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How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex?

Sex is an important part of married life. A lot of people have their own theories on intimacy after marriage and healthy sex life. For example, couples often wonder if they’re having “enough” sex. So how often do married couples have sex? It’s a simple question and its interesting to compare yourself with the normal. The answer, however, can take a little more effort.


What Do Studies Say About Married Couples And Sex?

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex

Therapists and studies undertaken in this direction do not have a clear, unanimously acceptable answer. Couples could be going at it like rabbits, weekly, or once a month; and it’s all an acceptable number. Most doctors see problems when the number drops to less than 10 times a year. That’s when therapists start considering the possibility of a sexless marriage.

Several factors have an impact on the number of times a couple has sex. Age is an obvious factor. Couples in their 20s are likely to be more sexually active than couples in their 40s. Similarly, newlyweds are likely to be having a lot more sex.

So What Is A Good Frequency For A Healthy Sexual Life?

A study on sexual frequency and well-being suggests that having sex once a week can be a positive reinforcement to the well-being and intimacy of a couple. There is no problem having sex a few times a week.

However, according to the study, the benefits max out at having sex at least once a week. Couples having more sex did not report any greater increase in their happiness, while those with a lower frequency report some sense of feeling unfulfilled.

Another study published in 2017 found that the average American adult has sex about 54 times a year. Now that’s a nice number, that on an average, fits into the previously mentioned study’s recommendation of having sex at least once a week. However, the study also found that Americans are having less sex compared to the late ‘90s and early 2000s, with millennials being less sexually active than the previous generations.

The decline is believed to be a result of an increase in the number of people without a steady partner or spouse. The second factor is a decreased frequency of sex in married couples.


Hitting The Right Notes Of Sexual Frequency

Is Our Sex Life As A Couple Normal?

It is only natural that sometimes you may wonder if your sex life is normal. Maybe you think you’re having too much, or not enough, sex. A “normal” sex life for a couple is one where both partners feel satisfied and fulfilled. As long as both of you have a sense of happiness in your sex life, you could consider it to be normal.

Communication is key, and it is important to know that you and your partner are on the same page. Don’t decide for your partner, talk, and come to an understanding where you’re both happy.

Sexual Intimacy And Frequency Are Important

Sex is important, and that’s not simply because it is pleasurable. For a couple, sex is an expression of intimacy, trust, sharing, and a whole lot more. Simply having sex for the sake of getting it out of the way is not a fulfilling approach. Having sex regularly and with some spontaneity is an important expression of intimacy.

Sexual intimacy does not have to be limited to intercourse or penis-in-vagina sex. You can both enjoy oral sex, physical intimacy, talking dirty, or sexual fantasy. Even cuddling counts! Rather than making sex a chore that you do once a month, see it as something that is enjoyable and worth looking forward to.


Having More Sexy Times — How Married Couples Can Have Sex More Often

How Often Do Married Couples Have Sex

Make An Effort To Do It At Least Once A Week

As studies show, having sex at least once a week seems to be a pretty good way for a couple to have a fulfilling sex life. Make an effort in that direction to ensure you’ve got it right. Encourage, but do not force yourselves. Keep things spontaneous, and do not approach it as a quota you have to fill!

If you’re way out of groove, it is okay to schedule sex. Couples lead busy lives, and between jobs, children, household chores, and other necessities, you may not always have time or the mood. But, it is important to maintain a handle on things and keep the spark alive. So yeah, schedule sex if you must, but your goal is to make sex a spontaneous activity.

Initiate Sex

Either of you should be able to, and confident about initiating sex. If you’re the one often initiating sex, encourage your partner to take the wheel. If your partner’s the one usually initiating sex, make an effort and participate.

Don’t consider it a trivial point or a non-issue. Being a couple is an equal-stakes partnership. While it may be fun to play submissive or the dom woman, having one partner carry the weight of initiating sex may start feeling irksome down the line. You can make some effort to spice up your sex life to help things along.

Get Your Sex Drive Going

For sex to be fun, both of you have to want it. Those who already have a good and healthy sex life should make an effort to keep it going. Couples who need to improve their sex life, ought to put in more effort.

It is possible that your sex drives or libido don’t match. She may initiate sex and he may not want it, or vice versa. If you see this happening too often, it is time to meet in the middle and ensure you continue enjoying a good sex life. It is pretty normal for one partner to like sex more than the other, so the goal is to find common ground.

Make intimacy a part of your daily life. Don’t skimp out on hugs and kisses. Cuddle in bed. The continued sense of intimacy will give your libido as well as sex life a boost.

Exercising not only helps you stay fit, it also helps your sex drive. Men especially may see a testosterone boost with exercising. Another thing you can do for a better sex drive is to banish distractions. Keep phones, laptops, or TV away before you both head to bed.


There isn’t a straight number to answer how often do married couples have sex. However, many therapists recommend that a couple should have sex at least once a week. Couples who have sex at least weekly tend to feel happier and more fulfilled. You should make an effort to keep sexual intimacy and warmth alive in your relationship, and a good sex frequency surely does help the intimacy and desire of a relationship.

Pillow Humping Tips — A Woman’s Route To Orgasmic Pleasure

pillow humping tips - how to hump a pillow

Pillow Humping may not sound like the sexiest thing in the world, but it is pretty damn effective. If you’re reading this, chances are, you’ve already experimented a bit with your pillow. Some women may also be doubtful of their decision to pillow hump. Banish those thoughts! It’s okay to hump a pillow; a lot of women do it. Well, men can use pillows for masturbation too, but for the scope of this article, I’m going to stick with women humping pillows.


How To Hump A Pillow — Great Positions For Pillow Humping

pillow humping tips - how to hump a pillow

Let’s move forward and learn effective tips and positions for pillow humping. Don’t feel shy, it feels better than it sounds, and often leads to deeply pleasurable orgasms. Ah, the things we do for the love of amazing orgasms.

Perhaps you want to switch from using just your hand, and maybe you’re too shy to go to a sex shop and buy a nice vibrator. Or you just want to add variety – pillows don’t judge! Masturbating is good, even healthy, so focus on your pleasure. Whether you’re looking for new positions or a comprehensive guide on pillow humping, you’re in the right place. Here are some positions to play out as you enjoy the techniques and learn how to hump a pillow:

Lie On Your Pillow

This is the most basic of techniques on pillow humping. Place the pillow between your legs with a side or corner placed against your vulva. Lie face down on the bed, and grind against the pillow. Simple as this method is, there is an obvious disadvantage — it doesn’t leave enough room for movement.

Fold The Pillow

Fold your pillow in half to get it firmer. Place it between your legs and get grinding, a firmer pillow makes grinding easier and gets more friction. This is best handled with you in an upright position, with the pillow firmly locked between your legs. Obviously, you could give it a shot lying on your face or back as well. If you’re up for a bit more fun, that crease on the folded pillow can probably hold a vibrator. Get creative, gurl!

The Stuffed Animal Method To Pillow Hump

I just wanted to make this one sound classy, because it’s a guilty pleasure. Well yeah, a ton of women use stuffed animals for pillow humping orgasm, although very few will ever admit to it. The shape and fluffiness make them quite ideal for the purpose, and a lot can be accomplished with their unique features, like the ahem button nose, which works amazingly for stimulation.

There are of course more features and differences with each stuffed animal and individual preferences, so fix it up in a way that works best for you. Larger stuffed animals and body pillows can be very effective.

Stack The Pillows

Stacking a few pillows then mounting the entire stack can make your pillow humping a lot more literal, and more comfortable. Maybe place two or three pillows (or whatever height feels most comfortable), and get grinding. This usually creates more density the further you push, and you can take a kneeling or upright position while grinding. Try a rocking motion – moving back and forth until you get it right.

Swap Pillows

Your choice in pillows can make a big difference to your pillow humping. Different shaped pillows can feel different. For example, a square pillow may feel different than a rectangular pillow, or you may find a throw pillow works better than your regular pillow. Materials like memory foam vs regular foam can also bring quite a change. Plus, you may have a preference for or against softer or harder pillows. There are also a few specialty pillows, like position pillows that can be quite amazing.

How To Hump A Pillow — Some Tips

Now that you’ve got a handle on the techniques, here are some tips you can employ to get the most out of your pillow humping orgasm.

Wear Silky Panties

Pillow humping in general is simply clitoral stimulation. While you may consider humping the pillow bare skinned, it is usually not a good idea. Humping the pillow this way may bruise the clitoris. It’s best to keep the clitoris covered in cloth, while it gets its pleasure while ensconced in soft, silky panties.

Go Topless!

This is one of the things more about the feel of the moment, rather than direct stimulation. Get rid of the shirt and the bra, and enjoy the feel of your breasts bouncing and moving as you grind against the pillows.

Grinding The Furniture

Just like the soft toys we mentioned above, some women may enjoy making use of other objects or accessories in their bedroom. Grinding furniture, like the arm of a sofa or chair might turn out to be great. A knob type post on your four-poster bed, or even a bed corner can be put to use. You may find yourself crouching or standing to get more friction or the right angle.

While we’re on topic, the mattress edge works very well too. Just be sure your mattress has good edge support, or position yourself in a way that removes the risk of slipping off the edge of the mattress. Super effective if you have a soft cover on your mattress.

Sex Tips For Pillow Humpers

Pillow humping cannot replace the intimacy of human touch or relations. Even so, if you find pillow humping to be more enjoyable than sex, here are a few things to try and spice up your sex life.

Get A Sex Toy

Many women require clitoral stimulation to orgasm. While pillow humping provides that, conventional penetrative sex often does not offer much by way of clitoral stimulation. You may want to include a sex toy for direct clitoral stimulation to make sex more enjoyable.

Use Your Partner For Clitoral Stimulation

Get your partner to use their hands or their mouth to provide stimulation to the clitoris while you have sex. You may also try dry humping to get similar stimulation for your clitoris. Another useful technique is to grind against the face of your lover while you get some oral sex stimulation for your clitoris. You can also give facesitting a go, but remember to be careful until you are both more comfortable with that position and have some experience.

