Lelo Isla Review — Functional And Stylish

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A lot of effort has gone into the looks of the Lelo Isla. It looks great, and a little bit beyond conventional norms. The Isla vibrator is part of Lelo’s Insignia line, which basically forms an exclusive range within the premium range that all Lelo products are. When you look at the Isla, it is only natural to wonder if they sacrificed function for form. Let’s answer that question with our in-depth Lelo Isla review.

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Lelo Isla Features: Is This Vibrator Worth The Effort?

Lelo Isla Review — Lelo Isla Vibrator

Lelo Isla Build And Dimensions

The first thing you notice about the Isla is that it is large, practically matching the Lelo Elise 2 in size. You would be right, the Isla is 8.7 inches long. Of that length, about 4.5 inches is insertable, and that part has a maximum circumference of 4.1 inches. Lelo Isla has a bulbous top at the insertable end, that tapers down to the handle, where it curves again into a broader shape and includes a loop.

So while it initially seem huge, much like the Elise 2, the Isla is quite the right fit.

Immediately noticeable on the Lelo Isla, and what gives it its unique, stylish look, is the dual use of ABS plastic and silicone in its construction. The velvety smooth silicone forms the outer area of the Isla, while the central side is covered in ABS plastic given a metallic sheen. Both of these materials are non-porous, odorless, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and completely body safe.

One troublesome point with this dual-material construction is the load of extra effort it requires in cleaning. Especially the places where the two materials join are a hub for collecting lube and fluids. You will spend a lot of time cleaning these areas and wondering if all that effort is worth the look.

Shape of the looped end provides a comfortable point to hold and maneuver the Lelo Isla, and if you put your fingers through the loop, you’ll find that the thumb naturally rests on the 3-button control panel. The whole setup makes it easier to control the vibrations, and to maneuver or thrust the Isla into the right position.

Lelo Isla Vibrator, A Performance Check

Lelo presents Isla as a vibrator for the G-spot. The bulbous top and the curved shaft work well in taking the Isla to the G-spot and can work wonders once you have the right intensity or pattern going with the vibrations. Contours of the shaft and its shape make Lelo Isla easy to insert in the vagina, and still with enough length and curves to make it satisfactorily filling.

Positioning is relatively convenient thanks to the shape of the handle, and you’ll find it is quite handy in maneuvering. Isla relies on a single motor to get the job done. That puts its vibrations at a lower power compared to the previously mentioned Elise 2, or even the Lelo Iris.

The reliance on a single motor and the resulting loss of power is probably what divides most Lelo Isla reviews in considering the functioning of this vibrator. Many understandably find it weak, while others are strongly of the opinion that the Isla delivers what it promises.

It is fair to wonder if the greater price tag on the Lelo Isla is more about its looks and less about its function.

In any case, the shape of the Isla and the lower power means that you may have to spend a larger time climbing the road to an orgasm. Thankfully though, the vibrations are deep and often rumbling, giving a more intriguing effect.

Silicone on the Lelo Isla feels great, and it feels that much more better if you’re using a good lubricant. Remember to use a water-based lube with this one, as a silicone based lube can damage the vibrator.

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Controls For The Isla Vibrator

Lelo Isla has controls towards the side of the loop. It has three buttons that are easily accessed by your thumb while your fingers stay in the loop and work the vibrator. Positioning of the controls is very comfortable, and if we were to rank vibrators on controls alone, the Lelo Isla would be somewhere near the top.

The two buttons at the extremes move the intensity of the vibrations up and down, while the central button switches to patterns available. The Isla has six available patterns, and combined with the changing intensity, you have a lovely set of vibrations to choose from.

There’s a handy “travel lock” on the device that you can start/end by pressing and holding down the + and – buttons together for about 5 seconds.

Since the motor is located towards the top of the vibrator, there are very few vibrations close to the vaginal entrance, and practically none at the control panel. While this makes it comfortable to hold and control the vibrator, it also means you might want to use something more for clitoral stimulation. Perhaps something like a bullet vibrator could come in handy.

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Using The Lelo Isla For Clitoral Stimulation

The shape of the Lelo Isla makes it quite useful for clitoral stimulation as well. You can use it to control and focus vibrations at the clit, or simply let the vibrator do its job hands free, stimulating the labia as well as the clitoris.

However, in this form too, the lack of power on the Lelo Isla is apparent. If you prefer pinpointed vibrations or need some strong vibrations, the Isla may not get the job done. Even so, there are plenty of reviews you’ll find where the Isla is praised for its use in clitoral stimulation.

All of these are, of course, personal opinions, and it is interesting to see how deeply divided they are on the use of this vibrator.

Overall, it seems that if you prefer a gentler vibe for your vaginal or clitoral stimulation, the Lelo Isla is certainly the right fit for you. If you’re looking for something stronger and better powered, the Lelo range has far superior options in store.

Charging The Lelo Isla

Lelo Isla comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery. There’s a small point, looking somewhat like a dimple at the very end of the loop for the vibrator. You simply insert the charger though this point, and wait for the Isla to be done charging. A blinking white light shows up under the control panel to signify that the Isla is charging, and turns to a steady glow one the charging is done.

Usually, it takes about two hours for the Isla to charge, and that offers about four hours of use. The standby time is 90 days.

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Lelo Isla Is Waterproof

Yup, the Lelo Isla is completely waterproof and you can take it to the bath or all kinds of couples shenanigans involving water without a worry. The small, dimpled opening at the edge that we used for charging also does a pretty good job at keeping water away from the charging area, so you don’t have to worry about water entering and ruining the device.

Lelo Isla Packaging And Specifications

Lelo Isla Review — Lelo Isla Vibrator Packaging


Packaging for the Lelo Isla is discrete and stylish, and includes the following:

  • Lelo Isla vibrating massager
  • USB charging cord
  • Warranty card (1 year warranty and 10 year quality warranty)
  • Instruction manual
  • Sachet of Lelo personal moisturizer (water based lube)
  • Lelo insignia brooch

The extra items in the package may vary depending on where you purchase, or availability of some offers. I find including the Insignia brooch quite interesting. Is it something you would wear in public?

Lelo Isla is available in three colors: Black, Turquoise Green, and Deep Rose.


  • Materials: Body-safe silicone and ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 8.7 x 2.4 x 1.7inches
  • Weight: 164.5 grams
  • Battery details: 500mAh Li-ion battery at 3.7 Volts
  • Battery times: 2 hours charging, 4 hours use, 90 days standby
  • Max noise level: 50dB (equivalent to a normal conversation)

Lelo Isla Review — Pros And Cons


  • Excellent looks and feel
  • Easy and very comfortable controls
  • Good for vaginal as well as clitoral stimulation
  • Easy to use for beginners, as well as for experienced users
  • Comfortable sensation and deep vibrations
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Single motor can mean lack of power for some users
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Lelo Isla Review — The Verdict

Lelo Isla is without a doubt one of the finest looking vibrators on the market. If you are looking for something gentle and non-phallic shape, purchase this one without hesitation. While Lelo has the Isla marketed in the G-spotting range, it does not score remarkably well in that arena, and you could find better models in performance as well as in price for that range. Overall, the Lelo Isla is worth its hefty price tag, but just barely.

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