Throwing in a remote with a vibrator is seemingly simple, but it increases the fun factor exponentially. Get your hands on a remote controlled vibrator and let your imagination fly. For several of these vibrators, the limit is indeed your creativity. Using a remote control vibrator can be as simple as adding convenience for your use, or bringing your partner into the fun and expanding the range of all the fun stuff you can do together. It’s common for vibrators to use wired remotes, although wireless vibrators are fairly popular as well.

  1. Lelo Lyla 2

  2. PALOQUETH Waterproof G Spot Vibrator

  3. LuLu 4 – Wireless Waterproof Dual Vibrator For Him Her & Couples

  4. Hitachi Magic Wand With Remote Accessory

  5. Sensuelle Remote Control Rechargeable Bullet

  6. We-Vibe Rave

  7. ERO Wireless Waterproof Silicone Love Egg

  8. Lelo Ida

  9. Lovense Nora


What To Expect From Your Remote Control Vibrator

Your vibrator’s remote adds spice to your sex life. Play a bit, get naughty, and let your fantasies fly. New remote vibrators can even metaphorically reduce the distance between lovers, by providing means through which couples in long distance relationship can share intimate moments together. Here are some things you can expect from remote control vibrators:

Ease Of Use

Simplicity and ease of use has to be a big part of what makes up pick up remote vibrators. Something that requires extensive effort or knowledge to use just defeats the purpose of a remote. Who wants to consult an instruction manual while in the heat of the moment?

Wired Or Wireless?

Remotes come in several flavors. Most are wireless, like the ones most of us are used to. We hit buttons, the device responds. It’s simple and convenient – there’s no need to involve wires. Many remote vibrators though do use wired remotes. An obvious advantage is that it lowers cost.

Wired remotes also have greater response from the vibrator as compared to a wireless remote. Some wireless remotes have trouble connecting with insertable vibrators. So indeed, wired remotes are more reliable. However, they come with the mess of wires, and with limiting distance between the remote and the vibrator. We want freedom while using remotes, and wired remotes just aren’t up to the job. Plus, they pretty much kill play like going outdoors with the vibrator in action, or kinks where a distance between the remote and vibrator is required.

Shape, Size, and Comfort

A lot of things can get slapped with a remote. The question largely is the value proposition of the remote. These vibrators are available in several shapes and sizes. You should be looking for one that is comfortable for you. This includes the materials used for manufacturing the vibrator. Always remember to use high-quality vibrators that are free of phthalates. Being non-porous is a plus, and always remember to use lubricant with your vibrator!

Battery Life

Most wireless remote vibrators use different power sources for the vibrator and the remote. If you are using one, keep tabs on the battery level of the remote as well as your vibrator! For a few remote controlled vibrators like Lelo Lyla 2, it is the remote that unlocks most of the vibration and speed patterns on the device. So yeah, you will need your remote in action for the vibrator!


The sound vibrators make is often a consideration, but it can be more pronounced in the case of remote control vibrators. Many couples use their remote control vibrators for public play, with one person handling the remote. A noisy buzz of the vibraotor would be rather embarrassing while out in public. Several vibrators can be fairly silent. It is generally a good idea to employ public play in locations that have significant background noise.

Some Problems Remote Control Vibrators May Have

Unfortunately, there are some problems that plague the world of wireless remote vibrators. For example, modern Bluetooth vibrators and known to often lose control with their remote control. Since app-based vibrators rely on Bluetooth connectivity, the same problem can be seen in app-based connectors and remote control vibrators.

Conventional remotes may also have trouble while operating out of the remote vibrator. Many of these vibrators need ‘line of sight’ connectivity with the vibrator to function properly. Obviously, that is a big problem, especially for insertable vibrators, or those you intend to use for public play.


9 Best Remote Vibrators

1. Lelo Lyla 2

Best Remote Vibrators - Lelo Lyla 2

Lelo Lyla 2 will get you in flow with not just remote control vibrators, but a whole new world of convenience. The vibrator itself can be used for regular internal or external use, but it gets into its element when the SenseMotion remote comes into play.

Once connected to the remote, the Lyla 2 can be controlled by means of gestures. In Mode 1 of the remote, the intensity of vibrations depends on the orientation of the remote, with horizontal at 10% and vertical at the full 100%. You or your partner could control the vibrations by simple movements of the remote. In Mode 2, the vibrations are dependent on how fast you move the remote. I’m sure your enterprising minds can find good use of these two modes.

