Lelo Alia Review: Could This Beauty Queen Deliver?

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You can depend on Lelo products to look good. The Lelo Alia however, takes things a step further and looks absolutely stunning. It’s an oval, sort of egg shaped, with the classic styling elements of the Lelo Insignia range, simplistic, but overall arranged in a neat pattern that makes the whole package a visually stunning piece. You’ll love that the Alia isn’t just about looks, it’s big on performance too. Let’s see how well it fares with our Lelo Alia review.

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Lelo Alia Unboxing And First Impressions

Lelo Alia Review - Lelo Alia

Lelo Alia arrives at your doorstep in a discreet packaging. Inside this package is the classy outer box that has an image of the Alia and some branding and listed features. One thing to love about the packaging is the attention to small detail. Evidently, Lelo didn’t order a bunch of boxes and shove the product in them. Your box will show the same color vibrator as the one you ordered. Just a small joy, perhaps by virtue of ordering a premium product, but it’s the little things that matter.

Following the sleeve is another box, sober and elegant with just plain Lelo branding at its top. It’s quite similar to a jewelry box. Once you remove the top of this box, you will see the Lelo Alia beautifully nestled in black satin. Talk about making a divine first impression! Items you’ll find in the box are:

  • Lelo Alia
  • Black satin drawstring pouch for storage
  • Lelo water based lubricant
  • User manual
  • Warranty registration card (1 year warranty, 10 year quality guarantee)
  • USB charging cord
  • Lelo Insignia Line brooch

The brooch looks fairly discreet, in the sense that it’s a nice design that doesn’t scream “Lelo”. Honestly though, I still fail to see the point. I’m not going to wear this brooch, but to each her own.

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Lelo Alia Build And Dimensions: Does It Stack Up?

The vibrator uses the dual material construction common to the Lelo Insignia range. The body is made of seamless silicone, with the central loop area made from ABS plastic in gold accent. Silicone on the Alia is beautiful to touch, much like most Lelo products. It feels velvety smooth and inviting; something you’ll find most Lelo Alia reviews in agreement about.

There isn’t much to find fault with the looks of the Alia, except perhaps the minor inconvenience of having to be thorough in cleaning the points where the plastic and silicone meet. Those areas can be real hoarders of lube and body fluids if not carefully cleaned. Both materials (silicone and ABS plastic) are non-porous, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and completely body safe.

Lelo Insignia Alia measures 3.4 inches from the base to the tip, and 2.2 inches across at its widest point of the oval, and through the finger loop area. The loop space measures about 1.5 inches in height and one inch across, allowing enough room to place the fingers and move the Lelo Alia vibrator comfortably.

Lelo Alia is available in three colors: Deep Rose, Black, and Pink.

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Lelo Alia Vibrator: A Performance Check

I’ll start with the result — the Lelo Alia is a powerful and amazing clitoral massager. You pass two fingers through the loop, and you’ll find your thumb naturally resting on the three control buttons.

Just turn it on, and let it glide. Since the vibrator is silicone in a matte finish, you may want to add some lube to smooth things over. Once it gets going, you are definitely going to love the sensation. Lelo Alia provides deep vibrations enough to stimulate the clitoris and the vulva.

The shape of the vibrator prevents you from going exactly pinpoint for stimulation, but the deep rumbling vibrations get close enough. A wider surface area on the vibrator, powerful vibrations, and the ability to conveniently and quickly shift modes and intensity make for a very interesting recipe.

Do not use a silicone based lube with this vibrator as it can damage the silicone body on the Lelo Alia. Prefer a water based lubricant, or maybe even an oil-based lubricant.

Results often are a satisfying orgasm, reached surprisingly quickly. And did I say it feels amazing against the skin?

Lelo Alia can technically be used with a partner as well, though its thickness and shape don’t quite agree with being sandwiched between two bodies. Give it a shot anyway, and you might just like it. Though it certainly does work better as a solo toy.

It works fairly well for other erogenous zones on the body as well, and since it is a vibrating massager, feel free to use it for regular massages as well. The vibrator is fairly quiet in its operation. Though it can be heard in the room, especially at higher intensity settings, it is unlikely that the sound will travel beyond your room.

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Lelo Alia Features Detailed



There are three buttons for controlling the vibrator, placed towards the outer flank. The (+) and (-) buttons at the extremities, with the function button in the middle. Pressing the + button for a couple of seconds turns on the vibrator, after which you can cycle through the intensity by quick presses of the + or – button.

Pressing the function button brings up the six preset patterns (including the constant vibration mode). While the vibrator works through these modes, you can also shift through the intensity of each pattern. All of those vibration options make quite a mix, and you will find your preferred mix soon enough.

Keeping the – button pressed for a few seconds will turn off the vibrator. Lelo Alia also has a “lock” function to make storage and transporting more convenient and preventing the scenario of the vibrator buzzing away and wasting battery in your travel bag because a button got bumped. You can lock/unlock the vibrator by pressing the + and – button together for five seconds.

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Charging The Lelo Alia

This vibrator comes with a built-in Lithium-ion battery. Just push the charger through the little dimple on the silicone finish at the bottom of the vibrator. You may have to put in some force a few times in the beginning, but you’ll soon get the hang of it. Anyways, once the vibrator is plugged in, an LED lights up along the control buttons. The light has the same shape as the Lelo Insignia logo, that looks perhaps a bit like an extended infinity sign.

The LED will continue to blink and eventually come to a steady glow signifying that your Lelo Alia is fully charged. It may take a few more hours for the first charge, but after that the battery will charge in two hours, and work for “up to” four hours.


The Lelo Alia is waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter. So feel free to take it to the shower, and experiment with your plays. I think this one does have some potential for use in the shower, and if you like your toys in the shower, give it a shot.

Lelo Alia Pros And Cons

Lelo Alia Review - Lelo Alia pack


  • Beautiful and alluring feel
  • Plenty of intensity and preset vibration settings
  • Easy to control
  • Has something for a very wide range of preferences


  • The two material construction (ABS plastic and silicone) can be somewhat difficult to clean

There you have it. A minor negative and perhaps not a negative at all. After all, it is really important to wash and clean your toys after and before every use.

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Lelo Alia Review: The Conclusion

Well, I’m sold on the Lelo Alia. It mates form with function very elegantly, and that’s the combo that makes it worth the price. Plus, I’m sure the numerous and powerful orgasms are worth ever penny spent on this vibrator.

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