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Top 9 Best Pocket Pussy Options For You

Best Pocket Pussy - Fleshlight Destroya Fleshlight Girls Stoya

Though rarely the size to carry around in your pocket, a pocket pussy is an excellent companion. It’s also heartening to see that male masturbators are expanding their horizons. The pocket pussy has come a long way from being a flimsy, poorly constructed disembodied vagina. While the vagina/vulva appearance is still common for many products, the pocket pussy has become more polished, going beyond its reliance on creepy reconstructions of the female anatomy. In this article, I’ll present 9 best pocket pussy options you should consider purchasing.

  1. Fleshlight Destroya (Fleshlight Girls Destroya)
  2. Blewit Men’s Performance Enhancer
  3. Tenga Flip Hole
  4. Rechargeable Vibrating Pocket Pussy by Tracy’sDog
  5. Vibratex Maven Male Sleeve
  6. Zemalia Pocket Pussy Double-Ended
  7. Paloqueth Rotating Male Masturbator
  8. Fleshlight Alien (Fleshlight Freaks)
  9. Realistic Textured Pocket Vagina by Tracy’s Dog


Getting To Know The Pocket Pussy Of Your Choice

A pocket pussy is an artificial vagina or other orifice designed for the express purpose of male masturbation. There are countless options available and there is a fair amount of technological innovation going on. For example, while the conventional pocket pussy has been all about holding and thrusting, there are models that use electronics for stimulation.

Some pocket pussies also include a visual touch with a vagina or anus orifice made to copy those of an actual person. This is achieved by using molds from actual women or men to replicate the appearance of the desired orifice. A very popular pocket pussy using this technique is the Fleshlight Destroya, which has the vaginal orifice modeled after pornographic actress Stoya.


Pocket Pussy Material And Care

Unless you’re taking the DIY Pocket Pussy route, the most common materials you will see are the SuperSkin used by Fleshlight or TPE used in most other pocket pussy materials. Both of these are good materials for the purpose, and their intended use also means they have to be flexible to quite a degree. They can also be porous This means it’s better not to share your pocket pussy with someone else, or at least exercise extra precautions.

Even the best pocket pussy needs cleaning. Most manufacturers recommend that the sex toy is cleaned within an hour after its use. In most cases, running water should be good enough for cleaning. Allow the pocket pussy to completely dry before you place it in storage. You may also use mild antibacterials for cleaning, but do keep in mind manufacturer instructions for cleaning the pocket pussy, and make it a point to follow them.

Always Use A Lubricant

It is important to use a lubricant with your pocket pussy. Even the best pocket pussy won’t feel much good unless you lubricate it properly. A water-based lubricant should be the material of choice and use it generously so everything is lubed up properly. This helps prevent micro-tears in the material of the pocket pussy, thus extending its shelf life. More importantly, it makes the texture and material feel so much better against your penis.

You may also want to consider placing the pocket pussy in hot water before using it. Getting it up to a warm temperature enhances the feeling. Just be sure to check the temperature is comfortable before you put your penis in there!


Put Your Preferences First

You are buying the pocket pussy for your pleasure, and so the best pocket pussy is one that answers to your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind before you buy.

Shape Of The Pocket Pussy Orifice

While a vagina shape is commonly used for a pocket pussy orifice, not everyone prefers the appearance. Maybe it is the thought of disembodied organs or just general aversion to synthetic vaginas; either way, consider the design you want. Many pocket pussy options listed here do not have an obvious anatomical reference, so enjoy yourself with neutral shapes.

Portability Of The Pocket Pussy

Given the conventional dimensions of the product, even the best male masturbator cannot be easily portable. It may not be always possible to carry around a cylinder that easily measures about 8-inches or more and has a good diameter as well. In scenarios where portability becomes important, you can consider somewhat easier to move products like Tenga Eggs. Or, of course, be prepared to use your hand!

Durability And Cost

If you intend to use the pocket pussy often, you will want some value for money. A pocket pussy that falls apart within a few uses, or has its materials degrade is not worth the effort. Cost is a similar consideration, where you should try to strike a balance between quality and price. Try to ensure that the product has a good reputation, and a warranty to tide things over.

Technology Involved

The sex toy industry covers a wide variety of options. A conventional pocket pussy involves you thrusting into its layers, while others use technology and electronics to create sensations and stimulations. Some even simulate voices and moans, should those be your pleasure. Point is, your preference takes the driver’s seat in selecting the best pocket pussy, including the technology that makes it all work.


