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Glass Dildos are the new attraction for G spot and anal stimulation; There are different kinds of clear glass dildos available in the market that will take your orgasm to a new level. But before deciding whether to switch to or take up these anal dildos, we will guide you through every detail that glass dildos have to offer. 

Most sex toys available are soft and fleshy, but the best glass dildos are superior to them. The quality, shape and size of glass dildos are put together to bring about a new way of enjoying your time with your partners. All you need to do is gear up and give it a shot.

What are glass dildos?

Glass dildos are very beautifully designed, and probably what you can fear the most is whether it will break inside, but we can assure you that clear glass dildos are about the most miniature breakable glass objects on the planet. They come with textured bodies, smooth surfaces, and bulbous ends, which increases the stimulation inside the anal and vagina. The anal dildo gives an experience of pleasure like no other. Adding a little lubricant to the clear glass dildos can juice things up as they become more versatile and can be used in innovative ways to play with your body. They are also super easy to clean and easy to insert. In this regard, it is much different from silicon lubes, which require a copious amount of lubricant in the first place to feel comfortable during insertion.

Are glass dildos safe to use?

Coming to some scientific terms, glass dildos are made up of borosilicate glass which is unlike the glass that your car window is made of. It can resist all types of thermal and chemical conditions. To be precise, Pyrex (which is a subset of borosilicate) is used to make the best and most clean glass dildos. It is resistant to temperature changes, durable and shatterproof. Anal dildos will never break when they are used properly and are hypoallergenic and highly hygienic. 

One thing that you should be careful about is that the glass dildos should not be dropped on any hard surfaces. It is recommended to retire the clean dildo even if it appears to remain perfectly fine as there may be tiny fractures which probably will not be visible to the naked eye, and it will not be safe to put inside the body. We recommend you check the quality and buy a high-quality clean glass dildo. 

Benefits of using a Glass Dildo

  • Glass Dildos are non-porous.
    When tiny, microscopic holes are present in the dildos, sharing sex toys is not advisable as it can lead to urinary tract infections. The benefit of anal dildos is that they are solid on the touch, which does not make them hard necessarily, but they are much more hygienic. 
  • Glass Dildos are compatible with any kind of lube.
    It quickly establishes a connection between the sex toy and the part of the body you want to put it in. This is a considerable benefit anal dildos can produce over silicone ones.
  • Glass Dildos have the added benefit of temperature play.
    Temperature play generally includes using ice cubes or warm oil to rub over the skin. But clean dildos can be heated at a specific temperature or put in a freezer to induce a certain kind of sensation on the body part it is applied to. 
  • Glass Dildos help in re-sensitizing the pussy in some instances.
    If your vagina goes through numbness and pain during sex, then anal dildos can re-sensitize your pussy to pleasure. Though it is suggested that you visit a gynecologist for the matter of pain and numbness as you can have some medical issues. But losing sensation in your vagina can be common due to emotional or physical stress in general, and that is why anal dildos can revitalise your pussy.
  • Glass Dildos are fairly easy to clean than other sex toys.
    As anal dildos and other sex toys are used on your most sensitive parts, it is a must to clean them regularly after every use. Clean dildos are free from any harmful products and chemicals found in silicone and metal dildos which are less and less hygienic.

Tips on using a Glass Dildo

  • If you pay close attention to a glass dildo, you will notice that even a swirling or a not-so-smooth surfaced dildo also produces smoothness on its surface in contrast to its texture. 
  • Clean glass dildos are perfect for you if you are interested in temperature play. It can control the temperature and add a certain tingly effect through your spine all of a sudden. That is why they are perfectly submersible. It can be warmed up in hot water or kept in the freezer for a certain amount of time to create the desired effect.
  • The most important thing while inserting a dildo is the use of lubricant. Both the dildo and the inner and outer parts of the labia should be lubricated at first after the vaginal opening is smoothed. Then as the labia are spread open by your middle and index finger, the shaft is inserted in and out as the moisture spreads evenly throughout.  
  • While using the glass dildo, you should not rush but rather think rhythmically as the movement of the dildo follows it. Slowly the movement should be amplified. If the dildo has a curve, it should be pointed at the G spot and giggled. Most women require rubbing the clitoris for stimulation in addition to vaginal penetration to reach the climax. You can always explore your own way too, which gives your ultimate pleasure. 
  • Cleaning the dildo with water after the enjoyment is necessary and very important for hygiene, and it should be maintained all the time. 

