7 Oral Sex Positions To Give Her An Amazing Time

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Oral Sex Positions For Her - Representive ImageOral sex is amazing — and couples love giving as much as receiving. Simple penetration isn’t the road for an orgasm for most women, and some clitoral stimulation is always appreciated. It is time you up your game and give her some amazing oral sex. Cunnilingus takes technique and skill to master, and while you work on that with experience, we’re here to help you out with amazing oral sex positions that will nudge her on the way to orgasmic bliss.

1. The Classic Oral Sex Position

Why fix it if it isn’t broken? The classic oral sex position can work as well as any exotic position. You, the receiving female, lie on your back with your knees bent. Your partner’s face is placed between your thighs while they lie on their stomach or are propped by their elbows. Simple, intimate, and sensual, this one of the basic yet rewarding cunnilingus positions.

The only drawback here is that this position lacks the dynamics or action of more exotic positions. That’s not a deal breaker though, and the simple positioning it offers makes it accessible and comfortable for both parties involved. Play your cards right and this can be the best position for oral sex.

You can always add more to the position by getting your hands in on the action. Maybe hold the head of the giver and match their rhythm with grinding. Or let him place his hands around your waist and take some control.

2. Doggystyle Oral Sex Position

Doggystyle is a versatile sex position, and its uses seem to be only limited by imagination. There are two ways you can approach the doggystyle oral sex position for women. In both these scenarios, the receiver will be in the classic doggystyle position — on your knees and palms pressed against the bed. Your partner’s approach is what makes the difference.

The first version is where the receiver is in the doggystyle position, straddling the giver between her legs. Lying on his back, or supported by his elbows, the giver can then start with cunnilingus.

For the second position, the giver approaches you on his knees, as in regular doggy style. Then he bends over and starts with the oral sex. This position is also one of the best oral sex positions for moving seamlessly to analingus.

3. The Role Reversal Oral Sex Position

The Role Reversal simply switches positions between the male and female, transitioning the classic position of the blow job to a cunnilingus position. You stand upright while the giver is down on his knees. An interesting twist that makes this more interesting as the best oral position, is to have him face the same direction you are, rather than starting face to face.

He will have to angle backwards to give you cunnilingus. You will have a great view of what is going on, including watching him play with himself as he pleasures you. An amazing oral sex position for her, the Role Reversal puts the receiver in the dominant role, without making her feel exposed or uncomfortable.

You can make this a more sensual experience by wearing something like a skirt or a dress. That leaves the door open to fantasy, using his interest as a way to excite him. He will find moving the skirt out of his way quite hot.

4. The Deep V Oral Sex Position

The Deep V is the oral position variation of the V Sex Position. Simply lie on the bed, and hold your legs apart in a V shape, inviting him with a beautiful view to give you oral sex. In case holding your legs apart in the V shape isn’t comfortable for you, enlist the help of your partner. If that isn’t convenient either, bring your legs together, bend them at your knee and hold them at your chest.

As he gives you oral sex in the Deep V position, he should continue to massage your inner thigh and vulva with his hands. This increases blood flow to the vulva and can result in amazing orgasms. Due to the relative ease this position offers him in massaging your thighs and vulva, this is an amazing oral sex position for women — many women say they’ve had toe-curling, screaming orgasms in this position.

5. All Hail The Queen Oral Sex Position

Oddly named as it is, this is an amazing oral sex position puts you in a dominant role. You will practically be face-sitting the giver, straddling his head between your thighs. He will lie straight on the bed, while you can lower yourself into position and adjust the position to whatever suits your fancy. You are the queen.

Be sure not to place too much weight on his face, and do allow him enough room to breathe. Straddle, don’t smother! If you feel like your legs are getting tired, you can enlist him to provide support with his hands placed under your hips. Or, you could bend backwards and support your weight on your hands. It could be worthwhile to bend forward, putting your weight on your knees and arms, thus also reaching the doggystyle oral sex position we discussed above.

A downside to this position is that many women see themselves as “exposed”, or vulnerable in this position — ignoring the dominant position for oral sex that it offers.

5. Bon Appétit Or The Cliffhanger Oral Sex Position

The Cliffhanger oral sex position for her gets literal by putting you on the edge of a bed or table. If you are on the edge of the table, expect the Bon Appétit moniker as an allusion to the giver eating out. Crass as the naming is, I can give it some points for humor.

Anyways, back to the topic, The Cliffhanger has you placed at the edge of a table or bed, while he places his head between your thighs. You may add some spice by pulling your legs apart as in the V oral sex position, or by crossing your ankles around his neck. Or simply lie down and relax while he does the work. The big downside here is that this position lacks intimacy – no thanks to terrible naming!

6. Peace Out Oral Sex Position

Peace out is a relaxing, intimate, and somewhat dominating sex position. You sit on a chair, relaxed and laid back. Your partner uses his fingers on either side of the clitoris to stimulate it, and then ultimately goes in for cunnilingus.

This position is targeted straight at the clitoris, and your partner’s deft movement of fingers and tongue will let you enjoy the wonders of clitoral stimulation as you relax in the chair. You can put one leg over your partner’s shoulders to give them more space to work. Peace Out Oral Sex position allows pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris, putting it in the league of best cunnilingus positions.

7. The Swiper Oral Sex Position

Putting together pleasure and play, The Swiper has you lying down on your back, while your partner does her job between your legs. You can place a pillow below your hips to raise your body a bit and make things easier for her.

Swiper oral position requires her to place her mouth on the clit and parts of labia, and create a gentle suction. Then she proceeds to move her head side to side, or in circles while maintaining the suction — the direction and speed are entirely your preference. It’s simple, intimate, and excellent at overwhelming you with waves of pleasure.

Best Cunnilingus Positions — The Conclusion

The best oral sex positions are dynamic, intimate, and sensual. These are the things that make the experience more pleasurable. Your partner’s skill certainly comes in handy and is a huge factor in deciding your pleasure and orgasm, so be communicative and tell them what feels right and what they should be doing. The best positions for oral sex are what you enjoy, so be clear and communicative to be sure that your partner knows exactly what you want. And don’t forget to return the favor!

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