9 Best Pocket Pussy Contenders To Buy

1. Fleshlight Destroya — Fleshlight Girls Stoya

Best Pocket Pussy - Fleshlight Destroya Fleshlight Girls Stoya

Possibly one of the best available in the Fleshlight Girls series, the Fleshlight Destroya texture is one of the most intense textures available. Its name, as well as the appearance of the opening comes from alt-model Jessica Stoyadinovich a.k.a Stoya.

The pocket pussy itself is divided into three zones upon entry. Its first zone is marked by a small series of rings followed by a larger dome structure with bold texture. The second zone has a row of “teeth and fangs” for bold texture. Finally, you reach the third zone, marked with a series of ribs, getting narrower the further you go.

It’s worth mentioning that the Fleshlight Destroya is made from the soft Superskin material of Fleshlight. The bold texture used in the Fleshlight Destroya makes it one of the most remarkable pocket pussies available in the market today.


  • Amazing and intense texture
  • SuperSkin material feels great
  • Very pleasurable
  • Non-toxic, phthalate-free materials


  • Can be difficult to clean and dry
  • One of the expensive brands

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2. Blewit Men’s Performance Enhancer

Best Pocket Pussy - Blewit Performance Enhancer

Blewit Performance Enhancer presents itself as a device to achieve “superhuman stamina”. That’s a tall marketing order, and it certainly won’t transform you into a “true alpha male.” Anyways, looking beyond the overarching marketing efforts, the pocket pussy itself is fairly useful.

The material used is TPE and the texture is a series of small bubbles with the canal varying in its thickness at several points. Blewit Performance enhancer places itself in the same design as the much-admired Fleshlight STU. And while it may help you last longer in bed with your partner, don’t expect to turn you into an alpha.


  • Simple, discreet appearance
  • Excellent texture
  • Great for pleasure


  • Overzealous marketing
  • Non-removable sleeve can make cleaning difficult
  • Plastic edges of the container can get uncomfortably close to the skin

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3. Tenga Flip Hole

Best Pocket Pussy - Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga Flip Hole is one of the most popular male masturbation devices. Its general appearance is very discreet, and its textures are amazing. Plus, the ability to control pressure on specific points of the penis makes the Tenga Flip Hole amazing. Its ability to open up like a clam makes the Tenga Flip Hole relatively easier to clean and dry. The material used is TPE, and the texture can get pretty intense.


  • Discreet and simple appearance
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient to clean
  • Excellent texture


  • Can be noisy with squishy sounds
  • Can attract dust near the control pad area
  • Relatively small number of suggested uses (50)

Read our full Tenga Flip Hole review

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4. Rechargeable Vibrating Pocket Pussy by Tracy’sDog

Best Pocket Pussy - Rechargeable Vibrating Pocket Pussy by TracysDog

This pocket pussy from a rather oddly named company adds electronics to the mix for more pleasure. It is a double-ended pocket pussy, with one side shaped like a mouth and the other like an anus. TPE is the material of choice for the pocket pussy and the sleeve is made from ABS plastic. It also includes a waterproof spot for charging, and 10 variable vibration modes to add an extra touch of stimulation to your masturbation.


  • Vibrations add to the stimulation
  • Waterproof
  • Double-ended with different textures


  • The battery may not be long-lasting
  • The sleeve can tear easily
  • Vibrations can be too weak

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5. Vibratex Maven Male Sleeve

Best Pocket Pussy - Vibratex Maven Male Sleeve

One of the more discreet, and even simple-looking products, the Vibratex Maven sleeve packs a punch to defy its innocuous look. It has a simple opening that leads straight into a cavity with small spheres for texture. That should seem simple and straightforward for texture, but it feels amazing! Given the straightforward texture, the sleeve is also simple to clean and manage. Vibratex Maven male sleeve measures about 7-inches in length and is made from phthalate-free and latex-free elastomer.


  • Discreet design
  • Amazing texture
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some may find the inner texture too strong
  • Can start wearing out after a few uses

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6. Zemalia Pocket Pussy Double-Ended

Best Pocket Pussy - Zemalia Pocket Pussy Double-Ended

A double-ended pocket pussy, Zemalia has a vagina shape on one end, and a mouth on the other. Interestingly enough, the mouth is designed to have “realistic” teeth intended to recreate the real feeling. Thankfully, they’re not real teeth and not as hard, because pushing through teeth is not the most pleasant way to orgasm.

