to control their own levels of pleasure whenever they feel frisky. 

Did you know that women masturbate nearly as much as men? According to a survey on the masturbation habits in adults, 95% of men and 81% of women have engaged in masturbation at some point in their lives. From being an awesome stress reliever to improving self-esteem, female masturbation is a realm on its own, and we’re about to slide inside to reveal all sorts of perks.

For the Masturbation Virgins Out There

OK, so you never played with yourself, but you’ve heard all sorts of myths about masturbation, and you can’t tell whether you want to experience it or not. Well, before anything else, masturbation is an act to enjoy, and it should not be forced. 

Other than experiencing your body in a whole different light (dim, pitch dark, or daylight, we leave it up to you), masturbation is an excellent way to understand your sexual likes and dislikes. Some of us prefer to set the mood with downtempo music; some want to light a bunch of candles and feel silk sheets underneath their bodies. Others like to take their sweet time caressing their breasts until they visit their flower.  

Moreover, some of the ladies turn to literotica to get them in the mood, while others imagine themselves in the arms of a significant other.  Whatever rings your bell, what matters is that you’re comfortable and enjoy the ride.

masturbation with a sex toy

There’s No Right or Wrong Way to Masturbate 

Forget everything anyone has told you about masturbation. Arousal is different for all of us, and sexual pleasure doesn’t only come from your genitals. Your body is a treasure cove of erogenous zones; even a graze on the inner arm can cause you goosebumps.  

What rocks your boat doesn’t mean the same for the next woman. Some like to experience their bodies with a little help from adult toys, while others like the feel of their own touch. Whether you want to explore the vulva, the labia, the clitoris, the vagina, the anus, or even the breasts, you are masturbating for your own sexual pleasure. And while it may be different from what others enjoy, there’s no wrong or right way to do it – it’s all up to what makes you orgasm. 

There’s More to Touch than Just the Vagina

This is the most common misconception about female masturbation – the act involves more than just the vagina but also the clitoris. Now that we mentioned the clitoris, a study revealed that 37% of women aged 18 to 94 experience orgasms via clitoral stimulation. In other words, women don’t just get off through penetration but by engaging the clitoris, too, so be sure to give it some gentle love. 

For some women, caressing and sucking the breasts has a massive impact on sexual arousal, leading them to orgasm. For others, the neck, ears, and knees are also part of masturbation that gets them in the mood to climax.

On the other hand, some women prefer penetration, so they include different adult toys to help them enjoy their one-on-one sex. As a matter of fact, sex toys aren’t just used for penetration but can also help with clitoral stimulation. A study conveyed by the Journal of Sex Research shows that Swedish youth aged 18 to 22 have used sex toys while masturbating.

Masturbation Is as Normal as Sex

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to have sex to climax because you don’t. Masturbation is totally normal and as enjoyable as sex itself. A distinct study researching the effects of self-pleasure reveals that 82% of women in the U.S. masturbate. We can’t say we’re surprised with the numbers, given that more and more women are choosing themselves as pleasure-givers instead of random partners.

Masturbating won’t make you a bad person, nor should it have you feeling guilty or weird. Masturbation is an act of self-pleasure that’s totally safe and natural as long as it is a way to sync with your sexuality and sexual preferences. On the upside, masturbation is a great learning method for those with not much sexual experience. Since there are no two bodies exactly the same, it would be silly to think that the sexual preferences of someone are the same for everyone else. Some like fast action, others enjoy taking things slowly, and both ways are fine.    

Masturbation Can Lead to an Orgasm

To a lot of women, masturbation is the only route to climax. When we’re aroused, our muscles get all tense, and when we experience an orgasm, all of those muscles relax. Plus, there’s the rush of endorphins, dopamine, and other hormones that flow through our bodies. 

Just like masturbation is different for everyone, experiencing an orgasm is different, too. Some feel joyful and happy, while others get sleepy, giddy, and so on. All sorts of emotions are linked to orgasm, so it’s truly a rollercoaster ride.

female orgasm

Masturbation Isn’t the Absence of Affection

Here’s another major misconception about masturbation: if your partner masturbates, they aren’t that into you. Well, folks, you can’t be farther from the actual truth. The thing is, you can be so into your partner and enjoy sex together but still play with yourself when you want to. Just like you can enjoy masturbation alone, you can masturbate effectively with your partner.

This concern is mainly due to insecurity, as women (and men) feel they aren’t good enough in bed if their partner touches themselves. Other times, people see masturbation as an act of cheating because they aren’t educated about it. 

In fact, women that masturbate and have sex with their partner feel more confident during sex and know exactly what works for them and what doesn’t. 

Masturbation Is a Great Stress Reliever

In this hectic world we’re living in today, there is really no escaping stress in one form or another. But, with a little help from ourselves, there’s a way for us to release tension and kick stress’ but out of our bodies. As Planned Parenthood puts it, experiencing an orgasm while masturbating leads to the release of endorphins which are basically feel-good hormones.

Feeling stressed out after a long day at work? Some quality time with yourself can help. Besides being a great stress reliever, masturbation is also good for period cramps. However odd it might sound to you, especially since that time of the month makes women crawl under their blankets and just lay there, masturbating is the medicine you need.

The same happy hormones that relieve stress help with period pains and cramps, too. 

You Can Play with Yourself Every Day

If you aren’t sure how often you should masturbate, the answer is simple — whenever you feel like it. Some women masturbate every day, others once a week, and there are those that enjoy their one-on-one sessions even twice a day. 

With the right techniques and lubrication, there really isn’t a limit on how often to masturbate as long as it feels right to you.

The Final Say: All You Need to Know about Masturbation

Whether you have tried having sex with yourself or are still on the fence, one thing is for sure: if you feel like it, go for it. Know that you are the only one who decides when, how, and for how long to masturbate.

If you do masturbate, it doesn’t mean you aren’t attracted to your partner or you don’t enjoy sex together — it simply means you enjoy your own body, too. Here at Vibratorguru, we provide you with all the necessary guides and sex toys to make your sexual experience an explosive one.

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