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(Last Updated On: June 18, 2023)

If you are one ardent lover of sex toys, and you seek methods to increase the enjoyment, greetings to my 2023 dream Princess Plug roundup! Let me uncover for you some of the most unique and innovative butt plugs ready to spice things up in your bedroom.

Once you decide to open the “back door” and experience the sensation first-hand, you can try the limitless choice of sex toys you were only reviewing from time to time. One of those inventions is the anal plug, designed to be embedded into your rectum for additional sexual pleasure. It’s similar to a dildo, but slightly shorter and features a flanged end to prevent the object from becoming lost inside.

Trust me, you will penetrate into another dimension, khm – at least I finished there. 

My dildo-testing career began to feel the same with all my dongs. So, in quest of some brand-new kink ideas for a backdoor play, I did some thorough research to discover other options. These plugs are massively popular, and that was the green light I needed!

The Best Princess Butt Plugs

Good sex foreplay and relaxation are essential when you are using penetrating anal devices, and having an orgasm beforehand will help you loosen up even more. Feel free, feel naughty! 

А whole subsection of butt plugs exists for people who seek safety and a little aesthetic flair. My favorite ones are known as Princess Plugs and trust me, the stores have a lot of them lying around looking for their permanent home. 

For my top 3 Princess Butt Plugs, see below:

  1. Rear Assets Small Jeweled Metal Butt PlugBest for Beginners

If this is your first time embarking on this epic fantasy adventure, I strongly suggest you start modestly. Try the Rear Assets Small Jeweled Metal Butt Plug. Although it’s small, its tapered tip makes it so simple to insert, and the tipped base will hold it in place so you can be at peace.

  1.  Lovehoney Full Bloom Rose Sensual Glass Butt Plug Unique Rose Base

One adorable beginner to an intermediate butt plug. Made from a body-safe glass with a base in the form of a rose. How romantic! It’s slightly different in shape, providing a unique entrance experience.

  1.  Lovehoney Large Jeweled Butt PlugBest for Size Devotees 

If you are ready for pleasant and full feelings, I friendly suggest you try out Lovehoney’s large jeweled butt plug. Its widest point is 5 inches and it holds an extremely satisfying heft. But this plug is only for the professionals out there! Risking never ends well. 

What is a Princess Butt Plug

Butt plugs penetrate further into your anal opening to activate the pleasure sensory neurons. They are often fairly tiny, which is fortunate given the fact that the majority of customers who are considering trying a butt plug are anal sex newbies. And they are available in a variety of pricing, colors, and materials. 

The Princess plugs are basically the same as regular anal plugs, except that they have one adorable gem on their base. Jewelry was one of the driving factors we all aspired to be princesses. So obviously, I had to get one to know what the real buzz was really about, and there’s no denying that they’re adorable.

These fancy-named “Princess” anal plugs were the first ones I started using throughout my sexual journey. To be honest, their adorable look made me buy one in the first place, and I immediately felt like a true princess. It also came with a crimson velvet bag, which I love since it appends a ‘royal’ touch to it. Following, I’ve learned what genuine plugs are supposed to feel like, but it doesn’t make them being in my ass any less lovely.

Princess butt plugs are made of stainless steel or glass, giving you that ticklish feeling while they are still cold. You can freely use any kind of lube without affecting the metal, don’t rush to use the plug without it, it never ends well.

Avoid the tears in your butt or any critical infections. The metal makes the plug much heavier, so you won’t forget it’s there, it’s the continuous pleasant weight you’ll feel while in use. 

Their average implantable length is approximately 2.7 inches long with a base diameter of 1.2 inches. The tip is pointy but slightly rounded, and it doesn’t affect the aesthetic look or the pleasure while using.

Besides metal, they can be made of silicon. They’re easier to sanitize and are clinically secure, which makes the material highly popular for sex toys. So if you choose one of those, make sure you use water-based lubricant. You can purchase them one by one, or in sets of three different dimensions.

#1 Rear Assets Small Jeweled Metal Butt Plug – Best for Beginners

Best for Beginners
Rear Assets Jeweled Butt Plug

Check out this rosy-gold treat for your cheeks. A welcoming introduction to anal play, this gorgeous little plug is finished with a sparkly pink jewel that helps visually enhance your session, while the smooth, tapered shape means it slips in easily.

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  • Price: $26,99
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Size: 2 inch
  • Insertable Length: 3.25 inches
  • Colors: Rose Gold, Rainbow
  • Allergens: Phthalate-Free
  • Features: Flared Base, Jewelled

Don’t be terrified of using this teardrop-shaped butt plug designed to be inserted in you for sexual satisfaction. This was my first jeweled butt plug ever, and wow, was my partner shocked too! Not only him, but my butt cheeks also thanked me for this rose-gold wonder.

