Lelo Hula Review: How Far Does It Go With Twists And Turns

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Lelo Hula is an intriguing sex toy. It’s pleasure, it’s fun, and it offers a touch of naughty in the form of play with your partner. The Hula starts as a novelty item, and before the novelty wears off, there’s a good chance you’ll have fallen in love with it. Or at the very least, become buddies. The twisting and turning of Hula beads has a lot to offer, and a lot to play. This Lelo Hula review touches all this toy can do, and what you can expect from the Hula.

Lelo Hula First Impressions And Introductions

Hula arrives in the classic Lelo packaging that we’ve come to love and appreciate. Within the discreet packaging and elegant box, you will find the following:

Lelo Hula Review With A Twist And A Turn - Lelo Hula Beads packaging
  • Lelo Hula Beads
  • Wireless Remote Controller (SenseMotion Controller)
  • USB charging cord
  • Satin storage pouch (drawstring)
  • 2 AAA batteries for the remote
  • A sachet of Lelo water-based lubricant
  • Warranty registration card (1 year warranty and 10 year quality guarantee)
  • Instruction manual

That’s quite a set, and with some familiar elements. The USB charging cord is short, maybe only a few inches and lacks a wall charger. While you could conveniently charge it using a computer’s USB port, it is perhaps best to keep your discreet toys at a better point.

Besides, not much good can come off keeping a vibrator on your table. Lelo Hula is also a part of the Insignia range, which would also explain the use of metal accented ABS plastic, the signature combination of the Insignia range.

You must have noticed that the SenseMotion remote needs its own batteries. Make sure there are always extra batteries available, so you don’t run out of juice midway. The SenseMotion remote is extremely important to the Lelo Hula beads. Lelo Hula is available in three colors: Black, Deep Rose, and Ocean Blue.

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Lelo Hula Beads: A Scale To Their Dimensions And Construction

The Lelo Hula and its remote are built from the same lovable material, i.e. the velvety smooth silicone we see on so many Lelo products. Lelo Hula and the remote are the same color, speaking for uniformity. The bottom of the Lelo Hula Beads has an ABS plastic cover that also connects to a retrieval cord (also ABS plastic).

Silicone and ABS plastic are excellent choices for this use as they are non-porous, hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and completely body safe.

The Hula beads take an interesting shape, mimicking (to some degree) beads placed one top of the other. It creates a nice figure-of-eight type shape that allows for different motions of each bead.

As for dimensions, the beads are about 4.5 inches in length, and 1.5-inch thick at the widest point. The beads are completely insertable and that’s exactly how they are designed to work – remember to keep the retrieval cords safe and available!

The lower bead of the Hula vibrates to give vaginal stimulation, while the upper bead rotates to give the g-spot a nice massage.

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Lelo Hula Beads Vibrator And Performance Critique

Hula Beads are a specific niche and are completely insertable. This may cause some consternation to the new user, but the experienced users won’t have a lick of problem in getting it to work (and inserted). It is perhaps easier for those of us who use tampons. Anyways, it is a good idea to lube it up before you insert these vaginal pleasure beads. Prefer to use a water-based lubricant when dealing with silicone dildos and stay miles away from silicone lubricant.

To start, press the (+) button on the Hula Beads as well as the SenseMotion Remote, and give them about five seconds to pair up. Once the pairing is done, you will be in SenseMotion Mode 1, with the remote holding the power of control over the Hula Beads.

Controlling Lelo Hula Beads With SenseMotion Remote

In the first SenseMotion mode, the Hula beads respond in intensity to the orientation of the remote. Keeping the remote horizontal will have the beads at 10% intensity, which increases to 100% as you take the remote to a vertical position.

Pressing the function button () will take you to the second mode, where the intensity of the vibrations depend upon how fast you shake the remote. While this is an interesting setting, it is difficult to not be affected by the humor of the gestures required.

Imagine yourself, or your partner vehemently shaking the remote to keep the intensity going. I suppose it is going to be a few seconds before it’s time to hit the function button again.

