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(Last Updated On: August 11, 2023)

Since the dawn of humanity, penis size has been a point of consternation for many. There are readily available claims on how to make your dick bigger. Anything from emails in your spam folder to websites with flashy ads will claim easy methods of penis enlargement. Men with worries about how to make my dick bigger often fall for such scams and hollow promises. Let’s take a look at common techniques, and the promises they offer on how to make your cock bigger. We’ll lift the veil to see what truth lies in these claims.

Penis Pumping And A Bigger Dick

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One of the most common and advertised techniques for making your dick bigger is penis pumping. You are very likely to run into something like this option if you try looking for penis enlargement solutions. It is a pretty common technique, and at the very least, one with visually satisfying results.

Using A Penis Pump For A Bigger Dick

Penis pumps are also known as vacuum erection pumps. The device creates a vacuum, ostensibly forcing more blood into the penis and increasing its size. It is a visually pleasing effect for men desiring to make their cock bigger. As the pump strips air from the tube and creates a vacuum around the penis, more blood will flow to the penis. This blood flow will cause the penis to enlarge, the change being clearly visible.

A penis pump usually has three major parts for its construction:

  • A tube that covers the penis and holds the vacuum
  • A seal that goes around the base of the penis to ensure the vacuum stays
  • A battery-powered or hand-powered pumping mechanism to create a vacuum

How To Use A Penis Pump

When preparing to use a penis pump, start with applying lubricant to your penis. This will make things smoother, and greatly reduce any chance of irritation. Put the penis into the tube, and place the seal to ensure the vacuum will stay. Next, turn on the pump and pull out the air. Within a few minutes, you will see a noticeable change in the length of your penis as the blood flow causes an erection. At this point, you may also see the penis growing larger than its regular size when erect.

The kicker is, once you remove the pump, you’ll see the penis go back to its original size, or rather, the size it is when usually erect. If you’ve ever wondered how do you get your dick bigger, the penis pump is an interesting choice. It is not a practical choice since the penis will go back to its regular, erect size when removed from the vacuum.

Benefits And Considerations For Using A Penis Pump

The penis pump is useful in several scenarios, mostly for people who suffer from mild erectile dysfunction. Sufferers of mild ED will find that the penis pump is useful in getting, and sustaining erections for a relatively long period of time. Consult a doctor and have them prescribe a penis pump for treatment.

Those employing a penis pump may also consider a cock ring like the Tor 2 or Oden 2. The c-ring can help sustain erections and may even make sex more enjoyable for you and your partner. Keep in mind, c-rings are not meant to be used for more than 30 minutes.

While there are no major side-effects of using a penis pump, users may see small red spots on the penis. These are usually caused by mild bleeding under the penis surface due to effects of vacuum. A penis pump should be comfortable, painless, and have a mechanism to prevent the vacuum from getting too strong. An overly strong vacuum can damage the penis.

As for penis enlargement, there are no solid benefits of a penis pump. You might even find medical research to back claims of pumps making a dick bigger. Keep in mind, that’s mostly cherry-picking and solid medical evidence remains unavailable. While some people may see the dick get bigger inside the pump, the effect does not last once the vacuum is removed. So do penis pumps make your penis bigger? The answer is no, at least not in terms of any lasting benefits.

Pills And Supplements For A Bigger Cock

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A lot of people claim that they can make your dick bigger by feeding you pills. Some may have found an ancient secret recipe for a bigger dick. Others may claim to have reached it with the wonders of modern science. Generally speaking, the pills usually contain herbs, minerals, and vitamins.

Some pills have even been found to contain harmful chemicals like pesticides. I write this so you know there can be harm in trying. So don’t try these pills, even just for the heck of it. Supplements are a poorly regulated market. Don’t take your chances there.

So will pills help make your dick bigger? The answer is no.

If there was a pill that could make your dick bigger, rest assured you would not see it advertised via spam mail. Or other shady advertising methods manufacturers of these pills use. A pill like that would be proclaimed from the top of buildings and there would be stampedes at pharmacies. It may be slightly exaggerated, but you get the picture. Stay away. Pills will not make your dick bigger.

