Lelo Bruno Review: The Hugo Twin

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Lelo Bruno is a twin to the Lelo Hugo. It’s not just looks, the Lelo Bruno prostate massager is also functionally similar to the Lelo Hugo. So, why the different products? Well, there are certain subtle differences between the two that I will explain with this Lelo Bruno review.

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Lelo Bruno Packaging And First Impressions

Lelo Bruno Review - Lelo Bruno

As part of Lelo’s Insignia line, Bruno comes in a packaging quite similar to the Hugo. It’s impossible not to draw parallels between these two prostate massagers at every step, given that they are almost the same product. Lelo Bruno arrives in the same sophisticated box that is the staple of most Lelo products, complete with the clear “window” that gives a clean look at the toy nestled snug in its packing. The package contains:

  • Lelo Bruno prostate massager
  • Instruction manual
  • A sachet of Lelo water-based lube
  • Satin drawstring pouch to store the toy
  • USB charging cord
  • Warranty registration card (1 year warranty, 10 year quality guarantee)

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll right away see one big difference between the Hugo and Bruno — the Lelo Bruno is not a remote controlled device. While a seemingly small difference, it changes the game between these two offerings of Lelo quite a bit.

It is available for purchase in two colors: Black, and Purple. It is priced substantially lower than the Lelo Hugo, which should also explain a bit about the difference in features.

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Lelo Bruno Features — What Sets It Apart?

For details of Lelo Bruno’s feel during use and its general features, I’ll suggest you read our full Lelo Hugo review. The feel, use, and dimensions of Lelo Hugo & Bruno sex toys is practically the same. For this writeup, I’ll stick to the unique features of the Lelo Bruno.

Lelo Bruno Controls (Or Lack Thereof)

As the Lelo Bruno gave up the remote, it did give up several other functions as well. This one has a single button that you can press to cycle through the modes, or long press for a few seconds to turn the device on or off. Interestingly, its use is fairly similar to the Lelo Hugo without the remote.

There is no control on intensity for the Bruno prostate massager. Thankfully though, you can still cycle through the various available patterns. All at a fairly strong intensity. It’s still fairly easy to reach and control – not as easy as a remote, but close enough.

This also means that unlike the Lelo Hugo, there isn’t much scope of public play here. Though the Bruno is as comfortable as the Hugo to sit around and walk with while inserted, there is little point in doing activities outside your room.

One Preset Vibration Intensity


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Since the Bruno cannot control the intensity of vibrations in either the insertable arm, or the perineum appendage, it goes straight for the price with high intensity vibrations.

The dual motors still kick in and coupled with the patterns, provide the same rumbling deep vibrations that are pretty sure to bring on an orgasm. As a downside, the Lelo Bruno starts off strong. So for those who like to start slow and build up to stronger intensities, the Bruno may not be the best toy.

Lelo Bruno prostate massager is not a toy for the beginners, given the strong intensity of vibrations and the general medium-sized dimensions. Even experienced users need to brace themselves a bit until they get used to the intensity the Bruno sex toy presents.

Lelo Bruno Review — Pros And Cons

Lelo Bruno Review - Lelo Bruno Image


  • Comfortable to use and allows freedom of movement
  • Powerful vibrations. If you like power, this is the toy for you
  • Dual motors with six patterns
  • Waterproof
  • Relatively cheaper than the Lelo Hugo


  • Only one intensity setting
  • More difficult to control than the Lelo Hugo
  • Fewer features than the Lelo Hugo

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The Bottom Line

By itself, the Lelo Bruno is a decent and powerful toy. When compared to its twin, the Lelo Hugo, it lacks several features. If you’re certain of the power you want and can live with a single, powerful intensity, this is the sex toy for you. If you want more out of your toy, well, look at the Lelo Hugo.

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