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Long-distance sex toys have been around for a while now, but they can often leave a lot to be desired. Poor connectivity, too much noise, and not enough grip to stay in place are some of the issues most users complain about. I’ve been looking forward to trying out the Lovense Lush 3, so it was exciting to see it arrive in the mail in exchange for an honest review.

To me, it seems like the toy resolves some of the issues we had with Lush 2, making it a worthwhile investment for couples eager to keep intimacy alive — whether they’re together or not. After using it for a few weeks, here’s my candid Lovense Lush 3 review to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

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Lovense Lush 3 Review: Enjoy Everywhere, Every Time


Lovense Lush 3 package
Simple and discreet, the package comes with the basics. But that’s all you really need to start playing with Lush 3.

As with most similar toys, my Lush 3 arrived in discreet packaging. Naturally, the box had everything I might need to start experimenting with it right away:

  • Lush 3
  • a quick setup guide
  • the user manual
  • a charging cable
  • a storage pouch

Lush 3 features the new and improved magnetic charging port. Essentially, this is a better option than the standard plug-in hole, as there’s no chance of accidentally breaking the pin. 

Apart from connecting magnetically, the changing cable is also pretty long.

The charger and the port connect via a magnet — it’s almost like they’re kissing. It takes about 85 minutes to charge this egg vibrator. After that, you have about 4.5 to 5 hours of continuous play.


Available in one color — hot pink — Lush 3 is made of body-safe smooth silicone for both partners’ ultimate comfort. This material also makes it easy to clean, as all I have to use is some soap and water. Alternatively, a silicone-safe sex toy cleaner could be a good choice as well.

The size and weight of the Lush 3 did impress me; it’s so compact and light enough to carry around (whether it’s in me or in the purse). If you like having your sex toys within reach and ready to go for some public play, this wearable vibrator may be just the thing for you.

As for the shape, it resembles its predecessor Lush 2 a lot, but there’s one key difference. Lovense redesigned the tail part to ensure it doesn’t slip out so easily, but it is still flexible enough to suit various body types. The bulbous part is a smidge bigger than Lush 2’s, but the difference isn’t really noticeable. 

The redesigned tail is a huge improvement, as it stops it from moving so much during sexy time.
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Key Features

Improved Connectivity

Without going too much into technology, I wanted to mention the upgrade Lovense made when creating Lush 3. To improve connectivity, it completely redesigned the antenna and the printed circuit board. Now, even when you’re close to an orgasm, the vibrator shouldn’t fail you but keep on rumbling steadily.

Stays in Plays

The vibrator’s shape and the fact it has a fixed tail allow it to stay put in various positions. Whether you’re masturbating or riding your partner up and down, it shouldn’t move too much or slip out at the worst possible moment. 

Strong Vibrations

Lovense itself markets Lush 3 as being four times more powerful than comparable egg vibrators. I’ve tried both Lush 2 and Lush 3 and didn’t notice too much of a difference. However, I do think the intensity may be a bit more pronounced with Lush 3 due to its shape.

Various Vibration Patterns at Your Fingertips

If remote-controlled vibrators are a must for you, Lush 3 offers plenty of features to keep you superbly satisfied. You can control it via an app, which gives you access to a ton of vibration patterns that you can use when you get tired of the pre-programmed ones (three continuous vibration levels and four different patterns). 

One of the most exciting parts about using Lush 3 is that I can always create my own patterns. In the app, I can easily program the first three levels and change their intensity. On top of that, I can create and save up to 10 vibration patterns that are just to my liking. 

The app offers lots of variety for the most adventurous among you. Plus, the interface is user-friendly anyone can master it with ease.

There’s also an option to use sound-activated vibrations. Users can even sync the vibrations to music or their alarm.

Both Close-Range and Long-Distance Control

Versatility takes the form of Lush 3, as the vibrator lets couples play around when they’re together, out and about, and even across the world (since it’s app-controlled). This should make using the toy a thrill for anyone who wants to engage in some public play but doesn’t want everybody to find out.

Fully Waterproof

It doesn’t matter if you prefer getting it on in the shower, hot tub, pool, under the sprinklers, or anywhere else with water — Lush 3 will continue to work perfectly even when you submerge it completely.

Surprisingly Quiet

Finally, public naughtiness can stay a secret between you and your partner. Producing only around 40 dB of noise, Lush 3 stays rather quiet even at maximum speed. If you use it in a totally quiet room, you may only hear a hint of rumbling. When there’s some conversation around or any other type of noise, it’s rather unnoticeable. 

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Using Lovense Lush 3: My Experience

Solo Play

Once the battery was full, I first wanted to play by myself in the comfort of my bedroom. 

Now, the motor is located right in the part that goes in the vagina, and while it’s vibrating, some residual vibrations do flow through the antenna. Given that Lush 3 has an upgraded design that gives it that classic C shape, the antenna can lie comfortably on the clitoris, so you can feel those vibration patterns there too.

