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(Last Updated On: September 2, 2023)

Each penis is unique to its owner. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and shades from the fairest pink to the most exotic purple, with varying degrees of thickness. None, despite what the man may believe, hang perfectly. They will go left, go right, look to the ceiling, or face to the floor. 

Regardless of their demeanor of confidence, many men feel inadequate and have concerns over their appearance. What they all fail to realize is there is no standard for comparison. Everyone is normal for their body’s makeup and functionality. 

It’s no different from trying to fit someone else’s nose to your face because it looks better.  Well, it looks good in combination with their other features and the shape of their face. But how do you know you’ll have the same result. If you were to barter penises with a ‘better hung’ man, would it function in the same way to Impress the partner in the house? Would it even be ‘compatible?’

Is Size More Important To A Partner Or You?

Sexual pleasure does have basis in how two people fit together comfortably. Each person has a preference in the way they like to feel, whether their pleasure comes from a penis with significant thickness or a thinner choice. Some partners enjoy a shorter length as opposed to overly extended. Find out if size really matters at .

The most important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself. Everyone tries on different people to see who ultimately fits the best. You won’t always be someone’s ideal, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ultimately be someone’s perfect. Once you can embrace your own ‘member’ and grow to be confident with who you are, pleasure will come sexually with the right person.

Methods For Girth Enhancement

Once you feel the benefits of expanding your girth outweighs the reasons not to, it’s wise to speak with a doctor or another medical provider about what you’re dealing with. Health practitioners can offer advice, answer questions, and provide recommendations in a comfortable setting. Some options of note include:

  • Device or Sleeve Enhancement: Pleasure sleeves kind of resemble a condom, but when you slide your erect member into the opening, there’s typically texturing on the inside (and often on the outside) to add stimulation for the experience. 

It serves both partners in a toy capacity but adds girth and size giving you an elevated confidence and increased self-esteem. The claim is they also allow a longer-lasting erection. They’re made of a hard material meaning if you go soft during intercourse, you don’t need to end the pleasure for your partner.

  • Injections:  Injections given on an outpatient basis have the potential of increasing penis girth using soft tissue filler. The course involves up to five injections which claims to advance girth size as much as approximately 70 percent.

Doctors of plastic and cosmetic surgery who typically provide injections for other parts of the body including facial and lips typically do penile injections as well. Before you sign on for something invasive you should always ensure that you do extensive research looking for the following: 

  1. Licensing
  2. State board certification as a plastic surgeon
  3. Testimonials from patients who received similar procedures
  • Surgery: The maximally invasive technique used to increase the size inclusive of length and girth is surgery using the ‘Penuma device.’ From those who have had the procedure, reports indicate overall satisfaction with the results. It involves placing a crescent-shaped piece just under the skin, over top of two tissues that have a spongy consistency, noting to fill with blood upon erection. The implanted piece is custom for each person.

With surgery there are always risks to consider. It’s important to talk to your primary provider who can help you in making an informed decision as to which option would ultimately be the best for your specific needs. Read the price for enlargement surgery here.

There are also a million sex toys available all over the market that can offer massive amounts of pleasure for both partners. They can be a simple means to stimulate intense arousal or used to spice things up throughout intercourse. Enjoy a trip to a real-time ‘toy’ shop to add to the anticipation of what lies ahead for the evening. Or you can order online if you prefer to spare your privacy.

Final Words

Despite the reasons for your desire to enhance the size of your penis, ultimately it comes down to pleasure. Sex is a normal, natural human need and in order to participate and enjoy that experience, each person has to feel self-assured in who they are and what they have to offer. 

If you lack confidence surrounding your penis, no sexual experience will be satisfactory for either of you. You’ll always be disappointed when you’re supposed to be having fun with it. 

The moment you notice things going downhill, you should start with toys as an initial step, particularly the penis extender sleeve. It’s a noninvasive way to add size for the specific moment of pleasure, increases stimulation, and even expands on the duration of the erection.

In this way you’re both having an incredible time, self-esteem levels are high, and you haven’t made a permanent alteration that you may not be happy with in the long-term. 

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