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I must say it’s been a long time since I tried my first cock massager. Back then, I had to make do with a basic pocket pussy that couldn’t even vibrate along the length of my shaft! Not to mention choosing the exact size and girth wasn’t exactly a luxury we had.

However, through the years, men’s pleasure toys have only gotten more and more advanced. How so? Let’s see.

In my search to find something new and exciting for some self-lovin’, I came across the Lovense Gush – a flexible and easily adjustable glans massager you can use without involving your hands. It’s a soft and snug fit that you can glide up and down or just control remotely – I leave this entirely up to you.

And to even think that, at one point, I really thought I was one of the few that used a penis massager. Turns out: over 44% of adult men in the US have used some kind of vibrator in the bedroom. You could even say this is a positive thing, as genital vibrators can enhance sexual function – one of the many benefits of their usage.

Well, I’m guessing all this gushing about probably got you a bit curious about the Lovense Gush. So, why don’t we delve into the details together?

Continue to read my fabulous Lovense Gush review and decide whether it’d be a good fit for you. And who knows – you may even have a better experience than me!

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What Is the Lovense Gush Hands-free Masturbator?

The Gush is one of the most popular penis mastrubators from the Lovense sex toy series for men. It delivers a vibrating silicone band that stimulates the glans, or, more specifically, the head and shaft. 

On that note, you can adjust the flaps to your preferred tightness level, and the ergonomic interface is angled for maximum pleasure. 

Another great thing is that you can use it hands-free and have a discreet and enjoyable outdoors trip! To have an even better time, you can search for more techniques that will bring you health benefits while spicing up playtime.

And when you thought things couldn’t get any better, this massager offers you full control (by you or your partner) via the Bluetooth app. Easy to use and connect, you can sync it with all Lovense toys that are related to the app.

Gush by Lovense Specifications

I wouldn’t be sitting here talking about the Gush if it wasn’t worth every penny. Let’s continue our Gush Lovense review and discuss all the features that make this penis glans massager better than a pair of hands:

#1 Luxurious Packaging

The first huge plus for me was the quality of the packaging and the amount of care that’s gone into it. This is usually a tell-tale sign a product is high-quality and that you can expect a positive experience.

The Lovense Gush handsfree masturbator comes in luxe packaging. Once you peek inside the box, you will find your new best sex buddy neatly wrapped. You’ll also get a user manual with it. 

In the box, you will find a nice, elegant storage bag and a USB magnetic charger. Also, in the discreet package, you will find a one-year guarantee and a CE certificate. 

Very classy

#2 Long-lasting, First-Rate Materials and Unique Design

The Gush massager is constructed of soft silicone and ABS plastic for the logo and the controls. It has a beautiful darker hue of green, and the ABS plastic comes in silver. So, not only is it practical – this nifty toy is made to look good, too.

Another thing is that this product is constructed with safe-approved materials that are safe for the skin. The overall design is one of a kind since it simultaneously provides internal and external stimulation.

A great thing about the design is that it is 100% waterproof, and you can definitely have it accompany your shower or bath sexcapades! Like other Lovense products, this one also has an IPX7 rating. That means you can immerse it into a 1-meter depth, leave it for 30 minutes, and still have its functionality.

Also, you can customize it for your specific needs since the silicone flaps are pretty adjustable and match all penis sizes. The insides of the silicone flap have rims that prolong and intensify the pleasure. 

Finally, the product is a breeze to maintain and clean. Just use water and soap and it will wash off all fluids right away!

#3 Power Strength

Like all the Lovense brand products, the Gush is designed to deliver intense, robust vibrations that target the most sensitive areas of the glans. Its flexible flaps hug the glans, while its powerful motor provides potent stimulation. 

It is a match made in heaving for anyone looking for a powerful and versatile massager in one. So, to make things more interesting, since the Gush stimulates the glans, you can explore another erogenous zone like the frenulum and have a mind-blowing happy ending.

A capable motor is what makes a good vibrator, and in this case, this penis massager has a small but competent one. Since it provides various vibration patterns, you can switch between them frequently to avoid overstimulation.

Excellent Stroking Movement

#4 Create Your Own Vibration Patterns

The Gush lets you create your 10 favorite vibration patterns and flip through them whenever you like. If you are a more sensitive guy and high-level stimulation is not for you, you can adjust the massager to more gentle stimulation and choose a lower vibration mode from one of the 4 preset ones.

If you want to spice things up, you can always tune your Gush to a melody you like, which will surely be an unforgettable experience for you and your partner!

#4 Quiet Yet Potent

This Remote control penis massager is quite the discreet little devil. This is not to say you won’t ever hear a sound. However, even if you play your device on the max, it still would not be as noticeable as other vibrating toys. 