Hump Your Partner

Obviously, I mean this more in the sense of pillow humping, except while using your partner’s body. Like suggested earlier, dry humping might work, but if that’s not to your taste, you can try other parts of your partner’s body. Try humping the thigh of your partner, or maybe the arm. It’s about finding what works best for your mutual pleasure.

Sex Positions That Stimulate The Clitoris

Try some sex positions that stimulate the clitoris. As a technique, your partner can make sure his pelvis comes into contact with your clitoris as often as possible while you have penetrative sex. You can also try the reverse cowgirl position, and pull his thigh closer to rub against your clitoris.

Alternatively, he can slide his fingers around the base of his penis while you are in the regular cowgirl position. This puts the fingers in a position to rub the clitoris, and since you are in control, you can make the best of this situation. Using a c-ring to massage your clitoris while having penetrative sex is useful too.

Moving Away From Pillow Humping

If for some reason you want to move away from humping your pillow, you can learn to orgasm via other methods. Using your own fingers is always a great option, or you may as easily move to using vibrators (see the guide on vibrator selection). If the pillow hump technique is all you know, it may take some time before you find pleasure in other methods.

Give them your patience, and don’t hurry things along. Your preferred new method will soon show results. So even if you feel frustrated in the beginning and wish to go back to pillow humping orgasm, stop yourself and give yourself some time.

Miscellaneous Points On Pillow Humping

While pillow humping is totally normal, women often feel shy in doing it in front of their partner. There is no reason to avoid that, and you can in fact, have some fun with your partner even as you hump the pillow. Many men actually do find it quite hot.

A more pressing concern with pillow humping is that the pillow will, sooner or later, acquire “your scent.” It is only natural, and somewhat unavoidable, so be prepared. Some women have a stronger scent than others, and may find their pillows showing the effect sooner. The seemingly obvious solution is to wash your pillow linens often, or keep separate, specific pillows for humping.

Pillow Humping — Parting Words

Now that you have some tips and know the technique on how to hump your pillow, go ahead and give it a shot. I will repeat it again — do not feel awkward or ashamed of enjoying yourself. Have fun! Pillow humping and masturbation in general are normal, healthy ways to enjoy yourself, and the orgasmic bliss makes the effort worth it.


How To Make A Girl Squirt – Living The Dream

How To Make A Girl Squirt — Living The Dream

Squirting is sort of the holy grail of orgasms. It is amazing and satisfying at the same time. Unfortunately, most women haven’t experienced it. Statistically, only a small number of women have experienced a squirting orgasm. Given that it is so desirable, the low numbers are quite telling of the low effort put into exploring women’s sexuality. If you are wondering about how to make a girl squirt, or more appropriately, be in control of your body and make yourself squirt, you are at the right place!

Let’s talk all about having a squirting orgasm, and all you can do to make your orgasm a relatively regular reality.

Squirting — Understanding The Basics

How To Make A Girl Squirt — Living The Dream

Let’s start with the nitty-gritty basics and prepare ourselves well for that amazing squirting orgasm. A squirting orgasm is generally associated with the stimulation of the G-spot. The location and even the existence of the G-spot continues to be hotly debated. Even so, the consensus is slowly shifting in the favor of the G-spot, and there are tons of women who swear by their G-spot and its ability to bring them to orgasm. In case you aren’t aware of your G-spot, let’s start with locating that little button of pleasure.

Where’s My G-Spot?

The G-spot is (generally) located towards the anterior wall (front) of your vagina, usually a few inches from the vaginal opening. Try inserting a finger into the vagina, and look for something that is small, soft, and spongy to the touch. Found it? Well done girl, you are on your way to a squirting orgasm. If you didn’t find it yet, don’t lose hope, there is plenty more to do.

Location of the g-spot can vary for each woman, and its position and the ease of locating it are dependent on several factors, the major ones being:

  • Arousal
  • Skene’s Glands
  • Position of the g-spot

For a lot of women, the g-spot is not easily identifiable and reachable, thus also feeding the stories about the non-existence of the g-spot. Getting to squirt is an important goal, and we’re going to push on for our quest.

Being aroused causes a woman’s g-spot to become engorged, which is to say it becomes more prominent and bigger. Now that would be a great time to look for it, or better yet, stimulate it.

Skene’s gland is a big player for female ejaculation, and works similar to the better-known prostate gland in males. Stimulating the g-spot also stimulates the Skene’s gland, and it eventually drains into the urethra. Yup, this is the gland responsible for squirting or ejaculation. Unlike the prostate gland, which has its own set of prostate massagers, the Skene’s gland cannot be stimulated directly and thus must be stimulated through the g-spot. The size and anatomy of the Skene’s gland can vary with each individual, which also explains why some women can easily squirt while others find it difficult.

How To Squirt

When you wonder about how to squirt, the first thought should always go to vaginal, or more specifically, g-spot stimulation. The squirting can be achieved solo, or with your partner. Similarly, you could have it while masturbating, or having sex. We’ll talk about the best sexual positions for squirting, and amazing ways on how to make a woman squirt in a bit. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Remember to relax and have fun. You cannot will yourself into squirting. In fact, being anxious about squirting might end up being a hindrance and put a roadblock on your squirt. Your goal is to have fun. According to research, most people — men or women — have a better chance of having an orgasm when they are with someone familiar and friendly. Being relaxed around your partner does play a big part.

Advice For Your Partner

If you are with a male who is either using his fingers or a vibrator/dildo, remind them (and if you are a dude reading this, keep in mind), they don’t have to go at it like an Olympic athlete. Simple, measured movements and pressure at the right spot is what it takes.

The partner’s goal is not to stoke their ego on giving you a squirting orgasm. Their goal is to give you an amazing orgasm. It’s more about your enjoyment. It’s awesome if your partner is thrilled, they just need to remember the process isn’t about their ego or their ability to make a woman orgasm.

Don’t Worry About That Pee Feeling

Pee before you start. Since the Skene’s gland drains into the urethra when you’re having an orgasm, it gives you a sensation of having to pee. It’s better to pee before you start so you know that the “pee feeling” is coming from the orgasm. It might also help to keep a couple of towels handy. If you are worried about the bedding, maybe layer it with something protective. It’s okay to let go, you don’t have to control the peeing impulse, as that might just kill the orgasm.

If you are comfortable with it, you may also consider moving to the bathtub or somewhere similar for the first few orgasms. That allows you to get comfortable with your squirting orgasms without having to worry about soiling the bed.

The point is, you should be calm and comfortable. Expect the pee feeling, and don’t worry if you feel like you’re about to pee. Don’t try to stop or control it.

Use Clitoral Stimulation

Most women say they have stronger, faster, and better orgasms when they combine g-spot stimulation with clitoral stimulation. And it makes perfect sense! The clitoris is a very sensitive part of the body and is more than capable of bringing you to an orgasm by itself. Combine it with your g-spot stimulation and your squirting orgasm could get all that better.

You could use your hand to stimulate the clitoris, but I’m going to suggest you use toys. If you are just starting off, pick an amazing wand vibrator. They are generally stronger and built specifically for clitoral stimulation, and will very likely result in an orgasm. Same is true for vaginal stimulation as well. A sex toy is far more convenient and adept at getting women squirting. If you are skittish about using sex toys, it’s time you gave up those dated notions and joined the world of wholesome orgasms.

Use Lubricant Liberally

Sex is meant to be comfortable and enjoyable, as is the use of sex toys. Use lubricant freely to ensure everything moves smoothly and wonderfully. A report from the Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion says nearly two-thirds of women use a lubricant during sex. Out of these, nearly half were of the opinion that use of a lube helped them orgasm. Keep in mind, the lube you are using goes well with yourself, your partner, and your sex toys. Water-based lubes can often be a safe bet.

How To Make A Girl Squirt — Use A G-spot Stimulator

A G-spot stimulator as a vibrator/dildo can perform wonders and work much better than conventional sex. You could theoretically achieve an orgasm through regular sex, but it is very rare and takes far more effort than using a simple sex toy. For best results, and to compete with a good toy, the penis would have to be of the right shape in its capability of hitting the g-spot. If you have seen a g-spot vibrator, you know having a penis match that shape is a tall order. It’s much more convenient to find a vibrator/dildo that does the job.

For your convenience and squirting pleasure, I have put together a quick list of some of the best g-spot dildos and vibrators. Most women find G-spot stimulation more pleasurable than vaginal stimulation, and using the right toys will pay off. Dive in!

1. Njoy Pure Wand

How To Make A Girl Squirt — Njoy Metal Wand

This shiny curvy toy is made from medical grade stainless steel. One end of the curved toy has a larger curved ball, while the other end has a smaller one. The smaller side is meant for prostate stimulation, while the larger side is intended for g-spot stimulation. Of course, those uses are more than suggestions and you can put whatever side you like in whatever hole you prefer.

Being made from steel gives this dildo an additional advantage – it can be fairly heavy. This works great for g-spot stimulation since gentle pressure on the G-spot can be way more effective than vibrations for the vagina.

Holding on to one end of the wand, insert it into the vagina. The curved shape will likely direct the wand towards the G-spot. Make small, deliberate movements, using the weight of the wand to put some pressure on the G-spot. As we know, the G-spot responds incredibly well to pressure, and this wand will get you to an earth-shattering climax.

Njoy is about 8-inches in length and weighs a hefty 1.5 pounds. Being made of stainless steel, it is incredibly easy to clean and sterilize, making its use all the more convenient. See it on Amazon.


  • Convenient to use
  • Incredible g-spot stimulation
  • Easy to clean and sterilize


  • The weight of the wand is a benefit and a negative. Using something as heavy can get tiring
  • Steel holds temperature, and this will be cold when you start. Warm it up before you start using it

2. Lelo Ella

How To Make A Girl Squirt — Lelo Ella

This small, silicone clad dildo is pretty well known for its expertise in honing in on the G-spot and eliciting an orgasm. It’s a dual-ended dildo so you can use either side. The somewhat pointy side is great for warming up, while the other end is suited for g-spot stimulation. Of course, this is the side we are interested in at the moment.

