5 Smart Sex Tips For Long-distance Relationships

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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2023)

Couples in long-distance relationships often struggle to keep alive the spark of intimacy. After a while, it can get difficult to keep up with your partner physically and emotionally. They are challenges enough, but keeping connected sexually is a more difficult task. Physical intimacy is an important part of romantic relationships and distance often sucks it out right away. Well, it’s the modern world and there are ways to get around the physical distance. Here are some ideas to try.

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1. Get Comfortable With Sex Toys

Sex toys are an excellent way to spice up long-distance relationships and bring a semblance of intimacy. Sexual gratification can go completely unaddressed in long-distance couples because there is no means of physical intimacy. Sex toys can help bridge that gap. The idea isn’t to simply masturbate using sex toys but to share the experience and intimacy. Long distance sex toys can make it happen. 

These toys are designed to operate in a pair and respond to sensations. Movement on one sex toy can influence the action on another. All you need is the sex toy, compatible apps, and a good internet connection. 

There are several toy combinations available to suit different preferences. As a general example, consider a male masturbator and a vibrator for women pair. The faster you thrust into the masturbator and move it, the higher is the intensity on the vibrator. It works the other way around as well. The sensation may not be as good as the real thing, but it is intimacy and sharing the moment that counts, and it works fabulously on that front.

2. Go Beyond Sexting

Sexting is the mainstay for couples in long-distance relationships. It’s a solid way to stay connected and intimate. In fact, research suggests that sexting may indeed feel empowering. So, keep up with the constant flow of raunchy texts and nudes to each other. But why stop there? Make sexting spicier and more fun. 

Dropping texts and nudes at unexpected moments is a nice touch. You could also consider having email accounts specifically dedicated to sending nudes or “special requests.” Keeping a separate email account means you can access it whenever you want, without worrying about the content or prying eyes in public.

While you are busy with all that, don’t forget other tools that modern technology puts at your disposal. Make it a point to Skype, FaceTime, or use whatever your favored platform is. A video chat and a lively conversation are great for emotional as well as sexual intimacy. There’s a reason the term Skype Sex exists, use it to its full potential!

3. Send Each Other Some Gifts

It’s only natural for long-distance couples to send each other gifts and care packages. How about adding some erotic ideas to the mix? Send your partner some “dirty” gifts. These can be quite the same as the sex toys mentioned above or other creative gifts you can find. Erotica, DVDs, or maybe just some of your personal items. Check out the best vibrators for your women, if you plan to give her a big surprise.

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If either of you is so inclined, you could send your undergarments to your partner! Women especially get a great response for sending over their lingerie. And there is always the option of gifting your partner sexy undergarments for their use (and for your eyes).

Additionally, whenever you visit each other during this long-distance relationship, make it a point to leave a sexy present behind. It’s a reminder of the time you spent together and the fun times to come. Even something as simple as a dirty love note can be quite a wonderful gift. 

4. Roleplay And Explore Your Fantasies

Some roleplay and exploring your fantasies are great for a relationship, whether you’re long-distance or not. Give your imagination some leeway and let your desires shine. Give your fantasies time and play your roles. If you’re so inclined, weave your desires into roleplay and fantasies. It can be about your intimate moments with toys or Skype Sex, or even regular sexting. Just break the shell that keeps your activities from being repetitive.

Extend it to something of a game format where you challenge your partner to do specific tasks. Maybe forbid them from masturbating for a time or give them a specific time to masturbate. Or have them perform something while you chat. Make sure to reward your partner for completing the tasks and be sure to honestly completing your tasks as well.

5. Planning For When You’re Together

An interesting offshoot of letting loose your fantasies is that it can influence the time when you’re together. Couples obviously look forward to the times when the distance won’t be a problem anymore. Weave it in with your fantasies and make a to-do list of things you will do together. 

The erotic things, fun things, and even the mundane everyday things. Plan for them and encourage yourself for a better time on the horizon. Because yes, even with all the technology and the fun things we do even when apart, it is the promise of being together soon that makes it all bearable. So get creative and plan for everything. Make it a nice mix of something you will both do, and maybe also a few things that you will each do for your partner. 

Consider it both a tease and a promise. Remember not to go overboard! To be completely honest, it is tough to not go overboard when fantasizing about things to come. But that can risk limiting all your plants to fiction. Let your desires flow in some and keep some ideas more grounded. That way, you’ll have a solid place to start and a wonderful checklist to accomplish together.

Some of these ideas can feel a bit ‘out there’, but exceptional times demand exceptional measures. Balancing emotional and physical intimacy gets difficult in long-distance relationships and it’s desirable to keep the flame passionately burning. You shouldn’t have to feel a need to get reacquainted with your partner. The best way to do that is to never let the sexual and emotional grasp of your relationship weaken.

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