Once out of these two modes, the vibrator can turn through six preset patterns and added speed/intensity settings. The SenseMotion remote gets a touch of the same settings that are going on with the vibrator, so your partner knows exactly how the vibrations are going.

Lelo Lyla 2 has low noise and can be virtually silent especially when inserted, allowing you the pleasures of public play. A bit of background noise is helpful, but other than that, there’s little to say this vibrator is buzzing along happily. This is perhaps the best remote vibrator thanks to it matching simplicity with a whole range of options and pleasure. It’s the cost that pulls it down a bit.

Lyla 2 is rechargeable and offers 2 hours of user time after 2 hours of charge, the remote runs off 2AAA batteries. It is made coated in velvety smooth silicone and is completely waterproof.


  • Noiseless
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy control settings on remote
  • A wide variety of patterns and speeds
  • Excellent range for remote control of vibrator


  • Expensive
  • Remote control gets unreliable when vibrator is inserted
  • Generic instruction booklet makes it difficult for users to figure things out

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2. PALOQUETH Waterproof G Spot Vibrator

Best Remote Vibrators - PALOQUETH Waterproof G Spot Vibrator

This little vibrator packs a solid punch in its dual motors. The dual-ended vibrator has two appendages, one to massage the G-spot, and the other for the clitoris. It can work solo, or with your partner, in fact, it is designed to be used during sex as well. Insert it, turn it on, and it leaves enough room for the penis to enter comfortably, offering shared vibrations to you and to your partner’s penis and testicles.

Since there is no point in fumbling for buttons when you have a good thing going, control it with a remote. This G-spot vibrator has nine vibration modes building off its dual motors to give you that wonderful orgasm. Going solo, you could push the buttons on the remote yourself, or hand it over to your partner and let them be in charge.

Each press of the button changes the vibration pattern, and there is an option available to change the intensity of vibrations as well. The only downside is that the remote control range is limited to just three meters.

Paloqueth remote control vibrator is completely waterproof, safe for vaginal and anal use, and is coated in medical grade body safe silicone. It charges from a magnetic charger in 120 minutes and offers up to 90 minutes of user time. See it on Amazon.


  • Simple to use
  • Dual motors for more patterns and vibrations
  • Easy to manage remote
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof


  • Magnetic charger can be a bit troublesome sticking to its place
  • Remote works best within three meters
  • Thick middle makes this questionable for use as a couples vibrator


3. LuLu 4 – Wireless Waterproof Dual Vibrator For Him Her & Couples

Best Remote Vibrators - LuLu 4

The company calls it LuLu #4 Wireless Therapeutic Massager. Well, a good orgasm is therapeutic, right? LuLu 4 works as a combo clit and g-spot massager running off a single, powerful motor. It is designed for use by couples and keeps room for inserting the penis while the vibrator is in play.

LuLu 4 has five speed settings, all to be controlled by its remote, giving you room to go solo or spice it up with your partner. It is simple, highly functional, and more interested in doing its vibrating jobs than packing up with bells and whistles.

While remote-controlled, the LuLu vibrator does need a bit of human intervention in turning it on or off. The LuLu remote control vibrator has a fair range, with the remote powered by a 12V A23 alkaline battery, while the unit itself is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery.

LuLu #4 is coated in medical grade silicone that is amazing to feel and touch. Its battery is recharged by means of a simple USB recharging unit with magnetic charging. See it on Amazon.


  • Powerful vibrations
  • Rechargeable
  • Simple to use
  • Waterproof


  • Can get noisy on higher speeds
  • Has a single motors on the g-spot massager. Very low clitoral stimulation
  • Charger placement is non-intuitive, some users end-up needing assistance to charge it properly


4. Hitachi Magic Wand With Remote Accessory

Best Remote Vibrators - Hitachi Magic Wand With Remote

Hitachi magic massager opened up the whole wide world of sex toys. Hitachi no longer wants its name associated with vibrators and sex toys. So, while the name has stuck in public use, the listings usually go by Magic Wand original or Vibratex magic wand. While the wand itself does not offer a remote, it is the availability of accessories that make it go beyond its simple borders.

