Tenga Flip Hole Review — Sensational Male Masturbator

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More than just a male masturbator, the Tenga Flip Hole has garnered an adoring fanbase, making it more akin to a rockstar in its genre. With an alluring design aesthetic and a slew of innovative features, the Flip Hole justifies the applause it has garnered. Get ready to delve deeper into the fascinating world of this acclaimed pleasure device with our comprehensive review.

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Tenga Flip Hole: A Balanced Act of Pleasure and Prowess

Key Takeaways:


1. Understated and suave design

2. Effortless operation and maintenance

3. Customizable pleasure settings via control pad

4. Stimulating texture


1. Tendency to emit squelching noises

2. Usage limitations regarding duration and frequency

3. Dust attraction around the control pad buttons

Best Pocket Pussy - Tenga Flip Hole

Zooming Into the Distinctive Features of the Tenga Flip Hole

Sleek Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Don’t be fooled by its unassuming exterior – the Tenga Flip Hole’s design is a masterstroke of subtlety. Its minimalist look could easily deceive an unsuspecting onlooker into thinking it’s just another tech gadget. Its design is refreshingly free from the stereotypical shapes mimicking female body parts, a move that’s both tasteful and innovative.

One intriguing aspect is the versatile slide cap, which serves as a cover when not in use and morphs into a supportive base during playtime.

Tenga Flip Hole Review — Internal Texture White Masturbator

Venture Inside the Tenga Flip Hole White – A World of Sensory Adventure

When you delve into the Flip Hole’s design, it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into its construction. The device is neatly divided into two sections, each adorned with a unique texture pattern. Though this feature inspired its name, it doesn’t imply that the device has two entry points. The “flip” concept applies to the device’s longitudinal axis.

One half sports a captivating spherical pattern, while the other teases with a rugged appeal. Rest assured, despite appearing coarse in pictures, both textures are delightfully soft and squishy in reality. They exist solely to elicit tantalizing sensations, dissolving into a blissful softness during use.

The sensations delivered by the Flip Hole depend on which side is facing you during use, giving you a degree of control over your pleasure.

The Flip Hole is available in a tantalizing palette of white, black, red, and silver. Each hue corresponds to a slightly different texture, adding an extra layer of intrigue. The black version offers the most intense experience, while the white version is the most gentle. The red and silver versions fall somewhere in between.

Despite sharing similar textures, the two halves are not interconnected. The Flip Hole can be opened longitudinally, remaining attached only at the base. It opens up like a clam, making cleaning and lubricant application a breeze.

The interior of the Tenga Flip Hole, composed of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), boasts a plush and gentle touch. Despite its jagged appearance, the material offers a delightfully squishy experience.

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Unveiling the Magic: Tenga Flip Hole’s Control Pad and Beyond

As you explore this bad boy, take note of the three distinct buttons on each side of the Tenga Flip Hole. This innovative trio comprises the “One Hand Control Pad”, engineered to amplify your pleasure with pinpoint accuracy. The lowermost button, or the Bottom Pad, intensifies sensations at the masturbator’s entry point, offering a satisfyingly snug embrace as you glide in.

The central button is designed to expel trapped air, amplifying the vacuum sensation within the toy. As for the third button located at the tip, it promises to stimulate the most sensitive part of the penis, offering an added touch of indulgence. The Tenga Flip Hole also features an enticing “End Orb” at the apex, which delivers exquisite sensations to the penis tip.

Remember, the control pad operates on applied pressure, so there’s no electronic trickery involved here. These buttons connect directly to the underlying TPE layers, effectively translating your touch into pleasure. However, this design approach has a downside: the soft, somewhat sticky TPE surrounding these buttons can attract dust and grime.

Tenga Flip Hole Review — Flip Hole White

Maintaining the Charm: Cleaning your Tenga Flip Hole

Cleaning the Tenga Flip Hole is a breeze. Its clam-like design allows it to open lengthways, making it accessible for a thorough rinse with warm water and a mild soap solution. Avoid harsh soaps as they could degrade the material. After cleaning, invert the device to air dry completely before storing it away. It’s arguably one of the easiest-to-clean male masturbators on the market.

The TPE material, although porous and typically not the first choice for sex toys, shines in this instance due to its soft, squishy feel. The porous nature of TPE, however, makes it a personal item — it’s recommended not to share your Tenga Flip Hole with others.

According to Tenga, the Flip Hole has a lifespan of roughly 50 uses, which can vary based on usage intensity. Gentle handling can potentially extend its life. Bear in mind that the material’s porous nature doesn’t make it suitable for extended use. Signs of wear, like odd smells or visible tears in the texture, indicate it’s time to retire your Flip Hole and perhaps invest in a new one.

Tenga Flip Hole Review — Cleaning And Drying

Living the Experience: The Tenga Flip Hole in Action

The Tenga Flip Hole package includes two sachets of lubricant – a necessary companion to maximize your enjoyment and protect the toy’s internal texture from potential micro-tears that could shorten its lifespan.

With a maximum insertable length of 5.9 inches, the Flip Hole caters to a wide range of sizes. If you’re bigger, you won’t be missing much unless you crave base stimulation. If you’re somewhat smaller, the Flip Hole is still an enjoyable companion, although you may not be able to fully enjoy the delights offered by the End Orb.

Either way, the Tenga Flip Hole is a portal to pleasure. The exquisite sensations begin from the very first slide, intensifying as you delve deeper. This elevates the Flip Hole way beyond comparable products like the Tenga Eggs. Thrusting away or exploring new territories by playing with the control pad or rotating the device can unlock new dimensions of pleasure.

The Tenga Flip Hole isn’t simply a means to an end. It’s a journey through a world of tantalizing textures, sensations, and unadulterated pleasure. Those with a larger girth may feel the control pad buttons pushed outward — this is a natural result of the pliable TPE. Just ensure the slide button is properly positioned to keep the Flip Hole secure and comfortable.

Concluding Thoughts on the Tenga Flip Hole

There’s no sugarcoating our final verdict on the Tenga Flip Hole — it’s a top-notch product. Approach it with realistic expectations, and you’re unlikely to be disappointed. Remember, while the Tenga Flip Hole garners a wealth of positive reviews, it’s not a panacea for all your sexual cravings. It’s a highly enjoyable sex toy that’s likely to bring a thrilling edge to your personal playtime. So gear up, explore, and savor the ride.

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