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Let’s start off by saying that fleshlights are designed for males who want to get the feel of a real woman’s lady pond. Concurrently, you’re now lying on your bed and thinking to yourself – what are the best non-expensive fleshlights on the market in 2023?

We’ve all been through searching out some great fleshlights, which, if I may add, don’t come at a reasonable price. Either they’re way too expensive, or just not appropriate enough for the price tag they come with or the purpose they serve. 

To get things exciting with these bargain-basement sex toys, and give you a fair chance at pleasure, I’ve crafted a list of what the best cheap fleshlights in 2023 are. 

Without further ado, here is everything to know on fleshlights – how to use them, clean them and spot the cheapest ones for your delicate tastes! 

What Exactly are Fleshlights

In the simplest of terms, fleshlights are sex toys made for men who want to experience the real feel of a vagina, an anal opening, or even a woman’s mouth. Fleshlights are quite similar yet really different from blow-up dolls. This means, with fleshlights, you get only the entry part of the blow-up doll – whether it’s the anus, vagina, or mouth.

Fleshlights are mostly made from flexible and quite durable materials like thermoplastic elastomer, silicone, and CyberSkin, all to provide users with a fitted and satisfactory feel while stroking off.

As to get an insight on how and why the fleshlight came into existence, a former cop invented it in the 90s, from his garage, as a way to save his marriage. It goes without saying that fleshlights are intended for male usage only, and are a great tool in experiencing the greatness of sexual intercourse without relying on their hands’ work.

If your budget is tight, you’d be happy to learn that, yes, the market is abundant with fleshlight options that come at a more affordable cost. And no, we don’t count socks as cheap substitutes.

Lo and behold, here is our list of the most budget-friendly fleshlights in 2023. 

The Best Cheap Fleshlights

Product Image Product Name / Primary Rating / Primary Button
Best Overall
Best Realistic Feel
Best Hard Stroking
Best for long package
Best for Double fun
Best for VR Porn
Best for Travel
Best for Tight Grip
Best Hard Stroking
Best for long package
Best for Double fun
Best for VR Porn
Best for Travel
Primary Rating:
Best for Tight Grip

Before you read through the list of the best cheap fleshlights as alternatives to the more expensive ones, remember that it’s all about preference.

So, it’s up to your liking when you’re opting to buy these products.

Now, let’s get this fleshlight show on the road!

#1 Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage – Best Overall

Best Overall
Fleshlight | Quickshot Vantage | Adult Couples Sex Toy

The QUICKSHOT Vantage by Fleshlight is their most compact sleeve to date. Lined with thick ribs and bumps, the crystal clear sleeve will amplify your pleasure with constant surprises at every thrust. Give it your best shot, you'll be thrilled with the results.

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This product is made from the original company Fleshlight, and its name “Quickshot” says it all about keeping your toy mess-free. It’s a mid-range priced alternative, made with an opening on both ends, so your penis can glide smoothly in the sleeve’s 3.5-inch insertable length.

The cleaning should be really easy, given the no-ejaculation-non-the-toy policy the Quickshot comes with. Also, the toy is designed for some great solo action, and if you prefer a blowjob at the other end, then, by all means, trust it to do the job right. 

Its total length comes at 4.4 inches, whilst offering 3 inches in width and a crystal-clear shape that brings you a delightful penetrating sensation. The toy weighs 8.8 ounces, which makes it not too light and not too heavy either. 


  • Hiding it is really easy
  • Cleaning this fleshlight is also a sinch
  • Crystal-clear set up for a great view


  • The 3.5 inches of insertable length may be too short for some users
  • May not be suitable for men who don’t like the open-ended visuals.

#2 Doc Johnson UR3 Fleshlight Alternative – Best for a Realistic Feel

Best Realistic Feel
Doc Johnson UR3 Fleshlight Alternative

Realistic sex now fits in the palm of your hand with Doc Johnson's UR3 Pocket Pussy Palm Pal. Fleshy UR3 made to look just like a real vagina provides lifelike sensations enhanced by a deeply-textured internal canal to thrill every inch of your length.