The g-spot side flairs towards the end, creating a broader area and making it easier to find and stimulate the G-spot. Lelo Ella is an excellent dildo for beginners, especially so because it paves the way to easier access and stimulation of the G-spot. There are several customer reviews that say this was the dildo that helped them find the G-spot and have the first squirting orgasm.

Ella is coated in body safe silicone. The velvety smooth finish it gets is a pleasure to touch and feel, a feeling that continues on even as the dildo is inserted,

Success of Ella at g-spot stimulation has inspired several other products from Lelo. One of them is the Lelo Olga, a luxury version that is available in stainless steel and gold plating. Apart from the obvious luxury (and expensive) credentials, the Olga is heavier, making it that much more of a success at applying pressure on the g-spot.

Lelo Gigi 2 also makes use of the g-spot side of the Lelo Ella and mates it to a motor. This immensely successful vibrator includes Lelo’s preset patterns and intensity settings. You could find the most suitable vibration mode to stimulate your g-spot.

Read our Lelo Ella Review

Read our Lelo Olga Review

Read our Lelo Gigi 2 Review


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Excellent for beginners as well as pros
  • Very well targeted for stimulation


  • Lelo Ella can be difficult to hold and maneuver when using the g-spot side
  • Expensive

See it on amazon.

3. PALOQUETH Waterproof G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

How To Make A Girl Squirt - G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

This rabbit vibrator could probably teach a course on how to squirt and get an earth shattering orgasm. It combines the goodness of a regular vibrator with added bunny ears for clitoral stimulation. Plus, it is priced very competitively, making it a great product to experiment and enjoy.

A coat of silicone makes it body safe and amazing to feel. While the tip of the main shaft takes on a phallic shape, the clitoral stimulation shaft keeps on with its cute bunny ear looks. Rounded head on the main shaft is intended to hit the g-spot, although the vibrator largely relies on vibrations and simultaneous stimulation to get the job done. But of course, the bunny ears aren’t meant for just looking cute. They work with the main shaft and provide simultaneous stimulation to the clitoris, taking you that much closer to the prospect of a lovely orgasm.

Paloqueth rabbit has nine vibration modes, can put up fairly strong vibrations and cycle through amazing patterns. It is powered by a Lithium-polymer battery and can be recharged directly through a USB outlet. As a downside, it gets somewhat noisy at higher intensity vibration levels. See it on Amazon.


  • Very competitively priced
  • Several vibration patterns
  • Simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation


  • Can get noisy at some vibration modes

4. Lelo Mona 2

How To Make A Girl Squirt - Lelo Mona 2

Lelo Mona 2 is amongst the most powerful vibrators from Lelo and has the distinction of being a beloved of professional reviewers as well as showered with glowing customer reviews. If you are wondering how to make a girl squirt, the first step in acquiring a Lelo Mona 2. Okay, I may have oversold it a bit, but it is indeed one of the more potent offerings in Lelo’s arsenal.

Mona 2 is not a vibrator for beginners. It is filling and requires a wee bit of skill to insert. It also has fairly strong vibrations that may prove too much for beginners. Mona 2 is fairly thin towards its base where it meets the control handle. There onwards, it tapers up gradually to get to a maximum perimeter of nearly 4.7-inches and tapers off into a circular shape for easy inserting.

Lelo’s traditional pattern and intensity settings are easily accessible through buttons on the control handle. Mona 2 is fairly sizable and can feel very filling. Once you turn it on, the vibrations travel and offer a wonderful massage to the g-spot.

Much like the Lelo Ella, the Mona 2 also has a couple of variations, no doubt born due to the success of the Mona. Lelo Ina 2 for example, has a similar appearance to the Mona 2, and is available as a rabbit vibrator. The Ina 2 Wave is another variant, and includes the “come hither” wave motion. This motion moves the main shaft in a pattern similar to a curled finger, adding another dimension to the massage of the G-spot. See it on Amazon


  • Very filling
  • Strong vibrations
  • A range of available vibrations, patterns, and models


  • Can get very buzzy
  • Expensive

5. IMO Vibrating Rabbit G-spot Vibrator

How To Make A Girl Squirt - IMO Vibrating Rabbit Vibrator

IMO Rabbit, packs a stunning punch of power in its dual motors. There’s a separate motor for the main shaft and the clitoris vibrator, giving each of them their own stake at power and glory. Rich in features, it has five speeds, seven patterns, and mood lighting! I don’t know what you’re supposed to do with a bright light at the back of your vibrator, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend using it as a torch or even a tail light.

Thankfully, IMO Rabbit’s caprice ends with the “mood lighting”. The pattern and speed combinations can really work wonders, and with the separate motors bouncing patterns off each other, you are well on your path to a steamy hot orgasm. The manufacturer claims it is “whisper quiet”, and that is true for the most part. However, there is some noise at high speed settings. It’s not a deal breaker, but it certainly isn’t whisper quiet.

The vibrator is covered in silicone, giving it a nice, velvety touch in a matte finish. The vibrator is waterproof and uses a USB magnetic charger to draw its power. So feel free to play around, experiment, enjoy, and find your bliss in a squirt. See it on Amazon.


  • Elegant design
  • Waterproof and rechargeable
  • Multiple speed option


  • Lifespan and longevity of the vibrator remain concerning
  • Can get noisy at higher speeds

How To Make A Girl Squirt — Sex Positions To Get You Going

Every once in a while, you might want to take the all-natural route and give up sex toys. Here are some useful positions that are more conducive to a g-spot orgasm, and work great to get women squirting.

1. Fingering/Finger Play

This one is dedicated to some simple finger play to get you in the squirting zone with foreplay, using just your fingers. Already aware of the general position of the g-spot, you can reach it with just your index finger. However, that doesn’t quite cut it, and doesn’t create the best positioning for an orgasm. A better strategy is to insert your middle and ring finger together, leaving the index and pinky finger pointing towards the bed, and the palm facing the stomach. Use the inserted fingers to reach the button-shaped G-spot, and stimulate it with your fingers.

You can also use the “come hither” motion. Curl your fingers to touch and press the g-spot, then return and repeat. Of course, there are a ton of ways you can stimulate the g-spot once you’ve reached it. Use your imagination!

2. G-Spot Sex Position

As its name implies, the G-spot sex position has the penis massaging and pushing the g-spot with every thrust. It requires a bit of control and strength, but can have immense payoff.

To start this position the woman should lie on her back, with the legs in the air and pointed towards the ceiling. The man is positioned between the woman’s legs, on his knees. His knees should be kept together.

Staying in this position, the man has to lift the woman up using her legs, and enter the vagina. For the woman, this means you will have to take most of your own weight on your shoulders and upper back. If you have a bad back, stay away from this position.

3. Take Your Legs Up

Start from the missionary position, then move your legs up to place your ankles against the man’s shoulders. Having your body bent like this creates room for a deeper penetration, and makes it easier for him to hit your g-spot. It can be a ton of fun if you can manage the flexibility.

4. Doggy Style

If all those convoluted positions aren’t going right, take things simple with the doggy style. Theoretically, it is not exactly the best style to hit the g-spot, it is the most convenient and one that does not require overt displays of strength or putting your body in an awkward position.

In fact, given how natural this position is, and how relaxed you can throw out the theory and this becomes practically one of the best positions to stimulate the g-spot. For one, you’re not uncomfortable, and two, you don’t have to worry about risking an injury. So this becomes far more relaxing, enjoyable, and capable of hitting the g-spot.

Of course, using sex toys remains the simplest and most enjoyable method of hitting the g-spot and bringing a girl to a squirting orgasm.

Myths About G-Spot And Squirting

How To Make A Girl Squirt — sexual positions

G-spot and squirting, or female orgasm in general remain a hotly debated topic. Here are a few myths associated with Squirting orgasms, and about how to make a woman squirt.

1. Ejaculation Means Letting Out A Stream Of Liquid

Seeing girls squirting in porn movies gives people (including women) the idea that all women must have a squirting orgasm where they expel a solid stream of liquid, perhaps by the liters. Porn movies, like regular movies, do take some liberties. While there are some women who can squirt like that, many women will have a squirting equivalent to a few drops of liquid quietly rolling down, without any massive squirts of fluid.

2. Squirters Will Squirt Every Time

There’s a good chance that a woman’s first squirting orgasm doesn’t let out any fluid at all. Assuming there will always be a similar volume of liquid is incorrect as well. Do not make assumptions on measurements, simply enjoy the process.

3. Intensity of Ejaculation Determines The Quality Of The Orgasm

Wrong again. Remember, the squirting is just an extra, given its own fetish simply because of the novelty of it. What we want is the orgasm, and the amount squirted, or the distance it is thrown is irrelevant. Remember, it’s not an Olympic sport.

4. Composition Of ‘The Squirt’

While it is indeed the Skene’s gland draining into the urethra that plays a part in the process. A research claims that squirting is a mix of pee and other fluids (including those from Skene’s glands), often a result of involuntary emission. Your orgasm may not necessarily be the squirt, and it is entirely possible that the orgasm happen more quietly with just the small quantity from the Skene’s gland draining into the urethra.

Concluding Remarks — How To Make A Girl Squirt

Going through the process of how to make a girl squirt, or how to make yourself squirt (if you intend to try this yourself) should give you a better understanding of what to do, and what to expect. Keep in mind that your intent is to have fun and a lovely orgasm, not to throw fluid across the room. Achieving a squirting orgasm is way more convenient and comfortable with sex toys. In fact, it might even be better with them, given you don’t have to take weird sex positions or strain yourself into awkward poses. If you find sex toys threatening, or if your partner gets insecure, try to include them in the process while reminding them to be sex positive. Most of all, enjoy yourself and have fun.

How To Make A Pocket Pussy — Homemade Male Masturbators

How To Make A Pocket Pussy — representive image

Men’s sex toys or male masturbators are gaining popularity. It’s not just Fleshlights and Tenga products, and the niche is seeing a whole lot of new products. For a long time, it was just the hand, and maybe some lotion or lubricant. Now that male masturbation products are getting the limelight, men want to give the “new feel” a shot. Buying a good quality male masturbator should be your first choice. In case that is not possible, and you would rather not use your hand to masturbate, knowing how to make a pocket pussy could come in quite handy.