Jelqing For A Bigger Dick

Jelqing is described as an ancient technique for penis enlargement. In theory, weights, tensioners, or your hands are used to stretch the penis. Over a period of time, this will lead to the dick getting bigger, thanks to all the stretching it receives. Proponents claim that the underlying effect of jelqing is quite similar to bodybuilding in general. Let’s dig deeper and see how solid these claims are.

How To Perform Jelqing?

The following are the steps usually followed when performing jelqing. Start with lying down on your back or sitting somewhere comfortable. Apply lubricant to your penis – it can make the experience far more convenient and comfortable.

  • Many people recommend that the penis not be fully erect when you start.
  • Make a ring shape with your index finger and thumb, and use this to grab the base of your penis.
  • Slowly move your fingers from the base to the top. You should apply light pressure on your penis, though making sure not to overdo it. Do not press the glans.
  • Repeat the above motions for about 15 minutes.
  • You may perform this for about 4-5 times a week.

Theory Of Jelqing For A Bigger Dick

According to proponents of jelqing, the motions of this “exercise” cause greater blood flow into the penis. With regular exercise, the penis learns to accommodate greater blood flow, resulting in a bigger dick. Another theory is that the movement causes tiny tears in the penis tissue. As a result, new cells are created to fix the tear. Regular practice gives you a girthier and bigger dick. This is quite similar to how bodybuilding or gaining muscles work. So, that should mean you get a bigger dick too, right?

So How Effective Is Jelqing?

Let’s start with the bodybuilding theory. There are no muscles in the penis, so it makes no sense to assume you would see similar effects. Since tissues are not muscles, there is no point in expecting they will behave like muscles. If those claimed micro-tears are forming in the penis, they’re more likely to damage the penis, not make it bigger.

Ouch! In fact, if you put too much pressure, you can risk scarring, erectile dysfunction, and even give the penis an unnatural curvature. I’m inclined to say that the known, medically evidenced risks far outweigh the purported, anecdotal advantages.

On a different note, men, if pulling at the penis made it bigger, you know you’d be hung like a horse before you finished your teens. Yes, yes, I know jelqing is slower movement compared to masturbating, but you know the whole bodybuilding theory for the penis is baloney.

Penile Traction And Other Penis Stretching Methods

Other than penis pumps and jelqing, some people recommend penis stretching methods to get a bigger dick. The most common amongst these are penile extenders and penile traction devices.

Penile extenders usually involve pulling at the flaccid penis. This is done in the hope that the continuous stretching will result in the penis accommodating the length and getting bigger. At the end of the day, you’re the dude hanging weight by his penis. It is a terrible approach and can cause permanent damage to the penis. Stay away from this method.

Penile Traction devices, however, seem more promising. There is some evidence that penile traction could help a man gain one centimeter or even slightly more over a use of six months.

Penile Traction Device For A Bigger Dick

Penis extenders or penile traction devices usually work on a simple principle. Generally speaking, the device will pull at a flaccid penis, and some gains can be seen in about six months. The device usually consists of a ring-shaped base resting on the pubic bone and holding the base of the penis. Rods extend from the base of the device leading to a flexible band. The band is placed near the tip of the penis. Rods used are measured and calibrated.

The device has to be worn for about 4-5 hours every day. Minimum time for treatment can be six months. There are some initial medical claims that the device can be helpful in making your dick bigger. However, more research and studies are needed before the claims can be taken as factual.

As of now, most medical practitioners continue to be skeptical as the claims for the efficiency of this device have minimal proof. Since the device requires constant checks and calibration, consult your doctor before you undertake this task. Poorly placed devices can cause harm and may damage the penis. So if you must try this, seek the advice of a well-trained doctor.

Surgery For A Bigger Penis

Surgery is often touted as the most reliable way to make your dick bigger. While it certainly isn’t snake oil like most penis enlargement recipes, it’s far from perfect. Many medical practitioners comment that most men would run from surgery if they truly understood the risks. Let’s take a look at the most common surgical options.