Few vibrators can match the vibration intensity of the Hitachi Magic wand, and with the speed control accessory, things can take a whole new turn.

You could also pick an option for wireless remote control vibrator. It’s the accessories that make the Hitachi Magic Wand all the more useful, and there’s a ton you can choose from! The magic wand can work wonders with clitoral stimulation, and you get more power and control with the remote control. The wireless accessory can get you five speeds with ease of use. Keeping the remote wired, however, allows a finer control of the vibrations.

Magic wand massager runs off a direct power supply and offers really powerful vibrations and the ability to customize your vibrator with a very wide range of accessories and options. Plus, you can always use it as a regular massager! See it on Amazon and also checkout the Wireless remote version.


  • Powerful
  • Multiple massager settings
  • Easy use of accessories, and availability of accessories
  • Proven performance


  • Massager is not battery operated and has to stay wired
  • Remote is fairly large and does not have a good appearance
  • Vibratrex wand has only half the power of the original Hitachi Magic Wand


5. Sensuelle Remote Control Rechargeable Bullet

Best Remote Vibrators - Sensuelle Rechargeable Wireless Remote Control Bullet

Sensuelle took its simple bullet and made it more impressive by adding in a remote control. The rechargeable vibrator is coated in silicone and includes a pull string so it can be used internally, though that’s of little use since the device is not waterproof. It is noiseless enough to be used for public play, and the remote comes with easy controls. Although the simple, two-button remote may lack the options that come with Bluetooth vibrators, with a remarkable ease of use and range that is beyond Bluetooth vibrators’ realm. The remote works from a distance of 20 meters (65 feet)!

Sensuelle remote control vibrator can cycle through 10 different vibrations and patterns, all at the touch of a single button. Its bullet shape and noiseless working lends well to public play, so maybe get naughty with your partner.

Although the charger is still weird, spread out rocket-dock base that Sensuelle so loves, the vibrator remains easy to move and carry. I’d like it more if the charger was easier to carry. You have to say, the rocket charging look works well, but I’d so much more prefer ease of carrying.

Sensuelle remote control vibrator is dipped in silicone for that nice feel and touch and is rechargeable. A charging time of 45-60 minutes gives it a user time of up to 1 hour, depending of course on the intensity settings you use. See it on Amazon.


  • Low noise
  • Easy to use
  • Remote control has a good range
  • Rechargeable


  • No waterproofing
  • Does not fit well in the charger and needs some effort for placement
  • The vibrator does not hold charge for long

6. We-Vibe Rave

Best Remote Vibrators - We-Vibe Rave

We-Vibe Rave is a remarkably powerful vibrator designed to pleasure the G-spot. It focuses on massaging the g-spot and putting pressure right where it is necessary. The asymmetric shape of its head is surprisingly effective at hitting the g-spot, and its deep, rumbling vibrations are powerful and enjoyable.

You can completely control the Rave through the buttons near the bottom of the vibrator. It has 10 preset vibration patterns to explore and when switched on, starts at its highest intensity setting. Rave puts power at the forefront, and if you’re not comfortable with that, it’s better to take a few seconds and lower the vibration speed/intensity to a level where you’re more comfortable.

While certainly remarkable by itself, the vibrator unlocks more functions in tandem with the We-Vibe Connect app. It connects to the app via Bluetooth, and once connected, the app can be used as a remote control for your vibrator. You can access more patterns – or create vibration patterns of your own. Changing speed and intensity can be as simple as flicking your hand on the screen.

Another dimension of using the Rave with the Connect app is that it opens the possibilities of sharing controls of your vibrator. If your partner has the connect app installed, you can let him control the vibrator. It’s especially useful for people in long-distance relationships who want a greater semblance of intimacy, though it’s equally fun when you’re both in the same room. See buying options on Amazon.


  • Powerful vibrations
  • Low noise
  • Remote control via app
  • Several pattern and usage options available via app
  • Low noise


  • App controls can be spotty, especially over internet or long-distance use
  • Splashproof, not waterproof
  • The focus on power may not be as enjoyable for everyone

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7. ERO Wireless Waterproof Silicone Love Egg

Best Remote Vibrators - ERO Wireless Silicone Love Egg

ERO Wireless Silicone Love Egg is almost like a simpler, less expensive version of the Lelo Lyla 2. It is meant for internal use, but you can as easily use it on the clitoris as a bullet vibrator. It has some great features that make the Love Egg somewhat interesting, even exciting for use.