Things To Know For Making A Homemade Fleshlight

How To Make A Pocket Pussy — representive image

What Is A Pocket Pussy?

A pocket pussy is a generic term for an artificial vagina. It can also represent another orifice, or just be a cavity with the primary use of being an object for men to masturbate with. The names may vary, so might the brands, but the product and its object remain the same. A pocket pussy is a male masturbator, and that remains its primary purpose.

Pocket Pussy And Pleasure

The simplest scenario for using a pocket pussy is pleasure. As a male masturbation device, it can add to pleasure and sensations. Many men also use them as ways to practice and to help them last longer during sex. Many male masturbators cater to this specific set, like the Fleshlight STU, which promises to help increase the time you can last before orgasming. Another important consideration is that these contraptions can help reduce the risk of death grip, i.e. reduced sensitivity of the penis due to masturbation.

Buy Or DIY Pocket Pussy?

Buy. A real Fleshlight is much better than a homemade Fleshlight. They’re made from good materials and carefully crafted to avoid risk to the user. Commercial products are crafted with careful consideration and have the skill of professionals in their design. Even a good craftsman would find that hard to beat.

However, there can be reasons that make a DIY pocket pussy a necessity for you. Maybe money is a problem, or social/religious restrictions make it impossible for you to buy a commercial male masturbator. Knowing how to make a pocket pussy can come in useful in these scenarios. Keep in mind, a homemade pocket pussy is unlikely to be as good in construction as compared to established brands. Its construction will also depend on your personal skill. That’s important to remember not just for the sake of your pleasure, but also for your health and safety.

Always Use A Lubricant

Lubrication is extremely important, especially for the DIY pocket pussy. An artificial vagina obviously won’t produce natural lubrication. Plus, even if you have remarkable crafting skills, the self-constructed pocket pussy isn’t going to be all that pleasurable and smooth. Generally speaking, the materials employed in constructing a pocket pussy can benefit from a good dose of lubrication.

A Note

We’re about to start with some DIY pocket pussy styles. I think this is a good time to remind you to use your best judgment and put safety first when trying out these products. As you can guess, these are not approved by any agency for safety. Most of these are tricks other people have used to create their version of a homemade fleshlight.


5 Methods To Make A Pocket Pussy

1. The Sock Masturbator

A lot of dudes have an orgasmic relation with their socks, so perhaps it’s appropriate to start our DIY Pucket Pussy set with a sock-based male masturbator. Here’s what you need for this DIY pocket pussy:

  • Three pairs of long sport socks (ankle socks will be too short)
  • Latex glove or (oversized) condom
  • Elastic bands to hold things together

Place two pairs of socks on a table. Fold them from the toes so you’re not exactly doubling them, but they’re neatly folded. Now, place the glove (or condom) over one pair of socks in a way that about 1-2 inches of the glove’s cuff or the condom’s opening are placed outside the socks. Place the other pair of socks on top of this set.

Now, fold the cuff of the glove over both pairs of socks. This forms a good grip over both pairs of the socks – so far, it’s like a glove sandwich! Now use each sock from the third pair to cover this contraption from its sides, without disturbing the opening on the glove. Use rubber bands to secure the setup. Voila! Your sock masturbator DIY pocket pussy is ready.

2. The Towel Pocket Pussy

You’ll see that many DIY pocket pussies follow the same general path, though the materials used can indeed change the feel and the fun. To create the towel pocket pussy, you’ll need the following:

  • A hand towel
  • A glove/condom
  • Elastic bands/ rubber bands

Fold the hand towel twice, so it is about a quarter of its area. Now place the latex glove on the towel with the cuff hanging off. Fold your towel around this glove to get things right. The folding is going to need some skill and even experience, so you don’t fold the towel too tight or loose.

Once you’ve folded the towel, simply use the cuff of the glove to hold it in place. You can secure the contraption with elastic bands to make sure things stay at their desired positions.

3. Toilet Paper Roll Masturbator

Ingenuity in finding the materials will decide how awesome your DIY pocket pussy feels. For this masturbator, you’ll need:

  • A toilet paper roll
  • Hand glove
  • Elastic/rubber bands

The construction for this masturbator is fairly simple. Remove the cardboard tube from the roll, and replace it with the glove. Use the cuffs of the glove to cover the surface of the toilet paper, and secure it all with elastic bands. The quality of the toilet paper you use will reflect on the texture the penis feels, so choose wisely!

4. Cucumber Pocket Pussy

For the sake of variety, let’s consider a cucumber pocket pussy. For this DIY project, you’ll need:

  • A cucumber
  • Knife
  • Rubber bands
  • Condom

Start by choosing a cucumber that can easily cover the girth/circumference of your penis. Remove an end of the cucumber with a knife, and then cut it halfway along its length. Remove seeds from both sides of the cucumber.

As the next step, chisel away at the cucumber until you see it has a snug fit around your penis. Once you’ve got the right fit, secure it with rubber bands or duct tape. You may want to use a condom for more convenient use of lube, and if you’d like to avoid direct contact with a cool cucumber.

5. Pringles Can Pocket Pussy

This should get some points for reuse and recycling! Here’s what you need:

  • Empty tube of Pringles
  • Two household sponges
  • Knife
  • Tape
  • Latex glove

Remove the lid, and then get to work with duct tape to cover any edge that you think can be remotely troublesome. It’s better to be careful rather than sorry. Use the sponges for texture, which means you’ll place the latex glove between two sponges. Next, push this glove sandwich inside the Pringles tube.

Again, use the cuff of the glove to get a better hold over the sponges. Now use the glove’s cuff to get a good hold over the sponges, as well as the Pringles can. Use rubber bands and tape to ensure that the glove remains fixed to its position.


How To Make A Pocket Pussy — Concluding Remarks

Ingenuity, your imagination, crafting skills, and your ability to make things right will go a long way in making a pocket pussy that works for you. Since this is a DIY project, be very careful and ensure you don’t run any risk of injury. Don’t let anything stifle your experimentation or your desire for fun! Feel free to experiment with textures until you get one that works right for you. Learning how to make a pocket pussy should also make you comfortable enough to experiment a bit for the sake of the right texture.

How To Make Your Dick Bigger — A Complete Guide

How To Make Your Dick Bigger — A Complete Guide - article image3

Since the dawn of humanity, penis size has been a point of consternation for many. There are readily available claims on how to make your dick bigger. Anything from emails in your spam folder to websites with flashy ads will claim easy methods of penis enlargement. Men with worries about how to make my dick bigger often fall for such scams and hollow promises. Let’s take a look at common techniques, and the promises they offer on how to make your cock bigger. We’ll lift the veil to see what truth lies in these claims.


Penis Pumping And A Bigger Dick

How To Make Your Dick Bigger — A Complete Guide - article image

One of the most common and advertised techniques for making your dick bigger is penis pumping. You are very likely to run into something like this option if you try looking for penis enlargement solutions. It is a pretty common technique, and at the very least, one with visually satisfying results.

Using A Penis Pump For A Bigger Dick

Penis pumps are also known as vacuum erection pumps. The device creates a vacuum, ostensibly forcing more blood into the penis and increasing its size. It is a visually pleasing effect for men desiring to make their cock bigger. As the pump strips air from the tube and creates a vacuum around the penis, more blood will flow to the penis. This blood flow will cause the penis to enlarge, the change being clearly visible.

A penis pump usually has three major parts for its construction:

  • A tube that covers the penis and holds the vacuum
  • A seal that goes around the base of the penis to ensure the vacuum stays
  • A battery-powered or hand-powered pumping mechanism to create a vacuum

How To Use A Penis Pump

When preparing to use a penis pump, start with applying lubricant to your penis. This will make things smoother, and greatly reduce any chance of irritation. Put the penis into the tube, and place the seal to ensure the vacuum will stay. Next, turn on the pump and pull out the air. Within a few minutes, you will see a noticeable change in the length of your penis as the blood flow causes an erection. At this point, you may also see the penis growing larger than its regular size when erect.

The kicker is, once you remove the pump, you’ll see the penis go back to its original size, or rather, the size it is when usually erect. If you’ve ever wondered how do you get your dick bigger, the penis pump is an interesting choice. It is not a practical choice since the penis will go back to its regular, erect size when removed from the vacuum.

Benefits And Considerations For Using A Penis Pump

The penis pump is useful in several scenarios, mostly for people who suffer from mild erectile dysfunction. Sufferers of mild ED will find that the penis pump is useful in getting, and sustaining erections for a relatively long period of time. Consult a doctor and have them prescribe a penis pump for treatment.

Those employing a penis pump may also consider a cock ring like the Tor 2 or Oden 2. The c-ring can help sustain erections and may even make sex more enjoyable for you and your partner. Keep in mind, c-rings are not meant to be used for more than 30 minutes.

While there are no major side-effects of using a penis pump, users may see small red spots on the penis. These are usually caused by mild bleeding under the penis surface due to effects of vacuum. A penis pump should be comfortable, painless, and have a mechanism to prevent the vacuum from getting too strong. An overly strong vacuum can damage the penis.

As for penis enlargement, there are no solid benefits of a penis pump. You might even find medical research to back claims of pumps making a dick bigger. Keep in mind, that’s mostly cherry-picking and solid medical evidence remains unavailable. While some people may see the dick get bigger inside the pump, the effect does not last once the vacuum is removed. So do penis pumps make your penis bigger? The answer is no, at least not in terms of any lasting benefits.

Pills And Supplements For A Bigger Cock

How To Make Your Dick Bigger — A Complete Guide - article image2

A lot of people claim that they can make your dick bigger by feeding you pills. Some may have found an ancient secret recipe for a bigger dick. Others may claim to have reached it with the wonders of modern science. Generally speaking, the pills usually contain herbs, minerals, and vitamins.

Some pills have even been found to contain harmful chemicals like pesticides. I write this so you know there can be harm in trying. So don’t try these pills, even just for the heck of it. Supplements are a poorly regulated market. Don’t take your chances there.

So will pills help make your dick bigger? The answer is no.

