LELO INA Wave Review – The Route To Orgasmic Haven

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The Lelo Ina Wave, also called The Waving Sex Claw by some naughty enthusiasts, has a curve that makes it look like a crab’s claw. And before we start talking about the Ina Wave, let us touch upon the brand – LELO.

Lelo has quickly grown into a company that first comes to our mind whenever we think of high-end sex toys. Lelo started manufacturing and distributing top of the line sex toys from Stockholm, Sweden back in 2002. All their sex toys are made from body-safe materials that are free from phthalates and latex.

Additionally, they are approved by the FDA. So, safety is never an issue while using their products for intimate purposes. Although their keen interest lies on female sex toys, they do; however, have a number of sex toys designed for men and couples. Over the last so many years, I’ve used a lot of Lelo products like the Ella, Mona 2, Smart Wand, Siri, and many more. But today we’re only gonna talk about the Lelo Ina Wave.

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LELO INA Wave – Shipping And Packaging

The Lelo Wave can be easily bought from a lot of sex-toy stores in many countries around the world. Another convenient place to buy it from LELO official site, especially if you don’t have a store selling the Ina Wave in your city. It is also shipped for international customers from Lelo’s warehouse in China. The packaging is discreet to not let anyone know what’s inside. The packaging doesn’t even mention the name “LELO.”

Within the packet lies a beautiful black box and it is here that the Ina Wave is tucked on a black-velvety cushion. Besides the toy; there’s a charging cable, a warranty card (with a 1-year warranty), user manual, Lelo’s sample lubricant, and a black-satin travel pouch. The pouch is large enough to carry your toy and the charger.

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Lelo Ina Wave – Effective Design

The Lelo Wave is a rabbit vibrator that continues to have a base design similar to that of the original Ina and Mona. The main shaft tapers down at the base and the insertable portion measures 4.25”. The shaft has a substantial amount of girth, and the tip is slightly rounded to making insertion comfortable. There’s also a small clitoral arm measuring in at 2–1/3”.

This length is important since all women do not have the same distance between their vaginal opening and their clitoris. In case there’s a distance of 2” between your clitoris and vaginal opening, the clitoral arm may not reach it’s intended spot.

The Lelo Ina Wave comes in three different colors: Ocean Blue, Cerise, and Plum. It is a very firm with no flex to the body, but it is also very flexible at the same time. You can bend the clitoral arm sideways (up to 75˚) and back-and-forth. This should be enough flexibility for your use.


LELO INA Wave Vibrator – Function

Given that it’s a rabbit vibrator, the Ina Wave has an insertable shaft that vibrates and stimulates your G-spot while the rabbit arm stimulates your clitoris; a lot like the Ina 1 and 2. The main shaft has a come-hither motion to it, this way it offers a sensation that’s a lot like real-life fingering.

The control section has four buttons: –, +, ▲, and ▼. Press the indent at the center of these buttons to get your vibe started from the last function you used. Use the – button to decrease the intensity of the vibration, and the + button to increase it. The ▲ and ▼ is to select from the 10-different vibration modes on offer. The vibration modes range from a simple vibration (without the wave motion), and the shaft wave motion (without the clitoral vibration), to an all-at-once (G-spot + clitoral vibration along with the wave motion).

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How The LELO Ina Wave Vibrates

The shaft’s vibration is at its strongest when it’s not waving and the clitoral vibration is turned off. It works the same way for the clitoral arm as well. Lelo’s products tend to create a li’l buzzing noise when used at its highest speed. The lower speeds are gentle, but deep and intense at the same time.

If you are to compare the Ina Wave with the Mona 2; the Mona 2 definitely scores higher in the power segment. But the Ina Wave delivers quite a strong vibration and a great clitoral stimulation. It may not be the strongest clitoral stimulator, but it packs in a very neat balance between clitoral and G-spot stimulation. We could rate it at 7.5/10.

LELO Ina Wave Is Not So Noisy

At its highest speed the vibrator may not be a whisper, but it is not horribly loud either; you may just hear the vibration at a distance of 10 meters. The noise is quite deep which turns into a wining sound when the waving motion is turned on. The noise it makes isn’t too loud to be heard the next room, but if you are still worried about it; you could get inside a blanket to muffle the noise.

LELO Ina Wave Vibrator Features

The Lelo Ina Wave is fully waterproof, meaning you can use it at the pool; at the bath; and even clean it with warm water and soap. The charging port can be rinsed too. But try not pushing its limit by dipping it to the bottom of the pool. This sex toy is rechargeable that can be fully recharged in about 2 hours.

The button’s LED light turns on to a subtle glow to let you know that it’s charging. A red glow means it needs a battery charge, and a steady glow indicates the charge completion. The vibe also come with a travel lock feature to prevent accidental turn-ons; helping you avoid embarrassments. Press and hold the + button for 3 seconds to lock the device; do the same thing with the – button to unlock it.

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LELO Ina Wave Material & Maintenance

The Lelo Wave is a sex toy that is completely made from body-safe silicone that has a silky-matte texture to it. It does attract a slight amount of lint, although not as much as the other silicone vibrators. It can be easily washed with warm water and soap, pre & post usage. Please try to use only water-based lubricants along with this toy; silicone-based lubricant could damage it. The black-satin pouch will keep your toy free from dust.

My Experience of LELO Ina Wave

I’ve always preferred dual stimulation; therefore, the Ina Wave was at the top of my Try List. I had to try the rabbit stimulation along with the fingering motion. Try to start without the waving motion; this way you can secure the vibe inside you and align the clitoral arm to its right spots.

I used a lot of water-based lube because the matte-finish offers lot of drag on the surface. Although the clitoral arm can bend up to an angle of 90˚, it snaps right back into position once freed. What this means is that the Ina Wave’s clitoral clamp can really clamp down and put a lot of pressure on your clitoris.

For those of you who doesn’t like too much of pressure on the clitoris, this may feel a little too clamp-ish. The waving motion is not very distinct, even when the shaft and clitoral arm’s vibration is turned off. It makes me feel like there’s a movement down there; but it surely isn’t anything like fingering.

But having the waving motion, as an ad-on to the vibration, definitely adds a unique mix to the experience.  But the real magic lies in the all-at-once mode; i.e. G-spot and clitoral vibration + the wave motion.

The Lelo Ina Wave is surely not the most powerful toy out there, but there’s something about its shape; my vagina clamps down over the shaft on its own and secures it firmly in a way that lets only the handle move in and out. It kind of puts my PC muscles to work. This surely exercise my PC muscles and helps me orgasm quick.

But it also makes holding the handle a little difficult. I need a stronger grip to ensure that the shaft can wave against my G-spot rather than stay still inside my vagina with just the handle moving outside of it. You could probably use a strong partner to hold the handle for you while you lie back to enjoy.


LELO INA Wave Review – Final Thoughts

The Lelo Ina Wave may not be the best vibe for all times to come because you need a body that is well suited to this vibe, rather than being the other way around. But the Ina Wave is quite pleasurable anyhow. The waving motion of this toy comes in handy only when combined with vibration.

The clitoral arm is powerful enough to satisfy your clitoris, but the shaft’s vibrations are pleasurable at the most. And then it’s fully waterproof and comes with a rechargeable battery. So the Lelo Ina Wave is a mixed bag of abilities and the lack of it.

LELO INA Wave Advantages

  • It is fully waterproof and rechargeable.
  • Is made from body-safe silicone and has an attractive appearance.
  • Has a unique wave motion and moderate vibration.

LELO INA Wave Disadvantages

  • Clitoral arm is a little too rigid.
  • Waving motion stays slow as long as other functions are in use.

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