Increasing Penis Girth With Fat Injections

As the name implies, this surgery involves increasing the girth of the penis by fat injections. The fat for use is usually harvested from other body parts of the patient. When properly injected, the fat can increase the circumference of the penis. The claims for gain in circumference range from one centimeter to four centimeters — both of which are very impressive numbers.

The downside here is that over time, the body will reabsorb the fat from the penis. This causes the penis to go back to its original shape within a few years. It may not sound so good, but this is the best possible outcome of this surgery. Other results include disfigurement, scarring, and even infection.

There are other methods being considered, including the use of biodegradable frames to increase circumference. However, this treatment is still experimental and not yet in widespread use.

Penis Enlargement Surgery To Get A Bigger Dick

Penis Enlargement is the most commonly used surgery to make your dick bigger. This involves cutting off a ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. Once freed from the constraint of the ligament, the penis can extend further. A piece of skin is placed at the base of the ligament to keep it connected to the pubic bone. An increase of about one to two centimeters can be seen in the length of the penis after this surgery.

It has massive downsides. The gain in length may actually be available only to the flaccid penis. That means even after surgery, your erect dick will measure the same as before. It will, however, not be as high erect as it used to be, because the ligament does not offer enough support. In some cases, the erection may actually point downwards. Even if the change in direction of the erection is not that extreme, there will still be a change. This odd angle of the penis can make sex uncomfortable, and even unenjoyable.

How To Make Your Dick Bigger — The Better Way

There are some techniques that can help make your cock bigger. They certainly are more effective than most snake oil treatments that get sold in the name of penis enlargement. So read on to see how to make your dick bigger, the safest and best way.

Focus On Your Fitness

A lot of men don’t reach their full potential with erections. This usually happens because they’re not getting enough blood flow to the penis. There may be underlying medical causes, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and increased cholesterol to name a few. Lifestyle choices like smoking, and general lethargy and reduced activity can cause less blood flow to the penis. The lower the blood flow, the further your erection from its full potential.

So start with getting your body in order, with a focus on your cardiovascular system. The healthier you are, the greater the chance of your erection meeting its full potential. Just to put it out there, a healthier lifestyle and body also means you’ll be getting and using your erections for a longer portion of your life.

Drop Some Weight To Get A Bigger Dick

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Being overweight can be a big block in the way of you getting a big dick. Continuing from the previous point, being overweight is also one of the reasons for reduced blood flow to your penis. To make things worse, if you’re overweight, your body is going to deposit some amount of fat in the supra-pubic area.

This region is located right above the base of your penis. Deposits of fat at that area obscure the base of the penis, making the effective visible penis length shorter. In some cases, people dropping weight, and those that underwent liposuction found as much as 2 centimeters of gain in penis length. That’s a better increase (and with better results) compared to any other method, including surgery.

Trim The Pubes

Careful landscaping never hurt anyone. Trim your pubes and push back that lush garden you’ve been keeping. It won’t increase your penis size, but it certainly will make your dick look bigger. And it’s overall a more hygienic practice anyway.

Get Comfortable With Your Dick Size

Stop worrying about making your dick bigger, and get comfortable with your dick size. At an average, the penis measures 5.5-inches globally. Most men fall within one-inch of that range. While you may be tempted to compare and compete with the penis sizes you see in porn, keep in mind those actors are specifically chosen for that part.

Learn how to make your sexual trysts more enjoyable for you and for your partner. Learn how to lick pussy, and make things more exciting in the bedroom, including getting adventurous with amazing sex positions. Point is, rather than worrying about how to make your dick bigger, learn to use it better. Make things more fun in the bedroom, and get adventurous.

How To Make Your Dick Bigger — The Bottom Line

Many men agonize about penis size. Worrying about how to make your dick bigger is an exercise in futility. It is likely that you have an average penis size, and that is perfectly fine. Rather than worrying about your dick’s size, learn to use it better during sex. Knowing how to show your partner a good time goes a long way, as does staying healthy and in great shape. There are plenty of purported solutions to get your dick bigger. Most of them come from snake oil salesmen, even if wrapped in carefully crafted marketing. Don’t fall for scams.

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