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For over the past two decades, fleshlight has remained one of the most famous sex toys out there for men. Available in different textures, colors and other physical aspects of the product, fleshlight can take care of all your fantasies and kink.

Even though this toy has only two major components – the cylindrical case and the soft sleeve, you can use it in a number of different ways. It all depends on what gives you the most pleasure!

Here, we have compiled a list of ways you can use your fleshlight to get the most out of it.

The Basic Preparation

Before we discuss some exciting ways to use this amazing toy, let’s get the toy all ready and set up.

Remove the Stick

If you have bought a new fleshlight, there will be a stick inside the sleeve that is inserted to protect the toy during transportation and handling. Since the material of the sleeve is extremely soft, this stick is an important component to keep it intact.

Before you start playing around with it, do not forget to take out this stick from the toy.

Warm Up the Sleeve

Soak the sleeve of your toy in warm water to give you a more real and fleshy feel, almost like a real vagina. However, do not use a microwave or very hot water (boiling temperature), as it might damage the toy.

Once it’s nice and warm, fit the sleeve into the case. The vagina opening side of the sleeve pops out and the rest of the sleeve fits firmly into the case with the help of a silicone lip. The silicone lip gives the sleeve a firm grip, regardless of how your strokes might be.

Lube Up Your Toy

Since you will be penetrating it nice and deep, it is better to apply a water-based lube to the sleeve and let it run down inside the toy. Avoid using silicone-based lubes as they might cause damage to the toy.

Apply some lube to your penis as well as it will give you nice and smooth strokes right from the start.

Using it the Traditional Way

Once you’re all set, get comfortable in your bed or any other place that is peaceful and gives you privacy. Find the best porn clip from your favorite website, or simple play from one of your saved videos. The category and quality of porn plays a vital role in masturbation, so you need to make sure you have the right video clip that gives you the best erection.

The traditional or classic way means that you are using the fleshlight with your hand, either while lying down straight, in a sitting position on a couch or while you’re in a standing position. 

Depending on which position you like, start masturbating and enjoy! 

Add Some Innovation and Excitement

Here are some ways to spice up your sexual fantasies using a fleshlight:

Use a Shower Mount

Using a shower mount for your fleshlight can give you an amazing experience while you’re in your shower. This accessory firmly fits on the shower wall and holds the fleshlight in place using a suction cup

Try not to install the mount under direct water contact, as your lube will rinse away. Also, avoid use of soap, shampoo, shower gel or any of your toiletries that might give you a nice sensation, but could damage the sleeve that could eventually result in painful strokes.

Doggy Style and Missionary Mounts

Add some spice to your masturbating sessions using mounts specifically designed for missionary or doggy style sex positions.

These handsfree accessories give you a real feel to your sexual fantasies and most-loved sex positions. Also, using your fleshlight in a traditional way for too long might result in monotony and boredom.

Use a LaunchPad

If you have a long-distance partner with whom you want to have a steamy video call session, or you want to watch your favorite porn on a bigger screen, a fleshlight launchpad can be a really good addition to your collection of sex toys and accessories.

It is designed in a way that grips your iPad while letting you access the home and volume control buttons. The rugged design on both sides give you a perfect handgrip, no matter how enthusiastic or steamy you get while masturbating.

Pillows or Cushions

If you do not wish to spend on accessories or if it seems like too much work, you can try out a DIY method by using a pillow or a cushion.

Place your fleshlight between the top of your mattress and multiple pillows, cushions or even blankets to add some weight on the toy for a better grip. This will give you a nice, hands-free experience during masturbation.

A Shoe

Another DIY hands-free method is to use your shoe – a sneaker with a low profile works best for this.

Place your fleshlight inside the shoe and use the laces for a firm grip. Once it’s all nice and ready, enjoy your hands-free missionary sex position without spending extra money on an accessory.

Cleaning Your Fleshlight

Cleaning a fleshlight is easy and quick. All you have to do is rinse the sleeve using warm water or a toy cleaner (you can get it online from a sex toy store or Amazon) and let it dry for a while. Avoid using soap or any other liquids or detergents. 

Once the toy is dry, use some fleshlight renewing powder to maintain the original texture and material of your toy.

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