If you’ve never tried an anal plug before, you can simply start with the tiniest one. The Rear Assets’ Small Jeweled Metal Butt Plug is specially designed for newbies. This plug can be your introduction to the wonders of anal sex, providing enough thickness to be sensed and accomplish the business without becoming frightening. The first time it took us several tugs, but I desired my partner to do it while I was climaxing.

The plug is made of soft aluminum, extends 2 inches in insertable length, and is 3.25 inches in circumference, weighing 2.8 oz. The sides that link the base together are pleasantly neatly polished and free of sharp cutting edges. 

The placement method is not any less pleasurable than it ought to be. This affordable toy perfectly responds to heat or cold, offering much more pleasure than temperature play for me and my partner.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Adorable rose gold color
  • Perfect for temperature play 
  • Easy for cleaning


  • Still feels kinda big to get in for first-timers
  • Аfraid of it popping in

#2 Lovehoney Full Bloom Rose Sensual Glass Butt Plug – Unique Rose Base

Unique Rose Base
Lovehoney Full Bloom Rose

Forget a bouquet: with this small, sensual glass butt plug, you only need a single rose to impress. Delicately carved from borosilicate glass with a slim neck and filling 3.75 inch girth, plant this plug in your back garden for splendid pleasure.

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  • Price: $26,99
  • Material: Glass
  • Size: 3.75 inch
  • Insertable Length: 3.5 inches
  • Colors: Rose Gold, Pink
  • Allergens: Hypoallergenic
  • Features: Flared Base

Flower bouquets are history, now we choose the Lovehoney’s Full Bloom Rose Sensual Glass Butt Plug for a girly anal play. You just need a single rose to wow yourself in the back garden. The splendid things I’ve felt with this beauty – like looking through rose-colored glasses. 

Gently carved from borosilicate glass, this lovely toy has an insertable length of 3.75 inches and a narrow neck. There are absolutely no sharp edges, and the size is closely equal to the beginner plugs.

The adorable rose at the end is not just for aesthetics, but it keeps the plug safe and comfortably in place, so don’t terrify yourself again that it will slim in you. You can add more pleasure with cooling or warming, but don’t forget the lube. For this plug, you can use a silicone one. 

Full Bloom plug is more preferable for a short play, so try to use it just before sex because it’s hard to keep it in place with the lube. It’s not unpleasant, but you could feel it inside you if you lean over or stretch.


  • Adorable feminine flower design
  • Simple Insertion
  • Good for beginners


  • Not for a long-term wear
  • Might easily pop out during the intercourse

#3 Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Large Butt Plug – Best for Size Devotees

Best for Size Devotees
Lovehoney Jeweled Metal Large Butt Plug

Beautifully bulbous, Lovehoney's 3.5 inch metal butt plug boasts 5 inches of girth at its widest point and a satisfying weight of 331 grams for delicious feelings of fullness. Embellished with a sparkly jewel, this large plug looks as good as it feels.

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  • Price: $34,99
  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 3.5 inches
  • Colors: Silver
  • Allergens: Safe for sensitive skin, latex-free
  • Features: Jeweled base that adds pizzazz to play

Size Queens, assemble for delicious feelings of fullness! This jeweled plug is reserved only for the bravest ones among you as it is a full 1.6” in diameter and 331g heavy. Advanced and expanded in proportion, this Lovehoney Large can act as an incredible prostate massager if you desire. The insertion is extremely simple with the tapered tip. And you can’t lose it for sure!

Made from Nickel-free Zinc alloy, it’s the weight that makes this plug ideal for small adjustments to easily move in an exceedingly pleasant and sophisticated manner. 

The first time it went inside me, it bothered me to be honest. But after I released myself, oh man… I frequently argue with my partner over who’s going to use it because he is so excited about the wonders it does for the prostate. If it wasn’t for the jewel, I doubt that I would ever have a chance to use it.

I guarantee you that you’ll experience the greatest orgasms of your life! Especially if you play with the temperature a bit.

Overall, it looks as wonderful as it feels. The jeweled base tip keeps it safely in place, and with proper movements, you can effortlessly feel it wherever you wish. But make sure you use a large amount of lube, seriously, I mean it! The orgasms are priceless compared to this pricier option for an anal plug.


  • Satisfying size
  • Stays in place, can’t easily pop out
  • The weight adds additional pleasure


  • The end rubs the anal mount after a while
  • The neck is short

#4 Lovehoney Jewelled Heart Metal Butt Plug – Best Outlook

Best Outlook
Lovehoney Jewelled Heart Metal Butt Plug

You’ll feel like the queen (or king) of hearts with this steel plug. Boasting 239g in weight, it’s perfect for those advancing their anal adventures. While the jewel adds bling to your butt, the wide base protects you from a total eclipse of the heart.