The bulbous (and slightly slanted) part of the toy is perfect for clitoral stimulation as well. It rests comfortably there, and it’s big enough to cover a larger surface area, so it’s not like I have only pinpoint stimulation to settle for. 

The bigger arm feels incredible on the inside, but you can also use it on the clit. It offers much broader stimulation than I expected, so it basically guarantees a fun solo play session.

When using my Lush 3 with the bigger part inside, I noticed that using the control button at the same time took away from the experience. Since the vibe connects to an app on your smartphone, your computer, and even your Apple watch, it makes more sense to use those than to fiddle with it manually.

That said, when I had to hold the vibe on my clit, using both hands at the same time seemed a bit excessive. In this case, I mainly stuck to a vibration pattern and level I had already tried out.

And listen, why stop here? I also tried Lush 3 with an external massager while it was inside me. This intensified EVERYTHING so much, and since my partner was the one controlling the app at that moment, I never knew what to expect next. And speaking of…

In the Bedroom

Obviously, small clitoral vibes aren’t always the most convenient option since we have to hold most of them in place. Lush 3 makes this a non-issue, as you just plop it in, and it stays there.

My partner and I were excited to try some of our fave positions, and given that the antenna is thin and the bulbous part isn’t super long, there was enough room for the penis to squeeze inside. 

Of course, the vibrations were felt by both of us — which did help us connect better in the bedroom and keep us at the same level. I would even say that this may help a couple orgasm simultaneously. But take that with a grain of salt, as we’re all different in that department.

My favorite position for using Lush 3 is the missionary, as I get both internal and external stimulation since my partner can press the antenna into my clit. He gets some stimulation as well, and since it all feels so tight, it makes for an even more thrilling session than you can imagine.

Reverse cowgirl is super-hot, too; I was a bit nervous about whether the vibe would stay inside, but we didn’t experience any issues. I could also use the antenna for stimulation in that case. Still, I switched to a smaller vibe later and even used my fingers at one point (it got a bit too intense!).

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Other Sex Toys Too

I know that Lush 3 is also popular in the camming community, so technically, you can also use a dildo or a strap-on for this part. A dildo mount may prove an even better option; you can try out cowgirl (regular and reverse) and see how that position tickles the G-spot just right.

Long-Distance and Public Play

While I was testing Lush 3, the highlights were the long-distance sex sessions I had with my partner. We tried it out when he was away on a business trip, with him controlling my pleasure and getting himself off at the same time.

At first, I was a bit skeptical as I’m not a huge fan of phone sex (and similar variations) to begin with. But the Lovense app seemingly changed the game for us. He could both see and hear me moan miles away, which (almost) felt like he was with me. You can also text if you prefer that; for me, that took the focus off pleasure a bit.

The connection was pretty steady, with only a couple of drops. But we reconnected fast, so there wasn’t any time for us to cool off instantly. And the video feature was steady without any lags whatsoever, so if you prefer seeing your partner during long-distance sessions, Lush 3 could spice things up for you.

Lush 3 is small enough to carry it everywhere with you and slip it in whenever you need a quick pick-me-up.

Public play, however, is my favorite. I found wearing Lush 3 around easy (it helps keep your pelvic floor muscles tight, too), and I loved being surprised with a few rumbles here and there. My partner never told me when the vibrations would come, so I felt them while I was at the checkout at the supermarket and even while waiting for my coffee. He was right there with me, and I just thought he was sending a text to someone.

Did I blush? Only a little bit, but purely because I thought someone might hear it. Since it’s a rather quiet vibe, though, it remained our little secret.

Bonus Tip: Men Can Use It Too

Finally, as surprising as it may be, Lush 3 works as a penis vibrator too. My partner figured it could do a good job of stimulating the scrotum when I go down on him. It added a bit of fun to the experience and definitely intensified my blow-job skills (his words!).

It’s not for his coin purse only, though. Place it on the underside of your partner’s penis or on other erogenous zones, too. Experiment and see what you get!

Were There Any Cons?

In my opinion, there are few faults to find with Lush 3. The only thing I would change with the next upgraded toy is the antenna. It picks up the signal well, and it serves its purpose, allowing the clit to feel some action too. But imagine if Lovense added another motor there! It wouldn’t have to be the most intense one, just something to tickle it a bit more so that those who need both external and internal stimulation wouldn’t need to reach for another vibe.

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Final Thoughts

As you can tell from my Lovense Lush 3 review, testing it out was both satisfying and interesting. Apart from that one small con that could eventually be resolved, I didn’t notice anything else that bothered me. The vibe stays put well without any slipping, it’s versatile enough to be used in various positions, it’s a great option for close-range and long-distance play, and technically, both men and women can use it (not for anal, though). If that sounds like it would crank up the intimacy in your relationship, you can try out Lush 3 for yourself by heading over to

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