Get 15% off with Code: GURU15

This UR3 Fleshlight Alternative is even cheaper than the previous toy. Doc Johnson has manufactured this baby to give it a realistic touch when you’re thrusting, and I can safely say – they’ve done a pretty good job at it. Needless to say, much lube is needed to insert your penis in this Fleshlight and avoid that nasty friction that tends to happen when things are on the drier side. 

The UR3 is made out of soft plastic but, since it’s 100% phthalate-free, no certain allergies will pose a risk when you use it. 

The internal length stands at 5 inches, while the diameter of the canal is 0.25 inches. Despite its narrowness, the fleshlight is stretchy enough to accommodate your girth. This pocket pussy is one of the cheapest alternatives on this list. However, it may tear more than it should, so don’t go on the extremely rough side when using it.


  • Your penis will experience a delicate sensation
  • Easily portable when you’re on the go
  • Good-enough internal length


  • It looks and feels weird when you grab ahold of it
  • Not really a discrete product

#3 Fleshkins Blue Ice – Best for Robust Stroking

Best Hard Stroking
Fleshskins Blue Ice

Great Fleshlight Quality, Lower Price When your standard Fleshlight toys aren't an option, FleshSkins is the perfect alternative. Our first sleeve-only toy will be sure to blow you away, literally! You control the tightness and intensity of your masturbation experience with the stroke of your (or your partner's) hand, but with the skin-soft, intensely-textured Fleshlight material that the world already knows and loves.

Get 15% off with Code: GURU15

This is another toy on this list that has actually been manufactured by the Fleshlight company. It’s a bit more expensive than the Quickshot but the material it’s made out of is the same one – Stamina Training Unit, or STU – seen in the company’s widely renowned product line. 

The unique part of the Fleshskins Blue Ice is that they’ve implemented finger holes to get a tight grip while robustly stroking off.

The length of the whole toy comes at 8.75 inches, with the sleeve offering a fair amount of length, measured at 5.35 inches. Worthy to note is that the Fleshkins Blue Ice refers to the super-stretchy sleeve only, and not a whole compartment. Interestingly, this is what makes the toy as discreet as possible. 

The case you’ll get will serve to dry your sleeve, so, for the sake of virtue – don’t thrust your penis into it!


  • A product manufactured by the original Fleshlight company
  • Great standards for a cheaper alternative
  • Comes with a case for drying, along with the sleeve


  • Not quite the cheapest alternative, but still comparably cheaper to the big guns
  • The case you’ll receive is of decent proportions

#4 Pipedream Products PDX Elite Stroker – Best for Longer Packages

Best for long package
Pipedream Products PDX Elite Stroker

Air tight suction ensures that tip in or balls deep, the PDX Elite Air Tight Oral Stroker will give you the best oral sex experience of your life! With a sturdy, ribbed exterior case for a solid grip, the PDX Elite Air Tight Oral Stroker creates a powerful suction that milks every inch of your cock. A super smooth, lifelike Fanta Flesh interior sleeve lined with massaging ribs, bumps, and pleasing textures will fulfill your oral sex fantasies with every thrust.

See latest price

Well, if you have a long shlong, this 7.3 inches Cheap Fleshlight Clone will get your prized possession to feel a great blowjob sensation. 

The sensation of a blowjob is brought from the air-tight suction the Fleshlight Clone utilizes. Although it gives a great blowjob delight, the way it functions is like a vacuum cleaner – giving you a blowjob to remember!

Be that as it may, the ridged yet smooth interior makes up for most of the pleasurable feeling you’ll receive with this toy, which also gives off a tingling delight. 