Both ends have a different texture and aim for realism, though of course, both sides of the texture must match up in harmony. The pocket pussy is made from TPE, and its texture can feel amazing.


  • Excellent texture at the opening
  • Can feel great, especially for oral sex enthusiasts


  • Once beyond the initial column, the texture feels basic
  • Can be tough to clean

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7. Paloqueth Rotating Male Masturbator

Best Pocket Pussy - Paloqueth Rotating Male Masturbator

Paloqueth Rotating Male Masturbator is one of the feature-rich sex toys on this list. This toy adds rotation to the conventional up and down strokes that most pocket pussies need. Interestingly, it behaves quite like a gadget and even includes an LCD screen to make controls more accessible. The rotating male masturbator is backed by a strong motor that supports 10 spin modes and five speeds.

Apparently in the interest of “aural stimulation”, they’ve also added moans in the voice of six different women. Far be it for me to speak for everyone, but the artificial moaning is more of a turn off for me than a turn on. To be fair, porn seems to do pretty well with all the fake moaning, so it would be fair to assume that a lot of men do enjoy it. In any case, the moaning can always be turned off if it doesn’t suit your fancy.

The pocket pussy itself is made from TPE with small beads forming the texture. It’s quite a treat, and once you get a hang of the electronics, the rotations get a charm of their own. Overall, this penis stroker certainly is worth notice.


  • Feature-rich with plenty of vibration and spinning options
  • Beads make a great texture
  • Controls are easy and accessible
  • Excellent value for money


  • Suspect longevity
  • Low battery life
  • Noisy

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8. Fleshlight Alien (Fleshlight Freaks)

Best Pocket Pussy - Fleshlight Alien from Fleshlight Freaks

The coolest pocket pussy doesn’t have to be terrestrial! The Fleshlight Freaks Alien makes it easy to have your imagination (or your fetish!) run wild. It is designed to look the part of an “alien vagina”, and that’s why it is that vivid purple/blue in color. Oh, and did you notice the double clitoris? Yup, this thing is out of this world.

Having a double clitoris makes the Fleshlight Alien seem deceptively easy to enter. Right on entering, you’ll be greeted by a lotus node and get a taste of its amazing texture. Next the penis will pass through a tighter spot, which opens up into a tube with spherical textures like the Fleshlight STU. There is no dearth of stimulation from the texture, and you’ll love this alien pussy.

For all its extraterrestrial looks, the Fleshlight Alien is made from the conventional Fleshlight Superskin material. Wash it under running water and remember to let it dry completely before you store it away.


  • Imaginative and kinky design
  • Multiple texture zones with intense stimulation
  • Body-safe, non-toxic, phthalate-free materials


  • Expensive
  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Works best with “above average” penis length

Read our full review of the Fleshlight Alien

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9. Realistic Textured Pocket Vagina by Tracy’s Dog

Best Pocket Pussy - Realistic Textured Pocket Vagina by Tracy's Dog

Another entry from the oddly named company. Honestly, the weird naming is the biggest hitch in buying a pocket pussy from Tracy’s Dog. Thankfully, their products are well-made and well-priced, leading to good feels and good reviews. As you can surmise, this realistic pocket pussy has an opening made to follow the realistic looks of a vagina.

The canal is a very whirlwind-like construction, richly inlaid with texture and tapering towards the bottom. The deeper you go, the tighter it gets. It’s quite an experience. The pocket pussy is made from TPE, so it is flexible as well as soft. They’ve used the texture and the material intelligently, dividing the canal into three zones, each with increased sensation for the glans. It feels amazing as you thrust in, thrusting out is average, but the combo makes for an orgasmic experience.


  • Richly textured for amazing stimulation
  • Easy to use
  • Great value for money


  • Weirdly named company
  • Can feel very tight for those with more than average girth
  • Gets distractingly noisy during use

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Best Pocket Pussy — The Verdict

It’s a simple question of pleasure, and new brands can very well take on established brands at this game. When choosing the best pocket pussy, your primary consideration obviously has to be your own pleasure and safety. But, never be afraid to experiment with well-regarded products, and you’ll find things get a lot more interesting. Of course, you can always keep on the safe route by choosing established names like Fleshlight, Vibratex, and Tenga. All of the suggestion on this list have excellent customer as well as critic reviews, and can be great choices for your specific needs.