If there was a pill that could make your dick bigger, rest assured you would not see it advertised via spam mail. Or other shady advertising methods manufacturers of these pills use. A pill like that would be proclaimed from the top of buildings and there would be stampedes at pharmacies. It may be slightly exaggerated, but you get the picture. Stay away. Pills will not make your dick bigger.

Jelqing For A Bigger Dick

Jelqing is described as an ancient technique for penis enlargement. In theory, weights, tensioners, or your hands are used to stretch the penis. Over a period of time, this will lead to the dick getting bigger, thanks to all the stretching it receives. Proponents claim that the underlying effect of jelqing is quite similar to bodybuilding in general. Let’s dig deeper and see how solid these claims are.

How To Perform Jelqing?

The following are the steps usually followed when performing jelqing. Start with lying down on your back or sitting somewhere comfortable. Apply lubricant to your penis – it can make the experience far more convenient and comfortable.

  • Many people recommend that the penis not be fully erect when you start.
  • Make a ring shape with your index finger and thumb, and use this to grab the base of your penis.
  • Slowly move your fingers from the base to the top. You should apply light pressure on your penis, though making sure not to overdo it. Do not press the glans.
  • Repeat the above motions for about 15 minutes.
  • You may perform this for about 4-5 times a week.

Theory Of Jelqing For A Bigger Dick

According to proponents of jelqing, the motions of this “exercise” cause greater blood flow into the penis. With regular exercise, the penis learns to accommodate greater blood flow, resulting in a bigger dick. Another theory is that the movement causes tiny tears in the penis tissue. As a result, new cells are created to fix the tear. Regular practice gives you a girthier and bigger dick. This is quite similar to how bodybuilding or gaining muscles work. So, that should mean you get a bigger dick too, right?

So How Effective Is Jelqing?

Let’s start with the bodybuilding theory. There are no muscles in the penis, so it makes no sense to assume you would see similar effects. Since tissues are not muscles, there is no point in expecting they will behave like muscles. If those claimed micro-tears are forming in the penis, they’re more likely to damage the penis, not make it bigger.

Ouch! In fact, if you put too much pressure, you can risk scarring, erectile dysfunction, and even give the penis an unnatural curvature. I’m inclined to say that the known, medically evidenced risks far outweigh the purported, anecdotal advantages.

On a different note, men, if pulling at the penis made it bigger, you know you’d be hung like a horse before you finished your teens. Yes, yes, I know jelqing is slower movement compared to masturbating, but you know the whole bodybuilding theory for the penis is baloney.

Penile Traction And Other Penis Stretching Methods

Other than penis pumps and jelqing, some people recommend penis stretching methods to get a bigger dick. The most common amongst these are penile extenders and penile traction devices.

Penile extenders usually involve pulling at the flaccid penis. This is done in the hope that the continuous stretching will result in the penis accommodating the length and getting bigger. At the end of the day, you’re the dude hanging weight by his penis. It is a terrible approach and can cause permanent damage to the penis. Stay away from this method.

Penile Traction devices, however, seem more promising. There is some evidence that penile traction could help a man gain one centimeter or even slightly more over a use of six months.

Penile Traction Device For A Bigger Dick

Penis extenders or penile traction devices usually work on a simple principle. Generally speaking, the device will pull at a flaccid penis, and some gains can be seen in about six months. The device usually consists of a ring-shaped base resting on the pubic bone and holding the base of the penis. Rods extend from the base of the device leading to a flexible band. The band is placed near the tip of the penis. Rods used are measured and calibrated.

The device has to be worn for about 4-5 hours every day. Minimum time for treatment can be six months. There are some initial medical claims that the device can be helpful in making your dick bigger. However, more research and studies are needed before the claims can be taken as factual.

As of now, most medical practitioners continue to be skeptical as the claims for the efficiency of this device have minimal proof. Since the device requires constant checks and calibration, consult your doctor before you undertake this task. Poorly placed devices can cause harm and may damage the penis. So if you must try this, seek the advice of a well-trained doctor.

Surgery For A Bigger Penis

Surgery is often touted as the most reliable way to make your dick bigger. While it certainly isn’t snake oil like most penis enlargement recipes, it’s far from perfect. Many medical practitioners comment that most men would run from surgery if they truly understood the risks. Let’s take a look at the most common surgical options.

Increasing Penis Girth With Fat Injections

As the name implies, this surgery involves increasing the girth of the penis by fat injections. The fat for use is usually harvested from other body parts of the patient. When properly injected, the fat can increase the circumference of the penis. The claims for gain in circumference range from one centimeter to four centimeters — both of which are very impressive numbers.

The downside here is that over time, the body will reabsorb the fat from the penis. This causes the penis to go back to its original shape within a few years. It may not sound so good, but this is the best possible outcome of this surgery. Other results include disfigurement, scarring, and even infection.

There are other methods being considered, including the use of biodegradable frames to increase circumference. However, this treatment is still experimental and not yet in widespread use.

Penis Enlargement Surgery To Get A Bigger Dick

Penis Enlargement is the most commonly used surgery to make your dick bigger. This involves cutting off a ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. Once freed from the constraint of the ligament, the penis can extend further. A piece of skin is placed at the base of the ligament to keep it connected to the pubic bone. An increase of about one to two centimeters can be seen in the length of the penis after this surgery.

It has massive downsides. The gain in length may actually be available only to the flaccid penis. That means even after surgery, your erect dick will measure the same as before. It will, however, not be as high erect as it used to be, because the ligament does not offer enough support. In some cases, the erection may actually point downwards. Even if the change in direction of the erection is not that extreme, there will still be a change. This odd angle of the penis can make sex uncomfortable, and even unenjoyable.

How To Make Your Dick Bigger — The Better Way

There are some techniques that can help make your cock bigger. They certainly are more effective than most snake oil treatments that get sold in the name of penis enlargement. So read on to see how to make your dick bigger, the safest and best way.

Focus On Your Fitness

A lot of men don’t reach their full potential with erections. This usually happens because they’re not getting enough blood flow to the penis. There may be underlying medical causes, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and increased cholesterol to name a few. Lifestyle choices like smoking, and general lethargy and reduced activity can cause less blood flow to the penis. The lower the blood flow, the further your erection from its full potential.

So start with getting your body in order, with a focus on your cardiovascular system. The healthier you are, the greater the chance of your erection meeting its full potential. Just to put it out there, a healthier lifestyle and body also means you’ll be getting and using your erections for a longer portion of your life.

Drop Some Weight To Get A Bigger Dick

How To Make Your Dick Bigger — A Complete Guide - article image3

Being overweight can be a big block in the way of you getting a big dick. Continuing from the previous point, being overweight is also one of the reasons for reduced blood flow to your penis. To make things worse, if you’re overweight, your body is going to deposit some amount of fat in the supra-pubic area.

This region is located right above the base of your penis. Deposits of fat at that area obscure the base of the penis, making the effective visible penis length shorter. In some cases, people dropping weight, and those that underwent liposuction found as much as 2 centimeters of gain in penis length. That’s a better increase (and with better results) compared to any other method, including surgery.

Trim The Pubes

Careful landscaping never hurt anyone. Trim your pubes and push back that lush garden you’ve been keeping. It won’t increase your penis size, but it certainly will make your dick look bigger. And it’s overall a more hygienic practice anyway.

Get Comfortable With Your Dick Size

Stop worrying about making your dick bigger, and get comfortable with your dick size. At an average, the penis measures 5.5-inches globally. Most men fall within one-inch of that range. While you may be tempted to compare and compete with the penis sizes you see in porn, keep in mind those actors are specifically chosen for that part.

Learn how to make your sexual trysts more enjoyable for you and for your partner. Learn how to lick pussy, and make things more exciting in the bedroom, including getting adventurous with amazing sex positions. Point is, rather than worrying about how to make your dick bigger, learn to use it better. Make things more fun in the bedroom, and get adventurous.

How To Make Your Dick Bigger — The Bottom Line

Many men agonize about penis size. Worrying about how to make your dick bigger is an exercise in futility. It is likely that you have an average penis size, and that is perfectly fine. Rather than worrying about your dick’s size, learn to use it better during sex. Knowing how to show your partner a good time goes a long way, as does staying healthy and in great shape. There are plenty of purported solutions to get your dick bigger. Most of them come from snake oil salesmen, even if wrapped in carefully crafted marketing. Don’t fall for scams.

Sexy Dirty Talk — Things You Should Know

Sexy Dirty Talk — Everything You Should Know

Your time in bed can get hotter with some sexy dirty talk. It’s hot and it can actually help you develop more intimacy in your relationship. The added benefits of talking dirty are that it can lower performance anxiety for both of you, and increase sexual self-confidence. Who knew knowing how to talk freaky could work so well!

What Are The Benefits Of Sexy Dirty Talk?

Sexy Dirty Talk — Everything You Should Know

Build Up On Sexual Tension

Many people think sexual talk is limited to just the bedroom. That’s not true. Dirty talk does not have to be reserved for when you’re having sex, but can be used at any (appropriate) time to drop hints for your partner. It can even goad him and you on to looking forward to some sexy times later in the night.

Building sexual tension is quite an aphrodisiac. You’ll find yourself turned on and ready for some hot action. Imagine, just a few words can spice up your sex life. No dead bedroom for you. By the time you’re in the bedroom, you’ll both be raring to go!

Keeps Him Thinking About You

Dropping a few provocative phrases through the day has him thinking of the prize you have in store for him. He’ll be anticipating he can hold you and have a great time. The reverse is also true; if your partner is proficient in dirty talk phrases, you’ll find yourself all fired up for the night.

You don’t have to go overboard with the dirty talk. It’s as easy as using simple, suggestive phrases. While you know what works best for you and your partner, here are a few you could try:

I can’t stop thinking about how great last night was. Let’s do it again tonight!

I want you inside me. All the way in.

Your dick feels amazing inside me.

If you aren’t face-to-face, you could call him. Or better still, text. There is an angle of imagination to texting that gets everyone fired up for more. Plus, if you’ve got time, sexting really is amazing. Here are some dirty talking text messages for him examples you can employ.

I love how you taste. Can’t wait for the evening to get that taste again.