On that note, you can take in the vibrations quickly, and you won’t have to worry about muting them, especially in already-busting environments. That means you can use it even when around people or outside your home. As long as you’ve made sure you wouldn’t be disturbing anyone – by all means, go to town!

Nice and slow!

#5 Battery and Charging

Don’t worry – your Gush package will arrive with a USB cable. You’ll have to connect the cable with the device and then, plug it into a USB port. You’ll probably have to wait an hour for the device to charge fully. Once it’s complete, you can unplug the charger and start using it (only after you’ve cleaned it, of course). 

The battery is durable and generally lasts from 1 and a half to 2 hours. However, this entirely depends on the mode you’re using and the vibration intensit. 

Another beautiful thing about this sex toy is that the manufacturer has included some high-tech touches like magnetic charging. This feature will undoubtedly prove worthwhile when it’s time to scrub your Gush clean.

#6 Maintenance

Since the Gush cock massager is made from high-quality material, the silicone is pretty straightforward to clean. Make sure the water is lukewarm and get an antibacterial soap. 

Since the device is waterproof, you won’t have any problems with water entering the massager.

A friendly tip: Don’t use hot water or freezing water temperatures. When you are done, rinse it and take a towel to dry it thoroughly. Additionally, choose a lint-free towel and dry all the water residue. 

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#7 Improved Sex Life

Did you know using the Gush may provide prolonged erections and help with ED? So, if you’ve been struggling in the bedroom, consider adding a vibrating toy to the mix – it just might help.

Another thing about using a masturbator such as Gush is that it can assist you in sleeping better, relieve stress, improve your mood etc. Similarly, it can also help you to increase your stamina and improve your self-esteem. This will lead to understanding your needs and ultimately having a better sex life. 

Lovense App for Remote Usage

We love how Lovense pushes its limits with all-new sex tech, such as Bluetooth-controlled penis massager. The app is available for desktops (MAC and Windows). Additionally, all of you smartphone users can find it on Google Play Store or App Store. It is really simple to download and implement. 

You don’t have to pay a dime for the amazing Lovense Remote app You can set it up quickly, create a profile and connect with your partner in minutes. 

You can also connect your Gush with other products from the Lovense line, such as Hush, Edge 2, Max 2, Hyphy, and Lush 2. To sync the app with your massager, you only need to press one button on the Gush and instantly connect.

Also, the software allows you to match several brands’ products so you can tailor them to the same intensity and speed for you and your partner. With the Gush, all you have to do is turn on the app and let your imagination go wild! Just remember that the device must be connected to the internet to function remotely.

How to Use Lovense Gush

Setting up and using this excellent massager is quite effortless. All you have to do is charge your device and lube it up! Additionally, click on the power-up button, and the device will turn on.

To pair it with the app, you need to download the Lovense Remote app and search for your device. Just click on your device’s name, and you will be all synced in. Therefore, you only have to pair it once – after that, your device will be memorized. 

After that, it’s time to put on the Gush and let it work its magic on your shaft! You can adjust the included band to match the exact tightness and intensity level you prefer. So, if you get a thrill from the pain, you can tighten it to do just that!

You or your partner can manage the remote and hands-free features. You can set the pattern’s speed and power however you choose. That’s right – you have the complete freedom to alter the preset vibe patterns.

If you are more of a traditional kind of guy, you can stoke your partner and play with the controls directly on the device. What is also interesting is that you can even add music to the device and create quite a sexy vibe.

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Overall Thoughts

My list of benefits above explains exactly what makes the Gush by Lovense a must-have for your sex toy drawer. In fact, very few toys catered to men can match the versatility and elasticity the Gush provides. So, you could imagine my excitement while unpacking this bad boy!

I was pleasantly surprised by the lush look of the Gush! It was slick, soft, and relatively uncomplicated to set up. You could see and touch the quality of the design’s material, which was a huge plus for someone like me who’s rather sensitive to cheap, inexpensive materials.

I quickly skimmed over the guidelines, immersed the Gush in anti-bacterial soap and water mix, and dried it off. Once it was all nice and clean, I got some lube, spread it all over my shaft and the Gush, and was ready to gush with pleasure! 

Generally, the immediate feeling was like the subtle flaps were snuggling my dick. Mixing and matching the controls was plenty of fun, although the higher-intensity vibrations weren’t the right fit for me. Thankfully, the Gush is versatile enough to accommodate even the most sensitive, so I quickly got used to the sensation and started to really like it. 

But enough about me and my dirty little secrets – I want to know more about you. Would you get the Gush, and if so, why? Let me know in the comments down below, and share this review with a kinky friend!

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