In the third mode, the Hula Beads and the SenseMotion remote shift to the classic Lelo patterns and intensity settings. You can use the function button to cycle through the five pre-programmed patterns while using the + and – buttons to control intensity. Pressing the function button at the last pattern setting will take you back to the first mode with tilt-controlled intensity.

I enjoy the novelty of the gesture based modes, but I much more prefer the non-distracting working of the conventional pattern and vibrations. To help keep your partner in tune with the intensity of vibrations, the remote vibrates at the same intensity as the Lelo Hula beads.

In theory, it is nice to have the SenseMotion remote vibrating with the same intensity as the Lelo Hula beads. However, the remote can be quite noisy, and kills the possibility of public play. You can’t just find the right setting and switch the remote off either, as that puts the beads in standby mode.

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Using Lelo Hula Beads Without The Remote

If you want public play, and to get rid of the continuous vibrations of the remote, it makes better sense to simply use the Lelo Hula beads without the remote. There is a single button on the Hula beads, and of course, it won’t be accessible once the beads are inserted in the vagina. So simply power up the beads, find the setting of your choice, and then insert it.

Hula beads are fairly quiet in operation and can be nearly undetected in areas with some background noise. They’re fairly comfortable while inserted, so you won’t appear completely out of place. On the negative side, there will be no changes in patterns or intensity unless you take out the beads and change the pattern again.

There aren’t many limitations when the beads are inserted. Walking around, doing minor chores etc. is no problem at all. Sitting does require some care, but that isn’t much difficult either. Plus, public play adds a bit of that nice, forbidden-fruit excitement and sentiment to enjoy.

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So Does It Work?

Well, yes and no. It’s fun without a doubt, but getting an orgasm depends more on how your body likes the (relatively) gentle vibrations of the Lelo Hula beads. There is no clitoral stimulation involved and the rotating head usually just rubs past the G-spot rather than massage or stimulate it. Of course, each body is different and there is a good chance the Lelo Hula beads may work for someone, but they don’t quite seem capable of hitting the spot. At least not without help from a bullet vibrator like the Lelo Mia 2 or some other vibrator to provide clitoral stimulation.

As I see it, the Lelo Hula beads are amazing for some fun. Enjoy that time. Then use another vibrator to reach the orgasm that the Hula has been building up.

More Features On Lelo Hula

Lelo Hula Review With A Twist And A Turn - Lelo Hula Vibrator

Charging And Battery

The beads have a built-in Li-ion battery. To charge, simply plug the charger at the end of the Hula beads at the ABS plastic canopy. A white light will start blinking to indicate that the device is being charged, and will turn steady once charging is done.

The battery usually requires 2 hours to charge, though the first charge may take longer. In fact, it won’t be a terrible idea to let the Lelo Hula charge overnight for its first charge.


Lelo Hula is 100% waterproof up to a depth of 1 meters. Some waterproofing is necessary, considering the usual point of work for this vibrator. Interestingly though, the charging point is open and ready for work. Lelo says the point is internally sealed, so it can take some water without the risk of damage. Of course, don’t start charging if it is wet!

An obvious problem would be that the charging cavity will collect lube and body fluids, adding an extra amount of work for cleaning. A small price to pay for the convenience.

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Lelo Hula Review — Pros And Cons


  • Fun to use and enjoy as a couples game
  • Enjoyable
  • SenseMotion remote
  • Novelty use of vibrating and rotating action
  • Great for those who like some “public play:


  • Expensive
  • Low power

Lelo Hula Review — Conclusion

Coming straight from the Lelo Insignia line, the Lelo Hula is a novelty touch on enjoying with the beads. The SenseMotion remote is an excellent technology, and can work with several other Lelo toys as well, so it becomes an important accessory once in your hands. Lelo Hula beads are worth buying for the novelty and fun they offer, and if you can work with gentle rubs for the g-spot, it is just what you need. However, if you require more intense vibrations and a better price, the Hula may not cut it.

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