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  • Price: $26,93
  • Material: Petite Metal
  • Size: 3.5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 2.5 inches
  • Colors: Silver
  • Allergens: Safe with all the lubricants
  • Features: Adorable heart-shaped jewelry base 

This glamorous anal plug can instantly win your heart with its own. It looks super adorable, “prettying up” the area that is not always considered as attractive. Amazing for solo play, or with your partner. I’ve used this little gem a couple of times now with a splash of water-based anal lubricant and it has never let me down! 

I ended up finding it to be quite pleasant for first-time usage, gratifying yet tiny enough to be comfy for an extended amount of time usage. Of course, with a sufficient amount of lubricant to ensure that there is no friction or discomfort when inserting! Аnyone interested in balanced prostate stimulation should certainly give this toy a serious look.

The pink gem reflects daylight in an almost too beautiful way for something that’s supposed to square up the rectum. The 2.5 inches of insertable length metal coldness can be an additional pleasure on your anal journey. 

Sparkle up the experience between your peachy cheeks, and put pressure on your internal hot spots. The fridge can be your friend too, cooling the plug for even larger satisfaction.

The pink gem reflects daylight in an almost too beautiful way for something that’s supposed to square up the rectum. The 2.5 inches of insertable length metal coldness can be an additional pleasure on your anal journey. 

Sparkle up the experience between your peachy cheeks, and put pressure on your internal hot spots. The fridge can be your friend too, cooling the plug for even larger satisfaction. 


  • How pretty and adorable it looks
  • Мind blowing orgasm
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Sometimes hard to take it out

#5 LuxGem Pink Jewelled Metal Butt Plug – Best for a Smoother Entrance

Best for a Smoother Entrance
LuxGem Pink Jewelled Metal Butt Plug

Formed from weighty, cool metal, this stylish butt plug offers pleasurable anal fulfilment finished with a sparkling pink gem. Enjoy the sensations of insertion as you ease the plug in and delight in the extra deliciousness its cool body brings.

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  • Price: $34,95
  • Material: Petite Metal
  • Size: 5 inches
  • Insertable Length: 4 inches
  • Colors: Silver
  • Allergens: Latex-Free, Phthalate-Free
  • Features: Adorable heart-shaped jewelry base 

The very first thing that made me attracted to this plug was its unique shape for bum fun and the elegant finishing touch. This toy chose to keep things nearer to the erotic cavity’s opening, whereas most plugs have the major girth near the toy’s border. 

It’s another nickel-free zinc steel toy, thus it still has the same hypersensitive and thermal properties as any other zinc alloy princess plug. Its tapered tip and contoured graduation body make it a very simple toy to insert and enjoy. It isn’t necessarily designated for professionals only, although it is broader than the other plugs.

It’s made of temperature-responsive metal, and it isn’t too bulbous, which is a pleasant bonus for some. You can enjoy the pleasures of penetration as you slip the plug in, and savor the added pleasure that its cold body offers. The body is narrow throughout, with a long tapering tip that only gets bulbous at the plug’s neck. 


  • Easy to insert
  • Ideal for individuals who want a thinner plug
  • Satisfying weight for extra stimulation


  • The shape doesn’t give a full, stretched feeling

Princess Butt Plug Buying Guide

If you consider buying a butt plug, I sincerely recommend you to get a princess one. Its purpose is not only to provide anus sensation to your sensory nerves but also to make you feel lovely and charming. Like a real royalty, it will feel like wearing jewelry rather than an anal plug.

When purchasing a plug for the first time, avoid getting the largest one available and try to play it safe. See where it will take you, as not everyone enjoys having it inside, especially if it’s large.

If you decide to go for a metal one, always look for a Nickel-free zinc-alloy one- especially if you have sensitive skin. The bonus here is that you can also provide a temperature play for you and your partner. Spice things up! Other non-porous materials that are safe to use include silicone and glass plugs.

The tip always needs to be rounded: sex is for pleasure – not pain! Therefore, make sure no one gets hurt, and always look for a T-bar-shaped one – you don’t want it completely inside you. 

Verdict and Conclusion on Lovehoney Jewelled Heart Metal Butt Plug

I never consider myself as a go big or go home type. I prefer to play it safe. Therefore, if I have to choose one, I would definitely go for the Jewelled Heart Metal Butt Plug from Lovehoney. I really find the size, shape, and overall look just like custom-made for me.

Oh, the things I’ve felt with it, escaping from the basic vanilla sex. And I can simply express my love for my partner by just pointing the plug’s heart in his direction! 

Take notes, chocolate hearts and flowers can do nothing for you in the bedroom, but the hearts and flowers-shaped anal plugs are simply a must-have. Especially for those who love to use sex toys anytime and anywhere!

So, perhaps, this answers anything you’ve been wondering about princess plugs. Now you can run along to get your favorite one and see where it will get you. Lube up!

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