Since it is primarily meant for use when inserted, the vibrator is dependent on the remote control for operation. Once switched on, the vibrator’s heating function automatically kicks in, raising the temperature to 107.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This warmth makes the vibrator comfortable, as well as more pleasurable to use.

There are 12 intensity and pattern modes on the vibrator, each available at the push of a button. Each button press takes you to the next mode, so you’ll have to cycle through the available options to find the one you like the most.

An interesting option is the boostvibe mode. The remote has a dedicated button for this. It basically sets off the vibrator to move at a higher intensity. It’s quite simple and very useful. I mean, sometimes we really do need that extra dose of power to go over the edge.

The silicone egg is fairly silent in operation. And its remote has a range of about 30 feet. Public play is on the table! You can go about your daily activities with the vibrator inserted, and the remote in hand. The vibrator is made from medical-grade silicone and uses ABS plastic for accents. See more reviews on Amazon.


  • Auto-heat function is amazing
  • Boostvibe mode is useful, and welcome
  • Waterproof
  • Made from non-porous, body-safe, phthalate-free materials


  • Remote does not use standard AAA batteries and replacements can be tough to find
  • Overall construction should have been better

8. Lelo Ida

Best Remote Vibrators - Lelo Ida

Lelo Ida is both stylish and versatile. This couples toy is a basket full of stimulation. When you use it, you’ll find the outer side rests nicely over the clitoris, while the insertable side slides in to be near the G-spot. Right from the start you have a great combo of stimulation from the Lelo Ida.

Since this is a couples vibrator, it can be worn during sex. Apart from the awesome experience that sex is, your partner and you can also experience the additional stimulation brought on by the Lelo Ida.

To be clear, the Lelo Ida is slightly more prominent than conventional couples vibrators. So some couples may not exactly find it to be right fit for PiV sex. If it does work for you, awesome! If it doesn’t, you can still enjoy the vibrations and stimulation from the Lelo Ida.

Its vibrations are strong and rumbly, and great for the clitoris. On the insertable side, the vibrator also rotates. The movements and the vibrations work together to create a great feel.

Lelo Ida utilizes the SenseMotion technology to work with the remote control, much like the Lelo Lyla 2 we saw at the top of this list. Vibrations on the Lelo Ida can be controlled simply by pressing the buttons on the remote, or if you prefer, you can take on the more exciting route and use gestures to control the Lelo Ida via remote.


  • SenseMotion technology and remote work great
  • Low noise vibrator is great for public play
  • Easy to control


  • Expensive
  • Some may not find it comfortable as a couples vibrator

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9. Lovense Nora

Best Remote Vibrators - Lovense Nora

Lovense Nora rabbit vibrator is a toy built for use with remotes. The teledildonics technology that Lovense focuses on, makes its toys both convenient, and feature-rich when used with remotes. The remote control for the Nora is the Lovense app. The app connects to the vibrator via Bluetooth, and once connected, you can experience the full power of features that the Nora has to offer.

The clitoral stimulation arm and the insertable side can be controlled individually. So you can freely control them from your remote control vibrator to your preference, rather than depending on preset patterns. Since teledildonics is a big part here, you can share controls of the vibrator with your partner, provided they have the app installed. Control over the app works pretty well, and there is minimal lag, provided both you and your partner have a good internet connection.

For the Lovense Nora, while the clitoris arm vibrates like conventional vibrators, the insertable side is more into rotation. It’s fairly unique, and is intended to massage the g-spot. It’s also on the wider side of things, so this vibrator may not be suitable for novices. Buy it on Amazon.


  • Made from body safe, non-porous, phthalate-free materials
  • Both appendages can be controlled individually
  • Practically limitless vibration patterns and options
  • Excellent control over app as remote


  • Low value as standalone vibrator without remote
  • Expensive
  • Sync feature can sometimes be buggy

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Best Remote Vibrators — The Conclusion

Remote control is the future of vibrators, and it is getting big. While the technology is still being perfected, there are many vibrators that can also work off control by a mobile app, for example, the We-Vibe sync amazon product.

For the moment, the best remote vibrators are those that are controlled by conventional remotes. There’s plenty of them, and they offer a whole range of functions and more importantly, ease of use.