The width and height of the Fleshlight Clone are equal, measuring at 3.3 inches.
It’s made out of Fanta Flesh TPR, so you can bet on getting that extra elasticity on the inside, and the price is similar to the price tag of the Fleshlight Quickshot


  • A superb concept for a cheaper fleshlight alternative
  • Will bring out a delightful stimulation
  • Lengthier than most products on this list


  • The air-tight suction isn’t all that superb
  • It’s not discreet

#5 Cyberskin Stealth Dual Ended Stroker – Best for Double the Fun

Best for Double fun
Cyberskin Stealth Dual Ended Stroker

Scientifically designed to mimic real human flesh, CyberSkin is probably the closest material to human skin; it warms to body temperature with contact and has the elasticity and softness of actual skin.

See latest price

I really can’t say why they named this toy “Stealth” as you can clearly see what’s offering – a whole 10.5 inches of height. I mean, yeah, it’s only that long because it’s dual-ended and sideways, too, so you’ll get a throbbing vagina feel on one end, and a mouth-watering deepthroat on the other.

It’s in the mid-range on the pricing scale, so it would be suitable for almost every budget. Honorifics aside, this one’s a great multi-function, cheap fleshlight substitute that comes with a sleeve inside that’s really easy to clean. 

Furthermore, you’ll see a suction cup that’s attached to the base of the stroker, meaning that you’ll be able to stick it on whatever flat surface your heart – and penis – desires. The material used in the making of the sleeve is, of course, CyberSkin, a kind of TPR, whereas its width measure comes at 2.8 inches.


  • Fairly lengthy, with awesome double-sided functions
  • Really simple to clean the sleeve
  • Comes with a suction cup attached to the base


  • Really bulky in size and has an odd appearance
  • The suction cup may not be strong to stick on every surface

#6 Sue Johanson Head Honcho by Cal Exotics – Best for VR Porn

Best for VR Porn
Sue Johanson Head Honcho

One of the best male masturbators we've seen, the Head Honcho is a tight and stretchy sleeve that's guaranteed to get you off. With unique texturing and 3 suction cavities, it satisfies in style every time.

Coupon Code: Get 15% off with Code: GURU15
See latest price

Now, this is one of those not as cheap, but still super-affordable fleshlight alternatives! The Head Honcho by Cal Exotics comes with a spot for a bullet vibrator, for an extra quivering sensation. Still, its interior isn’t marked as one of the greatest, and its assembly proves this point. 

On the topic of VR, you can match the toy with Virtual Reality Goggles with the Bluetooth mode, quite similar to the expensive Fleshlight Launch. What you see on the screen is what the Head Honcho will s(t)imulate – which makes the toy the cheapest VR Porn substitute on the market. 

Its internal length and canal diameter measure at 5 and 0.25 inches, respectively. At the same time, the material used in the production process is soft plastic and extra-cozy on your package. Don’t worry whether it’ll fit or not, because the canal diameter elongates to 2 inches, making it the utmost nook for your crook. Hey-ooooh! 


  • Has three suction chambers implemented inside the sleeve
  • You can use a vibrating bullet for extra tingles
  • VR Goggles can be synced in while stroking off


  • Not great assembly specifics
  • Can be a bit too stretchy which may put off any sensations

#7 Tenga Eggs – Best for Travel

Best for Travel
Tenga Eggs

The TENGA EGGs come in an array of sensations to choose from! From the original standard strength to the stronger sensations of the Hard Boiled series, all with unique internal details!

See latest price

Well, Tenga Eggs can be considered a mystery when it comes to male masturbational toys. They’re notorious for being the cheapest, one-time use alternatives to a fleshlight that’s made out of thermoplastic elastomer. Even though they’re advertised for just a single use, many men have taken the course of use into their own hands and gave this toy several shots at self-pleasure. 

Still, no matter how many times you clean them for reuse, the sleeve on the inside is brittle and very delicate, which may result in you ripping it while keeping it squeaky clean. Nevertheless, they come in a total of 13 shapes and bulges on the inner sleeve and they do, in fact, offer a good helping hand when sexy time is on your mind. 

