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Orgasms feel amazing. And if that wasn’t reason enough, orgasms can also help reduce stress and improve your skin. Well, sign me up! There may be questions about how well the G-spot works, but those who have found it, swear up and down about its effectiveness. G-spot stimulation is key to intense orgasms, including the fabled and famous squirting orgasm. There’s a slight hitch — the g-spot is not easy to find. It takes some effort, but once you know how to find your g-spot, things get a lot easier and pleasurable.


What’s The G-Spot And Why Do I Care?

Research suggests that only about 18.4% of women have an orgasm through regular, penetrative sex. A lot of women will go through their entire lives without ever experiencing an orgasm. Most women require additional stimulus to orgasm, and it’s time we accept that.

G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation are two amazing ways to orgasm. You may enjoy both or prefer one over the other, but you should experience both. Now let’s learn more about the G-spot, and where you can find it.

The g-spot is short for Gräfenberg spot, named by Dr. Beverly Whipple after she found it to be very useful for female orgasms. The g-spot is not a very distinct part of the female anatomy, and can indeed vary in its position and ease of location for each individual. Generally speaking, the g-spot is located a few inches from the vaginal opening, towards the anterior wall (front) of the vagina. Its location can be approximately halfway between the vaginal opening and the cervix.

While estimates can be made, there is no clear g-spot diagram you can follow to locate it. You’ll have to find it yourself, using your own hands, and perhaps enlisting help from your partner.


How To Find The G-spot

The G-spot should feel slightly different to the touch than the rest of your vagina. It usually feels like the top of the palate in your mouth, but softer. It’s something like a little, soft dimple inside your vagina.

Hitting The G-spot

Lie down on your back and slide your hand down your stomach, with the palm touching the stomach. As you reach the vagina, gently insert one or two fingers, going 2-3 inches deep. Curl those fingers backwards to mimic the “come hither” motion. You might have to move your fingers a bit before your fingertips feel the g-spot (and you feel a wave of pleasure).

Couldn’t Find The G-spot? Here’s What You Do

You may not find the G-spot simply by using the above method. It’s not that you’re doing something wrong. Fact is, the cheeky little bugger can be notoriously difficult to find. It is tiny, and for many women, can hide behind tissue. Being aroused makes the G-spot engorged and consequently easier to find.

Why Arousal Makes It Easier To Hit The G-spot

Slightly above the g-spot is an area called the urethral sponge. This area contains the Skene’s gland. As you become aroused, the Skene’s gland fills up with fluid. The expanding gland also causes the g-spot to become more sensitive and protrude, making it easier to spot.

Skene’s gland is also a player in female ejaculation, a.k.a squirting. The liquid it is filling up with when you are aroused can eventually form the ejaculate once you learn how to have a squirting orgasm. This gland cannot be stimulated directly and depends on your arousal and stimulation of the g-spot.

Size, location, and even presence of the Skene’s gland varies by individuals, which explains why some women find it easier to locate the g-spot and have an orgasm or even squirting orgasm, while others struggle to have a g-spot orgasm.

What’s Next After I Know How To Find The G-spot?

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If you’ve found your g-spot, it’s time to have some fun. And by fun, I mean earth-shattering orgasms. Here are some things to try and tips to employ for g-spot stimulation.

Use Your Fingers

Once your fingers find the g-spot, let them stay there a bit and have some fun. Gently rub and massage your g-spot. You may also use the come hither motion by curling your fingers to stimulate your g-spot.

Gentle g-spot massage and light pressure work more effectively than aggressive vibrations or stimulation. While your hand rubs the g-spot, use your free hand to stimulate the clitoris. Double the pleasure!

Use A Vibrator Or Sex Toy

Several vibrators and dildos in the market are designed to reach and massage the g-spot. Many women actually find their g-spot while using a sex toy. I’ll recommend using a high-quality g-spot vibrator that makes your path to pleasure and g-spot stimulation easier.

If you are a beginner and unsure about vibrator use, read the guide on how to use a vibrator.

Maximizing G-spot Stimulation

Once you’ve learned how to hit the g-spot for pleasure, experiment a bit and learn how you can maximize g-spot stimulation (and your pleasure). Generally speaking, finding the right angle and depth are key to maximum stimulation. This is relevant for all scenarios, while you’re playing with yourself, using a sex toy, or having sex with your partner.

Ideally, you want an angle that puts more pressure on the anterior (stomach-facing) portion of your vagina. While that’s relatively easier to achieve once you are using a vibrator or dildo, doing the same with your partner can take a bit of practice. You have to find the right angle for the penis to enter and add pressure to the g-spot, and that requires having both your bodies in sync.

Sex Positions That Make G-Spot Stimulation Easier

Orgasms are more fun when you have them with your partner during sex. Masturbation and solo play are always at your disposal, but let’s talk about having more fun during sex. I’m sure your partner could learn a thing or two about how to find the g-spot. Bonus points and an amazing orgasm, if he learns to massage the g-spot the right way. Here are some positions that make it easier to hit the g-spot during sex.

1. Modified Missionary

Making a small change to the classic missionary position can make a big difference. Put a few pillows below your butt to raise it high. The man starts on his knees when entering. You can adjust the pillows for height as required, or rely on the man’s strength to hold on to your legs and lift you in the air a bit to enter at the right angle.

This is a simple, but powerful position that allows your partner to hit your g-spot precisely. Be communicative and let him know what angle works best!

2. Doggy Style Modifications

The famous doggy style works beautifully to entice g-spot orgasms. Start with the regular doggy-style, and slowly bend down to rest on your elbows instead of your palms. The raised hips create a more a comfortable angle for the penis to hit the g-spot.

You can take it a step further and lie flat on your stomach, letting him do all the work. In this position, the penis is likely to reach straight for the g-spot. However, this rear entry position does not allow for thrusting so you will have to take more of a grinding motion. Be communicative, because he is going to need directions.

3. Cowgirl Modifications

Take charge in the cowgirl position, where he lies on his back and you’re on top. Position yourself so you can have his penis stimulate the g-spot. You are in control in this position, so you can angle the penis just right. It can help to angle back a bit, putting your hands near his knees for support. This will be more of a grinding position, but you are in charge and know what angle and point work best.

G-spot Stimulation Can Feel Like You Have To Pee

Once you hit the g-spot, it is likely that you feel like you have to pee. As you approach orgasm, the Skene’s gland drains into the urethra, creating that “pee feeling”. Your bladder may feel some pressure during g-spot stimulation, so it’s best to pee before you start. If you start with an empty bladder, when you get that feeling you know it is related to the upcoming orgasm. A g-spot orgasm may be accompanied by squirting, so it helps to have towels at hand or some other protective layer on the bedsheet.

Do not let the urge to pee kill your orgasm. If you are a beginner and are trying to find your way around, it can help to move to the bathtub during g-spot stimulation, or add protective layers to the bed for the first few orgasms as you get comfortable. Expect the pee feeling, be comfortable with it, and try not to suppress it.

Final Thoughts — How To Stimulate The G-spot

Once you learn how to find your g-spot, you will have amazing orgasms to look forward to. Massage the g-spot and follow your instincts. Each body is different and you know what is most pleasurable for you. Use the above tips and ideas as a starting point, and if you are experienced, use them for ideas.

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