Fleshlight Destroya Review — Fleshlight Girls Stoya

Fleshlight Destroya Review — Fleshlight Girls Stoya

Fleshlight Destroya is one of the most popular, and most intense textures Fleshlight has to offer. As a male masturbator, the Destroya texture takes the cake with the sheer stimulation and range on offer. Adding to its allure is the fact that it is modeled after the well-known erotic actress Stoya. A lot of men buy the Fleshlight Stoya simply because of that reason. Imagination, after all, does play a big role for male masturbators. Time for this Fleshlight Destroya review to see if the Fleshlight holds up as good as imagination would lead us to believe.


Fleshlight Stoya Review — Pros And Cons

Fleshlight Destroya Review — Fleshlight Girls Stoya

See best price and buy on Amazon


  • Vaginal opening modeled from actress Stoya
  • Amazing stimulation and great texture
  • SuperSkin material
  • Phthalate-free and completely body safe


  • Takes a lot of time and effort to clean
  • Takes a lot of time to dry

Fleshlight Destroya Features

Fleshlight Girls Stoya Design And Aesthetics

Fleshlight Stoya is part of the Fleshlight Girls series, which means its orifice has been modeled using molds from a woman. In this case, the woman is pornographic actress Stoya, also known as Jessica Stoyadinovich. As such, the vaginal orifice you see on the Fleshlight Destroya Stoya texture matches the vagina of the well-known actress.

Incidentally, the Fleshlight Destroya texture was initially built to be used exclusively for the Fleshlight Girls Stoya range. However, the popularity of the Destroya texture saw it being introduced to other products as well.

The Fleshlight Destroya arrives in the standard covering used by Fleshlight, with two caps placed at either end. Removing the larger cap gives you access to the orifice, while the smaller cap controls the vacuum/suction effect for the sleeve. Now that can be an amazing feeling depending on how you feel about the suction and oral sex. However, if you would rather avoid the encumbrance, removing the smaller cap will get rid of the vacuum.

Fleshlight Destroya Texture

Fleshlight Destroya Review — Fleshlight Stoya Profile

The unique Destroya texture does not fail to grab attention, and it is worthy of going into detail. Many customers say that the Destroya is more intense than the texture of the Fleshlight STU, though I’d say it is pretty much a tie. While the Stamina Training Unit does have an amazing texture, it is relatively simple. The complexity of the Fleshlight Destroya adds a layer of stimulation and pleasure that is not easily topped.

Its entry canal is a small tube with tiny bumps that eventually opens up into a larger spherical chamber. This chamber is filled with long-stemmed bumps that taper to a point on their top and converge towards the center of the chamber. This chamber, along with the mild resistance the bumps offer creates quite a sensation as you push through. Additionally, it offers excellent stimulation for the shaft of the penis.

Next comes a constriction that opens up into the main chamber. This one too is full of long-stemmed bumps. It is cylindrical in shape and packs more of the bumps. Most men with average penis size will stay in this section. It is quite fruitful, especially with the combo of bumps providing excellent massage and stimulation for the penis with each thrust.

There’s another constriction at the end of this passage and leads to a tapering canal with a soft, ribbed texture. It usually holds the vacuum for a solid sucking effect and is fairly stimulating for those with a penis long enough to enter this chamber.

As you see, it’s quite a mix of textures and constrictions, a delicious concoction of pleasure that lives in complexity!

Cleaning The Fleshlight Destroya

Given the complexity of construction and the amazing set of textures, the Fleshlight Destroya needs a little more effort in cleaning than conventional Fleshlights. You’ll have to spend longer cleaning it and be more thorough. Every nook and cranny and the multitude of bumps needs to be cleaned, so take your time and do it right. It will also take longer to be completely dry, so expect to spend a long time waiting for the Fleshlight Stoya to be completely dry before you store it away.

You may also want to use a mild antibacterial spray as well as a sleeve renewing powder to ensure your Fleshlight Destroya stays in good shape for a longer time.