The Best Glass Dildos

  1. Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set
  2. Lovehoney Nubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo
  3. Gläs Pure Indulgence Glass Anal Dildo 8 Inch
  4. Icicles No 38 Glass Dildo with Leather Flogger
  5. Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 7 Inch (Our Top Pick)
  6. Icicles No 5 Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo 7 Inch
  7. Crystal Glass Wand Dildo Penis
  8. Lovehoney Crystal Heart Wavy Glass Dildo
  9. Lovehoney Marbled Sensual Glass Prober

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set

[lasso ref=”tracey-cox-supersex-glass-dildo” id=”6140″ link_id=”9320″]

This clear glass dildo (and the pink one) is ideal for couples who want to indulge in roleplay, etc. The clear one has four kinky bumps, while the pink one has 8 bumps. They stretched my perineum perfectly and had perfect texture for clitoral stimulation (making it one of the best anal glass dildos I have ever come across).


  • Circumference – 4.5 inches
  • Total length – 9 inches
  • Insertable length – 7.5 inches

Key Features

  • The clear glass dildo had a gentler curve to target the G-spot (or the P-spot). 
  • The pink glass dildo boasted two different ends to insert inside your pussy and raised ‘bumps’ to create perfect stimulation.


  • It’s bendy enough to ensure the perfect penetration and stimulate your G-spot and is probably one of the best glass dildos out there.
  • It’s also really easy to clean using soap and water. 


  • The clear glass dildo could do with a few more bumps to make for better stimulation.
  • The bags provided could be a bit beefier to protect the two glass dildos.  

Lovehoney Nubby Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

[lasso ref=”lovehoney-nubby-textured-sensual-glass-dildo” id=”6144″ link_id=”9318″]

This is a beautiful clear glass dildo featuring stimulating nubs for your and your partner’s pleasure. I could not wait to unbox it, as it was touted as one of the best anal glass dildos, and try it out. I can safely say it is, if not the best, one of the best glass dildos I have come across. 


  • Circumference – 3.5 inches
  • Total length – 6 inches
  • Insertable length – 7 inches

Key Features

  • This clear glass dildo is a first-of-its-kind temperature-responsive toy and is really one of the best anal glass dildos I used.
  • It features nodules or nubs which stimulate your erogenous zones for an extra pleasurable experience. 


  • Unlike other glass dildos or clear glass dildos, it can be used with almost all lubricants.


  • The bulb end of the glass dildo needs to be carefully handled as it gets very slippery. 

Gläs Pure Indulgence Glass Anal Dildo 8 Inch

[lasso ref=”glas-pure-indulgence-glass-anal-dildo-8-inch” id=”6155″ link_id=”9322″]

This is another beautiful glass dildo featuring a natural curve that stimulates your G-spot (or P-spot, if you will) and also performs clitoral stimulation. It has a smaller bulb at the base, which I found very handy for controlling the range (making it one of the best glass dildos considering the convenience) and power of the clear glass dildo’s thrust. I found it to be one of the best anal glass dildos I bought online. 


  • Circumference – 6 inches
  • Total length – 27 inches
  • Insertable length – 6.5 inches

Key Features

  • This is a hypoallergenic clear glass dildo that can be used by all bodies and genders for an exciting release. 
  • It is made up of 100% Borosilicate glass. 


  • You can submerge the clear glass dildo in hot or cool water and then use it to pleasure yourself. 
  • The tip stimulates the nerve endings of the vagina or anal cavity. 


  • It can stretch you too much or make you feel really ‘full’ if you don’t use adequate lube. 