I miss you. And your cock.

I never thought someone could make me so aroused. Then I met you.

Well, you get the point. Be suggestive, be hot, and don’t be afraid to get your point across.

Makes Sex More Intense

While you have dirty talks outside the bedroom, words you say while having sex are what really clinches the matter. Throw around compliments, goad him, challenge him, do whatever works best for you. A bit of sexy banter between the couple feels amazing, believe me. So don’t be afraid to talk dirty, or laugh even as you have sex. Some simple phrases you can use for dirty talk while having sex are:

You feel incredible.

Don’t stop. I’m loving this too much.

I love how your cock feels inside me.

Sexy Dirty Talk For Beginners — How To Get Started

Start Small

If you’ve been relatively quiet in the bedroom up until now, don’t start with pornstar sound effects right off the bat. It’s a mistake several people make, and that phony imitation voice isn’t going to be much of a turn on for your partner, or for you. Don’t start with something that’s too “out there” or unexpected from you. Even a few well-timed sighs and “Yessss” will do if you’ve been very quiet.

Begin In The Bedroom

Sex is practically the best time for losing your dirty talk virginity. It’s easy and natural to introduce the topic while having sex, and won’t feel very out of the ordinary. There’s a good chance you will both enjoy it, and get ready to take things to the next level.

Initiate The Sexy Dirty Talk

Much like initiating sex, the initiation of dirty sexy talk should be a responsibility divided between partners. It’s unhealthy to expect one person to always be the initiator, and that threatens to slowly turn into a burden. Don’t be afraid to be the one to initiate. And if you find he’s backing down, encourage your partner to be the initiator as well.

You can start with something as simple as “that feels so good”, and encourage him to take over the horny talk. If you’re both comfortable with the dirty talk, go ahead and make it as provocative as you like.

Try To Stay Relevant To the Situation

Stay relevant to the situation or moment you’re in. Saying what you’re feeling in the moment will feel far more natural, and have better results. Plus, you won’t be making stuff up as you go along — you want to stay focused on having sex and enjoying it, not on racking your brain and trying to find things you can say.

Tailor It To Your And Your Partner’s Taste

When you talk dirty, stay with things that you are comfortable to say and hear. The same goes for your partner. Once you’ve initiated the sexy dirty talk, it may be a good idea to have a conversation about what topics or phrases are off-limits. You could both also introduce your own fetishes and fantasies to get the most out of the experience. Again, if you are doing fantasies and fetishes, stay true to what you’re both comfortable with.

Similarly, if you know the tastes of your partner well, you can drop phrases that will elicit a response out of him. For example, some people might prefer staying subtle, while others might prefer a direct, or even an outrageous approach. Your flavor is up to you!

Finetune It

These are suggestions, but what really works in your bedroom and in your love-life is entirely how you see things. Experiment, and finetune these suggestions to reach what works best with you. I’ve said it many times. Experimentation and trying out new things is an excellent way to keep your sex life exciting and wonderful. Try not to get predictable or worse, stuck in a routine.

Sexy Dirty Talk — Last Word

Have fun talking dirty to your hot, sexy boy. It might take some confidence and extra encouragement to start, but once you do, you might very well enjoy it. Let’s face it, sexy dirty talk is fun, and who better to share in those intimate feelings and words than your partner?

First Time Anal Sex: Going Painless And Pleasurable

First Time Anal Sex Going Painless And Pleasurable

Anal sex carries a negative connotation of being painful, which makes plenty of people back away from trying it. Anal sex should be pleasurable and painless. Yes, it will take more work than vaginal sex, but with a little care, it should be painless and fun. This guide has great tips for those who intend to try first time anal sex. And you must try anal sex; don’t dismiss something before you’ve given it a shot. So let’s look at some tips and techniques that make anal sex for beginners more fun.

Things To Know Before You Have Anal Sex For The First Time

First Time Anal Sex Going Painless And Pleasurable

Plan Before You Have Anal Sex

Anal sex for beginners should not be spontaneous and spur of the moment. Going straight to it will make it painful, and might cause other problems, including bleeding. You have to plan and prepare for anal sex.

Cleaning Up Before Anal Sex

You should clean up, i.e. poop before having anal sex. A majority of people will be fine simply by pooping before they have anal. If you’re unsure that pooping is enough, you can use something like an anal douche, though that is unnecessary. An enema is overkill, and should not be utilized unless necessary, or as part of a fetish.

Lube Up

Here’s the secret to the best anal sex techniques: lube up! The anus isn’t self-lubricating, so using lubricant will help make things easier and smoother. Better the things are, easier will it be to have anal sex. Water-based lube is the simplest option, although it dries up quickly. Silicone-based lube should not be employed if you intend to use silicone-based toys. Oil-based lube is best avoided because it can cause deterioration and tear in latex condoms. Which brings us to the next point.

Do not use products like numbing creams. While no one should be using them (unless medically necessary), they should be a big no for first time anal sex. As you learn the ropes, pain is your friend. It’s better to have a small tinge of pain and know that you should prepare more, rather than not realizing that things have gone wayward before it is too late.

Always Use Condoms During Anal Sex

Even if you are very thorough, there will be a tiny amount of fecal matter still in there. Unprotected anal sex is the reason for several health problems, and carries a greater risk of sexually transmitted diseases. You also risk Hepatitis B, and at the very minimum, a urinary tract infection. Nothing’s worth that kind of risk. Use a condom.

No Double Dipping

Here’s a simple rule of hygiene to remember, whether you’re still learning anal sex or preparing to have anal sex for the first time. Once a condom has been inside the ass, it does not go inside the vagina or mouth. If you’re moving to either of those, change condoms. You will also have to change condoms frequently while having anal sex since it is more taxing on the condom as well.

While I will suggest you try it at least once, do not let yourself get pressured into agreeing for a sex act you do not like.

Use Toys During Anal Sex

Yup, toys are awesome for novices to anal sex. Small toys can open up the world of anal sex to you, preparing your anus for larger toys or the penis, as the case may be. Plus, they can be a lot more fun. If you are male, you can make use of a prostate massager for amazing, and more intense orgasms. While the same benefit is unlikely for women, anal toys can make things more pleasurable and fun.

Anal Training And Stretching

Anal sex techniques like anal training and stretching can help you prepare better for anal sex. The point is to prepare your sphincter for stretching and pressure that penetration brings. The sphincter is a ring of muscles at the tip of the anus that controls the stretching of the anus, and handles the movement of things in and out of the rectum. You will need to do a bit of work to convince these muscles to relax easily during anal sex.

Read the full guide on anal training and stretching.

Having Painless Anal Sex For The First Time

I did say this anal sex tutorial is all about having painless fun times. Here are some simple techniques you can use to make anal painless.

Start With A Finger

As I said, it will take time before your anus is prepared to receive something as large as a penis. Start with inserting a finger into your anus. You should go slow rather than pushing your way through. You can move your finger steadily, stop, or even pull back a bit. It’s all fine as long as you’re comfortable. Gradually, you’ll find your sphincter relaxing around your finger, and it will be easier to move the finger.

At this point, you may start thrusting your finger a bit and create more space. Being slow is key, so don’t imagine your finger working like a piston. Once you are comfortable enough with this, you can add another finger to push things along.

The area most resistant to anal penetration is about 0.5-1 inch inside the anus. Once you’re past this area, you will feel things getting easier as the muscles relax and you start feeling more pleasure.

Your partner can do all the things mentioned in this technique. It may in fact be easier to have your partner handle this. Just be sure that your partner understands that he should stop the moment you say so, and follow your anal sex instructions clearly.

Go Super Slow

This is important for beginners to understand. At no point should you start going fast. It is best to keep a super slow pace, not just for entering, but also while withdrawing. This applies to all cases, whether you’re using a finger, a dildo, or a penis. The speed must be very slow and deliberate.

The Main Event — Anal Sex For Beginners

Once he can insert two fingers in the anus comfortably, you may decide to use three fingers, or just put the penis in action. The general rules stay the same, even with the penis involved. The penetration has to be slow, matched with slow thrusting and slow withdrawal of the penis. You may manage to speed things up after some experience, but beginners should stick to a snail’s pace.

Best Positions For Anal Sex Beginners

Put Him On His Back

Putting him on his back has the advantage of letting you stay in control. This will be a cowgirl-type position where decide on the speed and movement and control the thrusting as you see fit. This can be very helpful for first time anal sex, as you can be sure that you are the one in charge.

Take things slowly and take your time. Going fast can be painful, and may take the fun out of anal sex. If you experience discomfort or pain, slow down and relax. You can also stop for a while and let your anus and sphincter adjust to the size of the penis. Once you are comfortable and sure, you can allow him to start thrusting a bit.

Doggystyle Position For Anal Sex

A doggystyle position works just as well, but this time, your partner will be in charge of inserting and thrusting. Make sure you communicate clearly and your partner understands that he has to listen to you.

Clitoral And Vaginal Stimulation

With anal sex going on, your clitoris and vagina will be all away from action. I bet they would love some stimulation! Get a vibrator in on the act. You could go with a simple, bullet vibrator if clitoral stimulation is all you want, or get more using a g-spot or rabbit vibrator.

If toys aren’t at hand, you could ask him to do it for you, or just try some good old-fashioned masturbation and finger yourself while you have anal sex.

Communicate And Be Clear

Communication is essential for any part of great sex, but it is even more important for anal sex beginners. You should be able to communicate with your partner clearly and make sure he understands all that is going on and is amenable to instructions you offer. Talk about it, and shake things up a bit so you can get more fun out of anal sex.

First Time Anal Sex — Conclusion

Don’t give in to the taboo. Anal sex doesn’t have to be painful or uncomfortable. What you want from your first time anal sex is a painless experience. This guide is intended to be a simple anal sex tutorial for beginners. Make use of it, and add another dimension of fun to your bedroom!

How To Deep Throat Without The Worry Of Gagging

How To Deep Throat Without The Worry Of Gagging

Deep throating is something of a forbidden fruit. It’s a challenge to women, and a desire for men; simply because of how rare it can be. The biggest obstacle in the path of deepthroating is the gag reflex. It is an involuntary reflex and can be triggered if an object travels too far in your mouth. Learning how to deep throat is all about scoring a win over your gag reflex. If you have picked up the challenge of deep throating your man, you should make use of this article as a guide.