Fleshlight Destroya Review — Using The Fleshlight

As I said earlier, the Fleshlight Girls series does help the imagination by giving the orifice a look to match a personality. While I’m generally not a fan of the aesthetics of disembodied vaginas used for a pocket pussy, the Fleshlight Girls series is an exception in some part. This set does not simply play on the imagination, it gives the imagination an object. Pair that with just your imagination and you could let imagination spread its wings.

Or better still, forget about the appearance and let’s keep our focus on the texture because that’s what really matters.

Enjoying With The Fleshlight Girls Stoya

It is generally good sense to use lubricant generously when using a male masturbator. For the Fleshlight Destroya however, I’ll recommend you go extra generous with that water-based lubricant. All those long-stemmed bumps and their bases will need to be awash with lube. Given the larger surface area of the canal and thus the texture, you will need a lot of lubricant.

As soon as the penis enters the canal, you’ll know why the Fleshlight Destroya deserves its place of honor amongst the best pocket pussies you can buy. All those bumps and their unusual angles give the Fleshlight Stoya an amazing feel. Each chamber being punctuated with constrictions also works pretty well, and you’ll find yourself racing towards an orgasm. In that sense, it really can compete well with the Fleshlight STU. Orgasms seem to come easy and rather quickly, especially when you’re new to the texture.

It may very well help get you in line for a nice stamina training for when you are having sex. Men with a penis girth that’s well over the average may actually find the constrictions in the canal unappealing. It can seem like extra work, and a simpler texture may perhaps seem better suited. For all other considerations, the Fleshlight Destroya is an amazing texture.

Fleshlight Destroya Review — Conclusion

Fleshlight Destroya texture is one of the best-regarded textures Fleshlight has to offer. Its fame is well-earned. It is especially rewarding for those near the average penis size, so most men will enjoy the Fleshlight Destroya. The external mold made from Stoya’s vagina can be quite a boost to imagination, and may add to your pleasure if imagination is a strong factor for your use of male masturbators. Overall, this Fleshlight Destroya review can recommend this product and its wonderful complexity of texture.

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Fleshlight Turbo Review — The Deepthroating Sex Toy

Fleshlight Turbo Review — Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Profile

Fleshlight Turbo brings a bounty of pleasure and a strong sensation that has allowed it to be one of the bestsellers. The Turbo is a blowjob simulator and takes on quite an interesting approach in appearance as well as design. We’ll delve into the mysteries of this male masturbator with our Fleshlight Turbo review. Let’s see what it has to offer and if it can even dream of competing with an actual blowjob.


Fleshlight Turbo Review — Pros And Cons

Fleshlight Turbo Review — Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Profile

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  • Excellent design
  • Strong sensations
  • Made from body-safe materials that are phthalate-free and latex-free
  • Interesting design
  • The transparent sleeve lets you see the action, which can be stimulating


  • The material is designed to feel sticky, which may seem uncomfortable for some
  • Can get noisy during use


Fleshlight Turbo Features

Fleshlight Turbo Models

Fleshlight Turbo Review — Fleshlight Turbo Variants

There are two variants/models for the Fleshlight Turbo series. They are both quite similar, with a difference in appearance. Of course, there is also a difference in texture, even if a tiny one, and that counts for a big difference in feel.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust: Perhaps the more recognizable model, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is metallic copper in color. The entrance almost looks like a turbine, and that actually makes it more functional than conventional male masturbators mimicking the lip and mouth.

Fleshlight Turbo Ignition: Available in Crystal Blue color, the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition is translucent. Combined with the transparent sleeve, it gives you the novelty of looking at the penis as you use this Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Turbo Construction And Design

The Fleshlight Turbo masturbator has three points of entry for both its models. This alludes to three different chambers that the penis will cross, each representing a different section of the mouth. To create a feeling similar to blowjobs, the sections are designed to behave like the lips, tongue, and throat.

You obviously start the insertion with the lips, and as you thrust the penis deeper, you’ll reach the tongue, and eventually, the throat. Each of these sections has a different texture, and as you hit the “throat”, the Fleshlight Turbo gives you the feeling of some amazing deepthroat action.

Total insertable length is 8.5-inches, and most of it is dedicated to the throat section, which also functions as a chamber for the air pocket and vacuum, creating the suction effect. This is one of the major factors resulting in that feeling of ultimate blowjob experience.