Icicles No 38 Glass Dildo with Leather Flogger

[lasso ref=”icicles-no-38-glass-dildo-with-leather-flogger” id=”6163″ link_id=”9328″]

This clear glass dildo features attached accessories like suede fronds for whipping your partner. If you are feeling really adventurous, use it to tease and pleasure your partner and indulge in some sensory play. It is probably one of the best anal glass dildos on the market right now.


  • Circumference – 5 inches
  • Total length – 27 inches
  • Insertable length – 6.5 inches

Key Features

  • It is made up of 100% Borosilicate glass. 


  • The wide, ball-shaped end or bulb of the clear glass dildo is shaped perfectly to ensure maximum G-spot stimulation


  • The shine of the flogger wears off within a few months.
  • The leather material could be of higher quality, along with extra tails.

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 7 Inch

[lasso ref=”lovehoney-beaded-sensual-glass-dildo-7-inch” id=”6166″ link_id=”9329″]

This sensual glass dildo is beaded for your and your partner’s satisfaction. When I unboxed and used it, I found it perfect for prostate stimulation. It also features glass which can be cooled or heated as you want. 


  • Circumference – 4.25 inches
  • Total length – 9 inches
  • Insertable length – 7 inches

Key Features

  • Beaded and curved texture allows for greater flexibility and stimulation of erogenous zones (a must-have feature for your best anal glass dildo)
  • It is unisex, meaning it can be used by people of all genders for vaginal or anal stimulation.  


  • Temperature play certainly adds to the flexible and long insertable length (making it one of the best glass dildos I have ever tried). 


  • When used for anal stimulation, the girth of the product might prove to be too much for some people.
  • Since it’s a rigid toy, it requires plenty of lube. 

Icicles No 5 Sapphire Spiral Glass Dildo 7 Inch

[lasso ref=”icicles-no-5-sapphire-spiral-glass-dildo-7-inch” id=”6170″ link_id=”9330″]

This splendid clear glass dildo is shaped uniquely. When I opened it to test it out, I was amazed by the curved nature of the glass dildo. Looking at it, it is one of the best glass dildos aesthetically. 


  • Circumference – 4 inches
  • Total length – 7.5 inches
  • Insertable length – 7 inches

Key Features

  • Completely submersible clear glass dildo with a beautiful raised spiral structure.
  • It is ideal for massage or insertion (vaginal or anal). 


  • The insertable length and girth of the clear glass dildo are absolutely perfect. 
  • It’s non-porous. Thus no bodily odours or fluids are retained.


  • The wide base certainly makes it a bit difficult to play with it after lubing it, as it might slip. 

Crystal Glass Wand Dildo Penis

[lasso ref=”amzn-crystal-glass-wand-dildo-penis-akstore-heart-of-glass-pink” id=”6179″ link_id=”9331″]

This crystal wand glass dildo comes in two colours (pink heart and clear) and features waterproof, hypoallergenic material that I found extremely comforting. It can actually be called one of the best anal glass dildos of all time.


  • Circumference – 1.2 inches
  • Total length – 8.4 inches
  • Insertable length – 7.5 inches

Key Features

  • It is not made of silicone and is convenient for use on vacations or in discreet situations. 
  • The clear glass dildo makes optimal use of its texture to stimulate your erogenous zones without making it awkward or painful. 


  • The product is extremely easy to use and can be used with any lube you normally use for clear glass dildos. 
  • The anal orgasms are intense as it reaches deep inside. 


  • The insertable length is more than that of other products and requires familiarity before using it for the first time. 

Lovehoney Crystal Heart Wavy Glass Dildo

[lasso ref=”lovehoney-crystal-heart-wavy-glass-dildo-6-inch” id=”6174″ link_id=”9332″]

This glass dildo made me really excited when trying it for the first time. They said it was great for beginners and could be used with any market lubricant (conveniently making it one of the best glass dildos or even the best anal glass dildos for beginners) for clitoral stimulation. 


  • Circumference – 4.5 inches
  • Total length – 8 inches
  • Insertable length – 6 inches

Key Features

  • The shapely curves massage your internal erogenous zones perfectly.
  • The flared tip and heart on the handle ensure you have a good grip, and it is suitable for beginners and clitoral stimulation. 


