What Does Sex Feel Like for Men ?

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Having an amazing sex is a feeling that is gender-specific. Being a man, you wouldn’t know what a great orgasm means for a woman, and similarly, being a woman, you wouldn’t know what it feels like going inside a woman’s vagina.

As far as the male perspective is concerned, we surveyed a male-only group of individuals to know what they had to say about their experiences and viewpoints about having sex, and how does it really feel like.

In this read, we’ll share some interesting responses from our survey, and later on we’ll discuss our findings. So let’s get on with it.

Our Survey – What Sex Feels Like (Male Respondents Only)

We reached out to 10 individuals and asked them about the way they felt after having sex, this is what they had to say about it:

(Real names have been hidden as our respondents didn’t want to reveal themselves)

Guy # 1

“The funny part is my brain gets more aroused than my penis.”

Guy # 2

“It’s a feeling that is not easy to explain in words.. But if you really wanna know then I’d say it’s like someone is hugging and cuddling your penis from all directions!”

Guy # 3

“It feels warm and cozy inside her vagina.. And doing it without a condom is way better!”

Guy # 4

“Well, it’s just the most relaxing and soothing feeling a man can ever get.. Depending on the level of intimacy you have with your partner, the sensations that you get with each stroke is just out of this world.

And if I want to feel more intimate, a missionary position works best as it allows me to look at my partner, kiss her everywhere, say her name, etc.”

Guy # 5

“The best way to release stress.”

Guy # 6

“Feels very warm and soft inside, especially if she’s all wet inside – the way you like her to be.”

Guy # 7

“It’s the only place where a 1-way ticket would work for me.. You just don’t wanna exit that heavenly place!”

Guy # 8

“To me, sex has felt different over the years.. It’s not just about the physical aspect of it. Of course, the penis and the rest of the body feels nice and relaxed after having sex with someone you have feelings for, or even with a hooker.

However, the more important part is the emotional connection and attachment that you develop with your partner. And how they respond to it before, during and after you have sex. As a young man, I used to just focus on the physical pleasure of getting laid. But then as I got into more serious relationships, I realised that giving pleasure to your mind and soul is far more significant than what your body feels.”

Guy # 9

“I used to think masturbation is good… and when I got laid for the first time, I told myself that good isn’t great, so never settle for good in your life. Go for greatness 🙂

Oh and yes, practicing safe sex is also good, but ever since I am into a serious relationship, I really don’t wanna do it with a condom on.. haha!”

Guy # 10

“What my body feels? It’s a squishy and warm feeling inside…. What my mind feels? An intimate moment and a good way to strengthen my bond with my lover.

Also, different sex positions give me different feelings. For example, the doggy style and the rest of the rear positions give me way deep, intense sensations as compared to going missionary on my lover.”

Our Findings

Even though it wasn’t a big sample that we had for this survey, there were some interesting points that our respondents made. 

Here are our findings:

The Pleasure Your Brain Gets

Regardless of the gender, there are usually two major elements associated with having sex – the physical side and the mental or emotional side. 

Physically, a male’s penis is at the frontline to receive all the sensations and pleasures during sex, however, the brain is an equal recipient of the pleasure that gets translated into peace, comfort and relaxation for the brain.

According to a study, there is a strong link between the physical and psychological aspects of sex or sexual stimulation that result in pleasure. The more physical pleasure you get before reaching an orgasm, the more psychological pleasure you get with it, and vice versa.

Wearing a Condom VS Going Natural

Yes, we understand the importance of practicing safe sex, and being vocal and honest about your take on this subject with your partner. However, there is a huge difference between what men feel while having sex with a condom and without it.

Our male respondents in the survey did talk about the difference of sexual pleasure that they get while masturbating, while having sex with a condom and while having sex without a condom. The winner was, without a doubt, having sex with no condom on.

This is because all the sweet spots of a penis are in direct contact with a woman’s vagina, and there is no layer that really affects the level of pleasure for a man. Moreover, the hot juices of a woman’s vagina are better felt when it’s being done the natural way, without wearing any protection.

However, in no way we are suggesting to not practice safe sex. Not wearing a condom is only for those couples who are pretty much into a serious relationship with each other, and have openly communicated about their health or medical histories with one another.

The Element of Sex Positions

Different sex positions give different level of sexual pleasures to men. It varies from one man to another, and also might vary according to the seriousness of a relationship or the way a woman responds while having sex.

All women will not give the same sexual or psychological pleasure to a man, just like all sex positions will not give a similar sensation to the penis.

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