Wearing a Butt Plug All Day – The Myths and the Facts

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Is it completely safe to wear a butt plug the entire day? Does the shape and size matter? Do I have to go to the loo more than I normally would? – If you’re into anal sex play, these are some of the questions that you might have. 

In this read, we will cover the various elements related to wearing a butt plug for longer durations, and also have a look at some of the myths surrounding this topic.

Let’s get on with it..

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What is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a sex toy that is inserted into the anus to stimulate nerve endings for sexual pleasure. During sex play, it is meant to be placed and remained in the anus for maximum pleasure as it stimulates the G-spot (for women) and P-spot (prostate stimulation for men).

Like most other sex toys, butt plugs are available in various shapes, sizes, materials and colors. If you’re new to this type of kink, we suggest that you try with the smaller ones.

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Can You Wear a Butt Plug All Day? – The Myths

First, we will give you some myths about wearing a butt plug for longer durations:

2-4 Hours is the Max Time

You might hear people say that the maximum time for wearing a butt plug is somewhere between 2-3 or at the most 4 hours – well, this is a myth.

Although sex toy manufacturers or even some health experts advise that butt plugs shouldn’t be wore for longer durations, but they only try to be conservative with their approach. There is no scientific evidence to back this claim or recommendation.

As long as you’re maintaining top-notch hygiene and doing it safely, there is no reason to take it out after a couple of hours if you don’t really want to.


Wearing It For Too Long Can Kill You

This is another myth that gets attention from time to time. Butt plugs, just like any other sex toys out there, are meant to be used in a certain way and by following safety and cleanliness guidelines. If you are not making any compromises there, you’re good – oh and no it won’t kill you!

Gaping Can Be Permanent

Regular or prolonged use of a butt plug might result in gaping of your anus, but it is just for a while. There are myths about butt plug usage that mention about the gaping element being permanent, and that your anus will never get back to its original shape.

Yes, the sizes or shapes of the butt plug do play a role as far as gaping is concerned, but regardless which specific type of butt plug you’re using, your anus will not lose its original state.

Can You Wear a Butt Plug All Day? – The Facts

Now here are some facts about extended butt plug sessions:

Might Result in Discomfort Rather Than Pleasure

If your body was used to a 2-3 hour of anal insertion every day, and all of a sudden it becomes 24 hours, then yes it might cause discomfort – at least in the start. Longer durations of wearing a butt plug, especially when you are in a public place or at work, might cause you discomfort if your anus is new to it.

It takes some time for your pelvic floor muscles and nerve endings to adjust to longer anal insertions. However, the moment you feel the pain or discomfort is getting way too much, it is better to take it out rather than spend your day with a weird face.

Don’t Go Pro Right Away

For those who are new to this type of anal sex play, we suggest not to kick off your kinky desires with a huge or a thick butt plug. It is better to start with smaller toys to get into a nice rhythm for a couple of days or weeks before you go to the next level.

Moreover, try not to make a big jump in terms of the duration as well. If you have been using it for shorter durations like 1, 2 or 3 hours for, let’s say a year, then it is better to gradually increase the duration rather than wake up one day and decide to wear it for the rest of the day.

Trying Without a Lube Can Hurt

Well, this one really goes without saying, really. Some women even need lube before each session of vaginal penetration, anus is way more tighter and smaller than your vagina!

There are some individuals or couples who like to enjoy sex the natural way, without using any lubricant. However, when it comes to anal sex plays, not using a lube can really hurt your pelvic muscles.

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How to Wear a Butt Plug?

Although you can improvise and innovate a lot with almost every sex toy, here is the basic way of using a butt plug:

  • Make sure there is no compromise on the hygiene factor. You and your partner’s sexual organs, along with your sex toys should be 100% clean before you start with those kinky fantasies.
  • Use as much lube as you can to avoid pain or discomfort during the entire sex play.
  • Begin with small insertions, a finger usually works the best. Slowly insert the butt plug into your anus, making sure your pelvic muscles are relaxed. A tensed hole can result in an anal tear.
  • Once the anus is nice and relaxed, fully insert the butt plug and leave it there during the entire time you’re having sex with your partner.

Our Final Thoughts on Wearing a Butt Plug

I once had a partner who told me that once a girl starts having sex wearing a butt plug, she would never want to have sex without wearing it. A lot of women share the same view about wearing a butt plug, it gives immense pleasure and stimulation during sex.

Wearing it for longer durations at home, work or any public place can make your otherwise hectic day, nice and relaxed. Just make sure to disinfect your toy after every use, and follow all other safety and cleanliness guidelines.

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