Understand The Gag Reflex Before Deepthroating

How To Deep Throat Without The Worry Of Gagging

As I said, the gag reflex is a natural, involuntary reaction. Knowing how to deepthroat means desensitizing your body to the gag reflex. While it has its uses, is something that you can get rid of without any fear. Approximately 37% of the women do not have a gag reflex, and that makes them perfect candidates for deep throating fun.

However, getting over the gag reflex can also be an acquired skill, and you can get it by training your body. With the gag reflex out of the way, deep throating can be fun, easier, pleasurable, and of course, comfortable.

Desensitizing Yourself To The Gag Reflex

Training yourself against the gag reflex can take days, if not weeks. So be patient and don’t expect results immediately. Here are some things to train your gag reflex:

  • Start with a phallic object. A dildo is a great choice, but the handle of a toothbrush works just fine as well. Just make sure whatever you choose is sanitary and sterilized.
  • Put the object in your mouth and take it towards your throat until your gag reflex is triggered.
  • Try to maintain the object in your mouth for about 10 seconds, while simultaneously trying to maintain normal breathing.
  • Repeat the above process a couple of times every day for a few days, until you’re confident that you’ve got the gag reflex under control.
  • As the days pass, you will see the gag reflex being less pronounced, and you may eventually train yourself to avoid it altogether.

There are plenty of tricks going around for avoiding the gag reflex. In my opinion, that’s a mixed bag, but if you feel something else is more convenient, give it a shot!

What If I Cannot Train My Gag Reflex?

A small percentage of people are unable to control their gag reflex with training, or even more intensive options. In case you are one of these people, it’s better to give up on deep throat oral sex and put your energies elsewhere, like in amazing techniques to give him a blowjob.

Having An Understanding Of Deepthroating And Gag Reflex

Deep throating is taxing for the one performing it. You might find your eyes getting watery, breathing has to be timed, and of course, there’s the gag reflex. It is perfectly okay to say no if you find it too much to handle. Your partner should understand how difficult it is, and be supportive of your decision. If he turns out to be a scumbag who can’t really bother with your problems as long as he gets to stick his dick down your throat, you should consider ways to make him understand.

Deepthroating Basics — What The Man Needs To Do

Now that you’re all set for deepthroating, here’s what the man needs to do: Get an erection. Yep, that’s it. He should not thrust or try to move your head by himself. Setting the pace, deciding the position, and actually doing the act is all up to you. His role is simply to enjoy (with some gratitude) the amazing thing you’re doing for him.

How To Deepthroat By Taking The Right Position

Deepthroating is going to be easier in some positions as compared to others. A great position for deepthroating is one where your mouth and throat are in alignment. Think of the angle sword-swallowers use. If it works with swords, it has to work with a penis, right?

You can try to achieve this by lying down towards the edge of the bed, while he stands over your head with his feet on the floor. Another, relatively simpler position is to lie down on the bed, and he can come your you in a 69-like position.

Breathing And Dealing With Saliva While Deepthroating

As you deepthroat, you may notice your mouth generating a ton of saliva. It is perfectly okay, and indeed works as a natural lubricant. So don’t worry about it, and continue without a worry.

Breathing is a more complex question. It is going to be difficult to breathe while you have a penis going down your throat. Obviously, breathing isn’t negotiable, so you will have to find ways to breathe during deepthroating. Here are some tips you can use:

  • Breathe through your nose.
  • Slide him out a bit and use that moment to breathe in. Remember, you’re controlling the thrusting and pace here.
  • If it gets too uncomfortable, take a break. It doesn’t matter if he’s almost there, breathing comes first.

Deep Throating Tips To Make It More Pleasurable

You haven’t got a handle on how to deep throat until you know how to make it more pleasurable and fun. Going through all that just to put a dick down your throat seems pointless if he isn’t going to get something amazing out of it. Here are some tricks you can employ to make things way more exciting:

Lick His Balls

Once he’s all in, and you’re deepthroating, chances are his balls will be right in front of your chin. Get your tongue out and play with his balls, licking and flicking them with your tongue. The unique angle and unexpected sensation will be quite a turn on for him!


Hum a song as you are deepthroating him. The vibrations and sensations will excite him, and give him a unique feel. Plus, the humming may keep gagging at bay so you’ll be more comfortable as well.

Use Your Hands

Use your hands for some fun. You can reach your hands around him and hold him by his butts. Or you can place them on his legs or stomach to control the speed and angle of his movement. There’s plenty you can do, including massaging his perineum, fondling his balls, or placing a finger into his anus.

If he finishes while he’s down your throat, it will be a unique, and different feeling for him. It is going to be different for you too, and like everything deep throating, it has its own challenges. In any case, the deep throating would be a job well done.

How To Deep Throat — Conclusion

Deep-throating is difficult and can be uncomfortable. You can try to reduce your gag reflex by training as you learn how to deep throat, but remember that deep throating is tough. Gagging in some degree is going to be inevitable. You should do this only if you want to do it. Don’t let your man force you into deep throating just for the sake of his curiosity. But then again, trying new things can be fun! So take your time thinking and deciding.

How To Suck Dick — Techniques That Will Blow His Mind

How To Suck Dick — Techniques That Will Blow His Mind

Oral sex is practically an essential part of a healthy sex life. You would both like to make sex more fun and enjoyable, you should put oral sex on the same footing. Knowing how to suck dick will go a long way for your intimacy and sex life. And while you’re here, send him off to learn how to eat pussy. Oral sex is wondrous, and you want him enjoying and asking for more. Giving amazing blow jobs is a skill worth acquiring, and I’m here with some simple tips and advice to help you along.

Show Your Enthusiasm For Oral Sex

How To Suck Dick — Techniques That Will Blow His Mind

This really is one of the best blow job techniques. Your man may desperately want a blowjob, but having you simply go through the motions is going to be a turnoff. You being enthusiastic is going to be a massive turn on for him, and make oral sex more enjoyable. Just knowing that you’re into it should be quite a booster for him.

Having an enthusiastic partner is important for both sexes. You wouldn’t enjoy your time with a guy who seems uninterested and is seemingly just going through the motions. The same is true for men too.

Showing enthusiasm also means that you can (and should) often take initiative in giving him a blowjob. Before you ponder on how to suck a penis, know that your enthusiasm and initiative will make a big difference. Being enthusiastic to suck dick holds little meaning if you never offer to do it!

Use Your And His Body

Oral sex doesn’t have to be an exclusive affair between his penis and your mouth. Knowing how to suck dick means going beyond just the literal meaning of the words “oral sex”. Use your hands, lips, cheeks, even get your breasts in on the action. If you want to, then rub his dick against your cheeks, kiss it with your lips, and take it to your breasts and nipples. Men find all of this very hot, and it goes on to show him that you are enjoying it as well.

Using his body is a bit tricky because everyone has different preferences. What one dude finds super hot, could be an absolute turn off for another. Here are a few things to enhance your blowjob technique:

Hold The Base Of His Penis

This is the safest gesture, and almost every man will enjoy it. Use a hand to hold the base of his penis as you give him a blowjob. The base of the penis is somewhat sensitive, and you can apply some pressure here to add to his pleasure. Look for his cues to see how hard of a grip is okay.

Don’t Use Your Teeth While Sucking Dick

Somehow everyone keeps suggesting using teeth, but it’s a big no for most men. Feeling of teeth grating against the penis is in no way enjoyable. At best, you should try a touch-and-go maneuver, where you bring the teeth to the penis, and then get them out of their way. Unless you know his preferences intimately, teeth should have no business in sucking dick.

Fondling His Balls

A lot of men enjoy the feeling of the woman fondling or kissing their testicles during a blow job. A good number of men are also turned off by the idea of bringing their balls into contact.

Communicate And Talk It Out

Similar ideas as previous points also apply to deep throating and facials. The easiest way around this is to talk. Communicate with your partner, ask him if he’s okay with (or specifically wants) any of the things mentioned. Also be on the lookout for verbal and non-verbal cues. If you reach for his balls and he shirks, that’s a no on ball fondling.

Fixing The Taste

There’s a small chance that enthusiastic as you may be about sucking dick, the taste may simply not be to your liking. There is no point in trying to power through, especially when there are tons of simpler solutions available. You can slather his penis is flavored lube, and use that for fixing the taste. Well, lube isn’t the most delicious thing around, but it will do the trick.

Another (better) way of fixing taste is to simply use a delicious item. Maple syrup and chocolate syrup seem to be hot favorites, so play with them and you won’t worry about how to suck dick that doesn’t taste right. One reminder, if you are using something edible, avoid having penetrative sex after that. Having edible items inside the vagina can increase the risk of issues like yeast infection.

Now that the taste has been fixed, what should you do if the dick smells as well? Throw him into the shower, and ask him to clean up properly if he wants to get his dick sucked.

How To Suck Dick — Focus On The Tip

The tip of the penis (head of the penis) is the most sensitive part and the one that you need to focus on stimulating. You don’t have to vigorously reach for the head of the penis. Instead, massage it gently with your lips as you go up and down the shaft. You can also run your tongue over it occasionally and flick the bottom of the tip with your tongue for added pleasure. Mix it up a bit, and see how he reacts. If your action gets a positive reaction, well, continue to suck dick with your technique.

The closer he gets to an orgasm, the more sensitive the tip gets. So if you think he is close to an orgasm, slow down a bit and reduce the pressure on the tip ever so slightly. You will still want to continue the action until he climaxes, but reducing the pressure could make things easier for him as the tip gets more sensitive.

Super Blowjob Tip — Lick, Lick, And Lick Some More

Use The top of your tongue to lick his penis while focusing on the tip. You’ll want to keep a gentle but steady pressure. Another method is to lick from the base of his penis to the tip. Put your tongue at the base of his penis, then lick towards the top. Linger at the tip a bit, then repeat. While you’re licking his penis, you may also want to use your hands to massage his perineum (or taint, the area between the anus and testicles).

