5 Slutty Confessions Using a Sex Toy

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(Last Updated On: June 3, 2023)

Girls, let’s be honest, you can have the best of sex with your lover day in and day out, but nothing beats a crazy orgasm from your favorite sex toy. 

I’ve been into three serious relationships and I am 29 right now, and I must admit my current and ex lovers were great in bed. However, my introduction to sex toys is still the best thing that could have possibly happened to me.

Here are some of my dirty confessions as a girl who’s never felt shy to explore her sexual pleasures.

Confession # 1 – Online Class Just Got Better

Well, the past one year hasn’t been easy for the world, and it wasn’t too exciting on my side either. My boyfriend was stuck in another country and we couldn’t see each other for months, while I was attending my online lectures all alone at home.

While studying and working from home, I started to feel alone and I really felt like doing something new or different with my routine. I had recently bought one of those remote-controlled vibrators and while I was using it in my bed one day, my naughtiness kicked in – I thought of making my online classes a bit fun and exciting for myself and my classmates! 

So the next day I texted a couple of my classmates (good friends of mine) and told them what I was up to. It made them excited within no time, and they showed up a bit earlier for the class that day. As soon as our history professor kicked off with his lecture, I switched on the vibrator, gave the control to my friends through the app and within the next few minutes, my PJs were all wet while my friends enjoyed playing around with the vibrator patterns.

We were on a separate group call as well so they could see what I was doing with the sex toy, and I could see my wet clitoris made them horny, too! Obviously I could not moan the way I would have liked to, and also, I had to maintain a straight face since our professor could see us during the live feed.

But nevertheless, having that sort of fun during an online class did make things interesting for all of us!

Confession # 2 – Stepmom Trying to be Naughty

I remember when I was 15, I had one of the first experiences with a dildo – thanks to my stepmom who took away my shyness using a sex toy at that age. 

So I was alone with my stepmom, my Dad was working late that day and my other sibling was staying over at her friend’s place. My phone’s charger wasn’t working for some reason and I went to my Dad’s room to get a spare one. I knocked and my stepmom allowed me inside the room. As soon as I opened the door, I saw my stepmom in her bed, pleasuring herself with something.

The moment we made eye contact, she smiled at me and showed me her pink-colored dildo. Even though we were good friends, I felt shy and tried to look away. She started a conversation and told me that she bought another one for me. Before I could even think of anything, she got up, reached to her drawer and gave me this new sex toy that I was too shy to accept at first.

However, a few minutes more into the conversation and she was already asking me if I needed any assistance or company while using it. Obviously I said no, but the more she tried to have a naughty conversation with me, the more I started to get comfortable with her. The next thing I know, I was already in my room and imagining the boy from our class back then on whom I had a big crush, while exploring my sexual pleasures with that dildo.

While I was moaning and getting wet repeatedly, my stepmom texted on my phone and sent me those naughty emojis. She was getting as excited as I was, that’s for sure!

Confession # 3 – Crazy Orgasms in the Shower

I’ve always had a thing with shower heads since a very early age. Every now and then, I do my research in finding and experimenting with the shower head I have – their sizes, weight, water pressure, etc.

Almost every night before going to my bed, I have my 20-30-minute relaxation time in the shower where I am pleasuring myself with the shower head, followed up with my vibrator that just works it’s magic on an already wet clit.

Those water splashes from the shower head against my clit is just the best feeling after a long, hectic day at work.

Confession # 4 – A Crush on my Roommate

Back when I started my first job at a grocery store, I used to share my room with a girl who was a friend of a friend. We did live together for more than a year and for some reason, we would maintain our distance and our personal lives from each other.

I must admit, she was a sexy and hot young girl, and within a few months I had a crush on her. Even though I knew she was in a relationship, I just couldn’t stop myself staring at her curves almost every day. 

One day while she was in the kitchen, I went to grab milk from the fridge. I just couldn’t resist the temptation of hitting on her, so I made body contact for no apparent reason to be honest. She did catch the vibe too, and didn’t really mind the touch. I touched her perfect round butt and quietly left. 

A few moments later when I was in my bed, she came out from her shower wearing her PJs and a short top, and asked me if she could join me in the bed. I was already longing for it, so without any hesitation I said yes. We started a conversation and within minutes, my hands and fingers were all over her soft skin. Once we got comfortable with each other, we started making out and I just couldn’t stop kissing her.

That night, we both lost count of our orgasms. To this day, I sometimes wonder how a fully-charged vibrator had its battery drained out in just one night.. lol!

Confession # 5 – Extended Foreplay Ending Up in a Shibari

Me and one of my ex lovers would get really naughty in the bed with our sex toys. And when I say naughty, I really mean a long foreplay session before we would have sex.

One day, I heard about the use of ropes through a good friend of mine who recently got back from Japan. They call it ‘Shibari’ – a concept of tying up someone with multiple pieces of thin and light-weight rope. The way she spoke about it, I was sold to the idea within minutes and I was already thinking about trying it out with my lover.

So after a little research into Shibari, I purchased the ropes and everything from an online store, and decided that I would surprise him. I waited for the weekend as we both had tough work schedules and waking up early was something I wasn’t looking forward to – no way!

When the weekend arrived, we spent the day doing our regular chores and at night, we had our shower and the moment we got into bed, I talked to him about our new experiment. He got excited and the next thing I remember was him tying me up to the bed using the kinky equipment that I bought. 

Once I was immovable, I asked him to use the vibrator until I came hard. He already knew that I loved extended foreplay, so he kept on using the different vibration patterns and his fingers. I have never come that many times in a single night and I never imagined myself falling in love with the concept of Shibari ever since! 

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