  • You can heat the clear glass dildo or cool it before using it, and the insertable length is perfect for either vaginal or anal or clitoral stimulation. 


  • Even after applying lubricant, it can feel a bit dry as the curves take up a lot of lubricants and quickly wear out (something which the best anal glass dildo should not have).

Lovehoney Marbled Sensual Glass Prober

 [lasso ref=”lovehoney-marbled-sensual-glass-prober” id=”6177″ link_id=”9333″]

I have been using glass dildos, including anal glass dildos, for quite some time now. Simply put, this was probably one of the best anal glass dildos I encountered in some time, especially for clitoral stimulation. 


  • Circumference – 3.25 inches
  • Total length – 7.5 inches
  • Insertable length – 5.5 inches

Key Features

  • This anal glass dildo looks really beautiful and is made for the ultimate anal and clitoral stimulation with a curved shaft.  
  • The girth is of perfect size and is ideal for people who look for beauty as well as utility in anal glass dildos.


  • The blue spiral runs down the entire length of the shaft and has ridges that make for better stimulation (making it one of the best anal glass dildos). 


  • The ridges also make it very difficult to handle once you apply lubricants, especially if you want anal glass dildos with better grip. 

My personal favourite glass dildo:

I have used anal glass dildos and clear glass dildos like nobody else (especially for clitoral stimulation). In my opinion, the best glass dildo is exactly the one that affords you the most pleasure and comfort. The Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo, unlike others of its kind, is ideal for temperature play which enhances your clitoral stimulation. It also provides a more heightened orgasm when you use it with your partner. Therefore, it is undoubtedly my best friend!

Also, it was pretty easy to hit my G-spot with this dildo. The black velvety storage box that Lovehoney provides is good for storing it. This clear glass dildo is a spectacle to behold, to be honest. 

Quick FAQs related to using glass dildos:

  • How to clean a glass dildo?
    The dildo should be kept under fairly warm tap water as you use your hand to rub its surface from top to bottom to clean it. The flush lubricant and the bodily fluids are cleaned at once. A sex toy cleaner can be spread evenly across the surface. If liquid soap is used, then it should be poured into your hands and applied to the surface of the glass dildo. It can be dried out in the air, or a lint-free cloth is used.
  • What are some creative ways to use a glass dildo?
    Glass dildos are designed to keep temperature stability while you use them. It will help you sense the world of cold and hot without worrying about any time limit.
    There are also different types of anal dildos available which can create different types of sensations and have different features based on their shapes and sizes. You should check all of them out.
  • Are they durable?
    Yes, they are extremely durable and can last up to a few years if you use them right. Just follow the instruction manual, and you’ll have a best friend that pleases you, for decades *wink wink*
  • How to heat up a glass dildo?
    Hot dildos feel more natural when they are penetrated. It can also be used for massaging different areas of the body. A bowl of water which can hold the dildo in it should be heated up, and the dildo should be placed in it for about two minutes. 
  • What is the best lube for glass dildos?
    Water-based lube is often considered the best lube because of its non-staining and user-friendly nature. For people having sensitive skin issues and vaginal discomforts, this is the perfect lube to use with any sex toy, for that matter.
    Silicon-based lube is the best to use if you want a more slippery sensation for a prolonged length of time. It will also make your skin soft and silky after using it. 
  • Glass dildo or metal dildo; which is better?
    There is an obvious answer here which is a glass dildo. Glass dildos are much safer and have a whole lot of cool features that make them much better than metal dildos. Metal dildos can sometimes be too rough for penetration, but it all boils down to what kind of sensation you are looking for.

The Final Word:

To be honest, glass dildos (anal glass dildos especially) scared me a lot initially. I always wondered if my best glass dildo breaks or gets stuck while stimulating or using it with my partner. However, once I started using glass dildos, especially for clitoral stimulation and penetration, there was no going back. I fell in love with the ridges and beads they offered, along with the perfect stimulation of my G-spot. If you are looking to spice things up with your partner or to pleasure yourself, look no further. Just go out and get yourself a clear glass dildo and some lube. 

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