We-Vibe Wish Review — The Squishy Pebble Of Pleasure

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Shaped to be cute and great to touch, the We-Vibe Wish has the senses of touch and sight working in its favor. This little clit vibrator sits in a line similar to the We-Vibe Tango and Touch, but it has its own thing going. Another thing that sets the Wish apart from other clit vibrators from We-Vibe is its use of PowerPulse technology. The We-Vibe Wish is an interesting sex toy, and it’s time for this We-Vibe Wish review to check out how effective it is!

We-Vibe Wish Review — Pros And Cons

We-Vibe Wish Review Image


  • Good mix of vibration intensity and patterns
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Non-porous, phthalate-free, and body safe
  • Remote control via We-Connect app
  • Soft and squishy
  • Low noise


  • PowerPulse technology can take some getting used to
  • Single button control for vibrator can be annoying
  • Some customers report unreliable connection with the magnetic charger

We-Vibe Wish Review — Features


The first thing to note about any product is the packaging. After all, first impressions make all the difference. On that note, the We-Vibe Wish is a big hit. The We-Vibe Wish personal massager comes packed in a nice and sturdy box. Although not the most discreet thing, the box is a pleasure to behold. Of course, if you’re ordering online, it is to be expected that the retailer will send the product in discreet packaging.

Once you open the box, you’ll see the cheerfully blue We-Vibe Wish sitting snug inside. Accompanying this personal massager are its USB charging cable, and a satin pouch for storage.

We-Vibe Wish Design And Feel

The design of the We-Vibe Wish is slightly asymmetrical, a quality it proudly shares with its sibling, the We-Vibe Rave. It is covered in silicone, except for the base which shows off ABS plastic. Also, present on the base of the vibrator is the magnetic port for the charger, and a single button to manage through the 10+ modes of vibrations on the We-Vibe Wish. Slightly above the ABS plastic is the low-battery indicator that lights up the lower body of the vibrator to warn you of depleting battery. A simple, yet immensely useful feature for a vibrator.

Its base is hard and solid, but the tip is squishy with plenty of give. The silicone coating and squishiness do dampen the vibrations a bit, but this We-Vibe vibrator manages to still score up some deep, rumbling vibrations.

Its curved shape is somewhat reminiscent of the Lelo Nea 2, though to be clear, the We-Vibe Wish is not a competitor to the Nea. The Wish serves an entirely different purpose. Well, yeah, the purpose is amazing clitoral stimulation, but the Wish does not lend itself easily to be placed between a couple while they have sex, while the Nea practically recommends it!

Anyways, this sex toy feels amazing to touch and the squishiness at the tip is delightful. Its asymmetry and shape allow the We-Vibe Wish some pinpoint vibrations, though the design of the vibrator favors a larger surface area for its vibrations. If you are looking for something to provide pinpoint vibrations for your clitoris, take a look at the We-Vibe Tango.

We-Vibe Wish Battery And Waterproofing

This little clitoral stimulator is completely waterproof and will gladly follow you to the bathtub. Now that’s a great feature for fun, as well as for vibrator cleaning. Overall, it makes your life just a whole lot easier.

The battery that powers the We-Vibe Wish is fairly powerful and promises a 2 hour play time after charging for 90 minutes. Realistically though, the user time is going to be far lower, depending on the intensity and vibration settings you use. A more realistic approach would be to assume about 60 minutes to 90-minutes of use time for the We-Vibe Wish.

The PowerPulse Of We-Vibe Wish

PowerPulse is an interesting, perhaps innovative technology used for the Wish. It needs two motors to run, the first doing its regular vibration motion, while the second creates another set of vibrations to envelop the previous ones, creating a very delicious pattern for the waves. This is especially visible in the first three vibration modes that are similar to conventional vibrator settings. There is a difference because of PowerPulse running and changing the intensity of the vibrations. It almost feels more like a pattern, and the lack of a steady vibration mode can be annoying.

On the plus side, if you enjoy patterns, there are a whole lot of them available. The We-Vibe Wish has a total of 10 intensity settings and patterns to offer. Technically speaking, there are a lot more patterns available, including your own customized patterns once you get the vibrator controls over to the We-Connect App.

We-Connect App And Play For the We-Vibe Wish

You can control the We-Vibe Wish via remote in the form of an app, or hand over the controls to your partner as long as they have the We-Connect app installed. The app allows you to control the intensity simply by moving your finger on the screen. You can also create your own patterns or use other patterns readily available with the app.

The shape of the We-Vibe Wish is easy enough to allow the vibrator to be worn under panties. So you can go about your daily tasks while controlling the Wish vibrator by remote. While it is not loud, there is some noise so be careful to use it in areas where there is enough background noise to drown out the whirring of the vibrator. Going by the dimensions, the We-Vibe Wish isn’t exactly a tiny piece, so it’s best to choose your clothing carefully to avoid an obvious moose knuckle-esque bulge visible over your clothes.

We-Vibe Wish Review — The Vibrator In Action

We-Vibe Wish Review Image

A lot of times, the We-Vibe Wish doesn’t necessarily bring on an orgasm. Although it does get awfully close. In doing so, it continues to build up and nudge you towards an orgasm, so when you finally do hit the limit, the orgasm can be extremely rewarding and deep. Well, you might need some help from another clitoral vibrator for the finishing stroke, but the overall result stays amazing.

I don’t mean to say that this is necessarily the case. The We-Vibe Wish is a capable vibrator that has deep, rumbling vibrations which can bring about amazing orgasms. However, it may not be as fast as the We-Vibe Touch.

While the We-Vibe Wish is designed to provide vibrations over a larger area, you can use its squishy head to achieve a more pinpointed stimulation to push you over the edge. An advantage of the squishy head is that it allows you to put on some pressure and stimulate the clitoris with a relative convenience.

The power button for changing intensities is annoying and can sometimes be difficult to press. Sure you can control it via the app, but holding the vibrator with one hand and controlling it with the other doesn’t seem quite appealing. Also, I’d rather avoid getting that water-based lube on my phone screen. One less thing to clean!

Even though I am not a fan of the PowerPulse and see it as one of the reasons the Wish has trouble crossing the finish line, I have come to accept it. As far as building an orgasm goes, the Wish does an amazing job, and can be quite fruitful. I would have preferred if it was capable of finishing the job on its own, but hey, a little touch of extra stimulation for a satisfying orgasm isn’t too much to ask for!

We-Vibe Wish Review — The Verdict

To sum up this We-Vibe Wish review, this sex toy is, without a doubt, interesting. However, it is not the most satisfying unless you pair it with some other toy. That’s not to say it can’t do its job. The Wish can stimulate the vulva and clitoris and build up an orgasm like no other. You can also use it with the We-Connect app, or transfer control to your partner and add another dimension of fun. Overall, if you love patterns and the squishy touch of silicone, the We-Vibe Wish can be a very handy vibrator.

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