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Your pleasure is in your hands — figuratively and literally. There are tons of ways to pleasure yourself, but it helps to know how to properly do it using your own hands. Learning how to finger yourself the right way makes things more convenient, and ensures stunning orgasms are always at your hands (teehee). No more puns, I promise. In this guide, I’m going to talk about amazing techniques on how to make yourself cum. By the way, mastering techniques on how to make yourself orgasm also opens the doors to those mind-blowing squirting orgasms.

By the way, if you want to learn how to finger your partner, I have written a mind-blowing step-by-step guide to help your play with her pussy like a violin.

Prepare Yourself — Things To Do Before You Start

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Before you sail into the sunset on the boat of ridiculously good orgasms, here’s a small checklist of things to do.

1. Wash Your Hands

I know, this isn’t something you need to be told, but put it on your checklist anyway. Being in the moment and in a hurry to make yourself cum, there’s a good chance you might decide to skip this step. Don’t. Our hands touch a lot of things during the course of the day and may be covered in bacteria. No point taking those things anywhere near your vagina.

2. Hygiene!

Take a look under your nails. Everything neat and tidy? Awesome. The space under the nails can be full of all kinds of grisly stuff, we don’t want it. I know we keep it clean, but it doesn’t hurt to double check! In fact, while you’re at it, cut those nails. If you’re starting, its best not to risk any cuts or stabs from those nails. Best to keep on the safe side.

3. Relax And Put Yourself In The Mood

While you work on techniques on how to have an orgasm with yourself, work a bit on how to treat yourself. Orgasms are much more intense if you start relaxed. Do what you like to put yourself in a relaxed mood, and pamper yourself a bit. Take a shower, have a glass of wine, play music to set the mood – whatever works for you. Once you’re done setting up the atmosphere, get on with some play. Perhaps also use a vibrator to get yourself in the mood.

The point of doing all this is to get yourself aroused. If you know what works best to put you in the mood, do that. Being aroused makes fingering yourself easier, and also helps bring on amazing orgasms. Foreplay is important, even if you’re playing with yourself.

How To Finger Yourself — Basic Technique For Starters

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It’s best to start simple. For this technique, simply move your hand slowly down the stomach, until your fingers reach the clitoris. Play with your clitoris and labia (the fleshy folds of skin around the vagina) a bit, and you’ll soon notice you’re getting wet. This is a natural lubricant and will help your fingers go in smoothly. You can also employ pillow humping to get the juices flowing.

Once you feel you’re ready, slowly take a finger to the vagina and see how it feels. Push the finger in slightly, and then bring it out. Repeating this motion will cover the finger in the natural lubricant, and you will find it goes in deeper without much trouble. This doesn’t mean you should forego the use of lubricants; it’s okay to add some artificial lube to help things along.

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As your finger goes in deeper and feels comfortable, start exploring the walls of your vagina with the finger. Turn the finger around, massage the interior of your vagina, do whatever feels right. Pleasure is how you like it, so do whatever works best. Keep in mind, your goal is not to go in as deep as possible. The goal is to find pleasure, so move your finger to where you find the best sensation.

How To Finger Your G-Spot

Once you’ve found the way to fingering yourself and deriving pleasure, it’s time to aim for the jackpot. And by jackpot, I obviously mean the toe-curling orgasms that fingering the g-spot can bring. In case you’re not sure where you g-spot is, check out this guide on how to find your g-spot.

As you enter your finger into the vagina, move it along the anterior wall (stomach-side), and you will soon find your finger has reached a very pleasurable spot. The spot feels slightly different than the vaginal wall and almost has the same texture as the palate of your mouth. It is soft, with tiny ridges.

If you’ve reached it, rejoice, girl, because you’ve just hit the jackpot button of how to give yourself an orgasm. Once at the g-spot, you can try curling your finger in the “come here” motion. It’s known to work well in pleasuring the g-spot. That’s why we even have strong vibrators like the Ina Wave with come hither motion.

Move your finger on the g-spot the way you like it and enjoy the waves of pleasure. Pro tip: the g-spot usually responds better to soft, gentle pressure and massage, which brings us to the next technique.

Pressure Pressing Technique Of Fingering

As I said earlier, your g-spot is on the stomach-side wall of the vagina. Some women may find it difficult to put enough pressure or find the previous method inadequate or difficult in putting enough pressure on their g-spot directly. In such cases, the simplest solution is to put some pressure on the g-spot from the other side!

Reach and massage your g-spot as you normally would. While you’re fingering the g-spot, put the other hand facing down, palm placed on the pubis mons. Now put pressure on this hand, and you will notice that the g-spot becomes more prominent.

Go A Different Route

Fingering doesn’t have to be all about the g-spot. Take a different route to arrange how your fingers enter your vagina. Rather than going through the stomach, put your arm behind your back, so your hand goes over your anus and then into the vagina.

In this position, you will be stimulating the posterior wall of the vagina, opposite to where the g-spot is. Many women find this position pleasurable and a nice change of pace. Most women however, would perhaps prefer sticking to g-spot stimulation. While in this position, you might also consider putting a finger into the anus (if that’s your thing). Many women find the combo immensely pleasurable.

Add Clitoral Stimulation With Fingering

While you’re fingering, you’ve got a free hand doing nothing. Well, grab hold of a nice clitoral vibrator and put it to use. If you don’t have a vibrator available, using the hand for clitoral stimulation will work just as good. The double pleasure should push you over the edge rather quickly.

Working On The G-Spot With Your Fingers

The tips of your fingers will be doing most of the work, so it’s best to know where to place them and how to go about things. The general technique is obviously to slowly massage and caress parts of your vagina. If you’re dealing with the g-spot, here are some tips to work the magic deeper:

Gentle Pressure

The g-spot does like itself some pressure. Put gentle, consistent pressure on the g-spot. Pressing and holding the g-spot can be quite pleasurable, though the same technique won’t work on other parts of the vagina. Once you’ve got the gentle pressure covered, experiment a bit and maybe try pressing the g-spot in quick movements like a button.

Come Here Motion

An amazing way to pleasure the g-spot while fingering yourself is using the “come here” motion. Once your finger is at the g-spot, curl it backwards like you would when calling someone. Do a few flicks of the move, going from top to bottom.

Massaging And Rubbing

Another incredible sensation comes from running the finger in a circle on the g-spot. Choose the speed and intensity you prefer, and while keeping a consistent pressure, run your finger in circles on the g-spot. You will be rubbing and massaging the g-spot at the same time.

Experiment To Your Pleasure

Use any of the above techniques, use all of them, do whatever you like. It’s your body and you know what works best for your body. At a personal level, you have to be aware, and be willing to experiment with what you know. I can say the best feeling comes when I know how to finger myself. That makes things better because I can direct any sex toys I use or my partner to what I find pleasurable. And if I run into a dry spell, well, at least I know how to make myself orgasm!

How To Finger Yourself — Final Words

Learning how to finger yourself allows you to take control of your orgasms. I am a proponent of using sex toys, and they are amazing. Sometimes though, it is rewarding to let the toys stay in their drawer while I work my fingers. It’s also useful when there are no toys at hand. But most importantly, it gives you an understanding of your body that toys just can’t. The way I see it, knowing how to make yourself cum is a basic skill, and there is absolutely no reason to overlook it.

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