Their initial measurements are really small, which is why you can’t tell if the Tenga Egg is a sex toy or not. But, the toy can stretch up to some 8 inches, so it’ll be an ideal fit for your tool. As a plus, for every Tenga Egg you buy, you’ll find a lubricant on the inside.


  • Really stretchy and super easy to use
  • Comes with a lot of shapes, ridges, and bulges on the inner sleeve
  • You receive a lubricant with every Tenga Egg


  • Only good for just a single-use
  • May tear easily since it is fragile

#8 THRUST Pro Mini Ella Realistic Pocket Pussy – Best For a Tight and Ribbed Grip

Best for Tight Grip
THRUST Pro Mini Pocket Pussy

The Ella pocket pussy has been crafted to look and feel just like the real thing. Plunge your manhood between the welcoming lips, experience a super-tight canal that embraces your full length, then ride out your fantasies to their explosive conclusion.

See latest price

This realistically made pocket pussy is on the lower end when it comes to mid-range priced toys in this list. It is manufactured with a squishy and stretchy thermoplastic elastomer and has enough room on the other side of the toy, in case you want to put a bullet vibrator to add some quivering to it. 

The internal length of this product stands at 5 inches which is not all too shabby. But if you’re bigger than that, let’s just say you won’t be having the time of your life using it. Oh, the THRUST Pro Mini Ella is super easy to clean, which makes it a really cheap and favorable option among users going at it time and again. 


  • The texture is made realistically
  • There’s an added hole for a bullet vibrator at the base
  • Extra tightness in the canal for good stimulation


  • 5 inches will come out short for some men
  • Not great for intensive stroking, as it may rip easily

Cheap Fleshlights: A Buying Guide

One thing is certain, that there are a lot of specifics to look out for when buying a cheap fleshlight. I mean, you have to go around beating the bush and not choosing a specific fleshlight just by the looks – you’ll most probably go wrong with the pick.

Fleshlights have a lot of diverse textures for you to analyze. For instance, they can come in an anus, vaginal, and mouth shape, even those manufactured based on a certain pornstar’s lady parts. There are other factors that play a big role such as the material used for manufacturing, the worth and price, and of course, dimensions. 

Materials Used

How long will a certain toy material last you? Now you’re asking the right questions! Most toys and fleshlights on our list are made with thermoplastic elastomer rubber, and silicone, but sometimes, they can be made out of glass, too, for a cleaner experience.

Always go for the softest and flexible material, which in most cases is really durable for lengthy stroking sessions. Some brands even make a mix out of certain materials. An example of this would be the SuperSkin material, considered as the best flesh-like material out there. Also, always check out user reviews before buying the product.

Price and Worth

Since all of these make cheaper fleshlight alternatives, you’ll get what you pay for most of the time. Still, this doesn’t mean that you won’t come to a great product even though it’s cheap. Some of the toys we listed come at a really cheaper price than others, such as the Tenga Eggs.

If you’ve picked out a treasure of a find, always look for a similar alternative, just to stay on the safe side, price- and value-wise. 


This attribute is really straightforward because it’s all about preference. Whatever size toy you have packed, it’s advised to aim for fleshlights that are near your member size – not too long, but not that small either, as you won’t be able to fit your girth in them. 

Aside from the aforementioned, you also need to look out for a toy’s storing properties, and its ease of cleaning also. This is because a toy will last much longer if you have it stored up in a suitable case and place – while keeping it squeaky clean at all times.

Cheap Fleshlights: The Verdict 

Though it’s a tough task to choose the best out of these cheap fleshlights, I’ve decided to go with the Fleshskins Blue Ice as our list winner. It’s made by the original Fleshlight company, it comes at a cheaper price, and the sensation it gives off is unmatched by any other. While the 5.35 inches it measures up isn’t all that great, the toy is remarkably stretchy, and durable, which makes it the utmost pick for your solo sessions! 

If you’re really above average, size-wise, I’d suggest you go for the Fleshlight Clone, whose 7.3 inches of insertable length will make for a snug-tight fit and a self-pleasuring session to remember! 

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