If he’s into anal play, you can use a finger to play with his anus. Just massage it, and if he’s okay with it, you can also insert the finger into his anus.

Look Into His Eyes

Most men love it when women maintain eye contact while sucking their penis. This is a very simple blow job trick that will have him more excited and deeper into the mood. Looking into his eyes as you give him a blowjob creates an intense and intimate feeling. Don’t overdo it though! It can be weird to stare at him for the whole duration of the blowjob. Keep your eye contact limited to a few seconds at a time, and then break eye contact and continue with the blow job.

To Swallow Or Not To Swallow

There’s the age-old problem with sucking dick — to swallow or not to swallow. There are plenty of ways around this problem, and you can check what works best for you.

The simplest situation is where you’re okay with swallowing, and the blowjob can proceed uninterrupted as he cums and you swallow.

You could be okay with him cumming inside your mouth, but prefer not to swallow. Spitting it back at him probably won’t do (unless it’s your kink, of course), it will be helpful to have a couple of tissues at hand where you can spit out the semen.

What To Do If You Don’t Want Him To Cum In Your Mouth?

Now, this is a bit of a tricky situation. The easiest way out is that he tells you when he’s about to cum and you stop sucking dick and remove it from your mouth. Some men tend to go nonverbal when close to climax, so you could both have a signal where he taps on your shoulder or head to let you know if it’s time. It is helpful to know his body language, so you can have an idea of when he’s ready to cum.

As you remove your mouth from his penis before he cums, keep in mind, he will need extra stimulation to climax. You can replace your mouth with your hand, and lead him to climax.

Another option is to let him cum over your body. You may achieve this with your own hand while giving him a handjob, or let him take control as you remove your mouth from his dick.

There are plenty of places where you can direct his cum, and it of course depends on the position you were in during oral sex. Some common options are:

  • Letting him cum on your face (a facial)
  • Letting him cum on your breasts or stomach
  • If you were in a doggy position during the blow job, you can let him cum on your neck (pearl necklace)

How To Suck Dick — Parting Words

Knowing how to suck dick will not only give your man amazing, toe-curling orgasms, but it can also help improve the quality of your sex life. Better still, it increases the intimacy of your relationship. Being skilled in some blowjob techniques can make the experience better. Oral sex is pleasurable and amazing, and you should both be generous and open to giving, as well as receiving oral sex.

How To Eat Pussy Like A Boss

How To Eat Pussy Like A Boss - Article Image

Everyone loves oral sex; so if you want to please your lady, it is time you learned cunnilingus. Learning how to eat pussy will make your lovemaking sessions more intimate, pleasurable, and fulfilling. Plus, you’ll get to add another dimension of intimacy to your bedroom as you show off amazing oral sex positions as she writhes with pleasure. While I may specifically reference males as the givers (those performing cunnilingus), this guide is relevant to anyone learning to eat pussy.

Know Her Anatomy

How To Eat Pussy Like A Boss - Article Image

You’re not going to achieve much by eating pussy if you don’t know her body. You have to find the little man in the boat because that’s what you’ll be targeting. Eating pussy is not a literal term, so don’t make a beeline for shoving your tongue up her vagina (yes, some people mistakenly think that’s how it works). You have to know where her clitoris is, and that’s what you will be stimulating. The clitoris is located slightly above her vagina, right where the inner labia meet. It is covered by a small tissue, called the clitoral hood.

The clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body and must be stimulated during oral sex. The vaginal opening has a lot of nerve endings, and stimulating it can be pleasurable. However, if the clitoris is not seeing any action, your attempts at eating pussy aren’t going to give her an orgasm. If you’ve found the clitoris, good work, now it’s time to learn how to eat a pussy like a pro.

Build Up To Eating Pussy — A Sensual Start

Don’t rush in there. Take your time, go slow and build up to oral sex.

Start With A Tease Before You Eat Pussy

Work your way to going down on her. Start with kissing her on the lips, then slowly move down to kiss her neck, and then reach the breasts. Spend some time on the breasts and nipples, then move down – kissing all the way till you reach her panties.

Kiss the Mons pubis from over her panties, then gently spread her legs. You aren’t going to remove the panties just yet. Take your time caressing her erogenous zones and building up the tension before you remove the panties.

Continue kissing through the panties, and give attention to her vulva and vagina. You can use your lips to squeeze the vulva and vagina. Run your tongue over the vagina and clitoris, maintaining a nice, gentle speed and pressure.

Now move down one of her legs, kissing the inner thigh. This is an erogenous zone, and you could go as far as the knee. However, sensation decreases the further you go from the vagina, so it’s best to stop after a few inches. Return your mouth to the panties while you continually kiss along the inner thigh. Use similar movements to make your way down the other leg.

Take Off The Panties And Prepare To Eating Pussy

Place your fingers on either side of the panties, and slowly pull them off until you’ve completely removed them. Some people also like to remove the panties by holding the top in their mouth and pulling all the way down. It’s a very sensual, but risky maneuver. Risky in the sense that if you don’t pull it off right, you look like an idiot tugging at panties with his mouth. Fingers are far more convenient, but if you can pull off using your mouth to remove panties, go for it!

With the panties out of the way, now start touching and kissing around her vagina and clit. You can make some contact with the vagina and clit, but full attention is still a few seconds away.

Eating Pussy Like A Pro

Enough with the teasing and waiting, time to eat pussy! There are two basic positions for cunnilingus, and once you’ve got a handle on these, you can use them individually or in a combination to pleasure her.

Use Your Tongue

This technique is more about how to lick pussy, and a lot of women love it. To start, stick your tongue out of your mouth. Angle it towards your chin, and let it stay flat. That’s basically all your tongue is going to do with this technique. Don’t move your tongue, don’t angle it, just let it rest in the simple position it is in.

Your head is going to do all the work in this method. Place your tongue at the bottom of her vulva and move it upwards until you hit the clitoris. Go back down to the bottom of the vulva and repeat. In this technique, the larger surface area of the tongue provides her with ample stimulation, so your tongue should stay flat.

This method allows you to easily manipulate pressure. Look for her verbal and non-verbal cues, and adjust the pressure you’re applying. You don’t have to put much pressure, stay gentle and continue with the firm caress using your tongue. The same goes for speed as well. Go slow or fast depending on her preference, and you’ll see her edging closer and closer to the orgasm.

If things go well, you can stay close to the clitoris and move your tongue sideways, forward, or in circles. She may just prefer you to keep up the full motion though, so be very careful about non-verbal cues.

Use Your Lips To Eat Pussy

This technique is all about your lips. Put your lips in a somewhat pouting position and create an “O” shape with them. The overall technique is quite similar to what non-contact clitoral vibrators like the Womanizer Pro employ. But of course, you can do it better because you’ve got more than suction at your disposal.

Put your lips around her clitoris, and gently start sucking on it. This action will pull the clitoris up into your mouth. If it doesn’t that’s okay too. Don’t turn into a vacuum cleaner insisting that the clit should be in your mouth. You can now slowly release the clitoris, then repeat. Adjust the speed of your sucking and releasing to see which one she responds best to, then get working on it.

Once you know your way around, try more variations. For example, when her clit is in your mouth, you can use your tongue to massage it a bit before you release it. Or, use the tip of your tongue on her clit, and then use the lips to suck the clit into your mouth, and massage it with your tongue again.

Mix It All Up

You don’t have to stick with one technique or the other. Start with them if you are a beginner, but find more variations. The tongue is one of the most powerful muscles in the body. Use it the way she likes it. If she wants pinpointed stimulation, use the tip of your tongue. Many women profoundly enjoy the top of the tongue circling the clitoris and massaging it.

Use your lips to move things around. Experiment, and keep things lively. You can also add another dimension of excitement by using specific oral sex positions that work best for her.

At no point in any pussy eating technique should your teeth come in contact with her clitoris or vagina. It’s not sexy, it’s painful, and it’s a terrible thing to do to her. The best way to eat pussy is to keep it enjoyable.

Communicate And Ask Her What She Likes

Preferences of women vary widely when it comes to oral sex. Your girl may enjoy the tongue licking her clitoris but absolutely hate the suction. Or it may be the other way around. It’s awesome if she likes both techniques, but talk to her and ask what works best.

If you’re doing something and she’s moaning pleasurably, don’t. stop. Seriously, that would be the dumbest time to stop and ask for her opinion. But overall, yeah, keep the lines of communication open and ask her what she likes and what works best for her.

You can also compliment her on how amazing her pussy looks, and how well it smells and tastes. Everyone likes compliments, so give them out freely.

Adding More Pleasure As You Eat Her Pussy

Here’s how you can make eating pussy more fun and pleasurable for her:

Finger Her While Eating Pussy

If your mouth is at work, your hands can be put to good use at another place. You can add more pleasure by providing both external and internal stimulation. While your mouth works on her clitoris, use your hands to finger her. Some of these positions may be awkward, so use discretion and take a position that is comfortable and pleasurable.

You don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to your fingers. Grab hold of a vibrator and use it to pleasure her internally while your work your magic on her clitoris. If she’s okay with it, you can use a finger to stimulate her anus externally or internally.

Make Use Of Your Tongue

Obviously, your tongue is capable of doing much more than the basic technique above suggested. Use it! Use it for pinpointed stimulation, massage her clitoris with it, and lick her pussy. Experiment with your tongue and see how well she reacts to it. If you find an encouraging response, continue doing what you were doing. If there is no positive indication, move on to other techniques.

Ask Her To Join In

The receiver can be an active participant as you eat her pussy. A simple method is for her to give you clear, verbal directions. Where to put pressure, what to do, and how fast to move. If oral sex alone is proving insufficient in making her cum, she can also join in on the fun and masturbate herself by using her fingers. Or, she can use her fingers to move her labia out of the way while your tongue and lips work on her clitoris.

How To Eat Pussy — Final Words

Learning how to eat pussy and how to lick a pussy is very simple. For a small investment of your time in learning, and in devoting some time to eating pussy the right way, you could dramatically increase the pleasure she feels. She will enjoy it more and sex life will be amazing for both of you.