The first section on the Fleshlight Turbo, i.e. the lips are somewhat detached from the main body. There is a small hollow space between the first two sections, adding to the sensation of lips/mouth eventually leading to the tongue. Once the penis enters the tongue section, the texture gets stronger. It leads to another small gap, which forms the entrance to the throat. This section has a strong texture and plays a big role in the overall sensation.

Fleshlight Turbo Superskin

Much like other Fleshlight models, the Fleshlight Turbo utilizes the same Superskin material for its construction. However, since the goal is to represent oral sex, the feel of the material is somewhat different. It appears to be sticky to the touch. To be clear, it does not feel icky, but it can feel off. The point is to create a different sensation and one you can enjoy very well provided you use an adequate amount of water-based lubricant.

Cleaning is obviously an important part of using any sex toy. You can place the Fleshlight Turbo under running water to ensure it is completely cleaned off. Once clean, allow it to dry completely before you store it. Packing it while wet can cause mildew and similar problems on the Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Turbo Review — Blowjob Action

The Fleshlight Turbo does not resemble the shape of a mouth that often represents blowjob specialty for male masturbators. It is, however, amazing at blowjobs and deepthroating action. The texture and points of entry make it quite enjoyable. I think it works best if you take your time and make slow strokes, allowing the texture to work on the penis and let it be pleasured. Faster strokes that are generally used for most pocket pussies may not work as well for the fleshlight Turbo, simply because the objective, and the intended feeling are different.

A small cap at the smaller end of the Fleshlight sleeve can be used to regulate air and vacuum inside the Fleshlight Turbo. This controls how strong the blowjob appears to be. Its sizing works great for most penis lengths. Most men will be able to hit all three zones, and thus enjoy the sensations this sex toy has to offer.

Fleshlight Turbo Review — Conclusion

As a male masturbator and as a blowjob simulator, the Fleshlight Turbo is impressive. It may not exclusively look the part, but the Turbo really does know its way around pleasure. At times, it goes so far as to actually feel like a real blowjob. If you enjoy some deepthroating action, but your partner is unwilling or unable for deepthroating, the Fleshlight Turbo can be an excellent replacement. Overall, I’d say this is a male masturbator worth your attention.

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Fleshlight Go Review — Compact And Maneuverable

Fleshlight Go Torque Profile And Texture

Fleshlight Go series is a smaller, more compact version of the classic Fleshlight. The general idea here is to lose some weight and be portable. Even if it’s just slightly lower on measurements of size and weight, it does make a fair difference. With this Fleshlight Go review, we’ll see if the Fleshlight is as useful, or if it has lost some quality along with its length and weight.


Fleshlight Go Review — Pros And Cons

Fleshlight Go Torque Profile And Texture

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  • Portable as compared to conventional Fleshlights
  • Excellent use of Superskin material, which feels great
  • Materials used are body safe, phthalate-free, and latex-free
  • Diverse textures feel amazing


  • May not be suitable for men with penis size and girth substantially above average
  • TPE, the material that makes Superskin, is porous


Fleshlight Go Features

Go Series Variants

The Go series has two variants/models available. Both models have the same general idea in terms of size and stimulation, but their appearance differs dramatically. Here’s a quick look.

Fleshlight Go Torque: I find this to be the more interesting model simply because of its unique construction. The Torque is transparent, well, translucent if we’re beings specific. That voyeuristic angle adds a fair bit of excitement.

Fleshlight Go Surge: This model follows the classic look of the Fleshlight. Its orifice is shaped like a vagina, and the pocket pussy is pink in color. Surge is same in size as the Torque, but its texture is different. The Surge has two canals with diagonally placed nubs as the primary texture. These canals are separated by two spheres connected by a small entrance. The spheres have long-stemmed bumps, like those in the wonderful Fleshlight Destroya.

See Surge best price on Amazon

Construction And Design

It is the Torque that makes a quick grab for your attention. The Fleshlight Go can be seen as similar to the Fleshlight Flight series, with both having similar dimensions and weight. Another interesting touch is the use of transparent sleeves. However, unlike the Flight which shies away from using a transparent case, the Torque has a transparent case for its sleeve. Seeing the penis in action as it thrusts through the Superskin can be quite a sight. That little voyeuristic touch can fire up your imagination while providing a great view for couple’s play.

Total insertable length for the Fleshlight Go Torque male masturbator is about 7-inches. That’s a sufficient size for an average sized – or slightly more than average sized – penis. It’s large enough to include most penis sizes. If you’re well over the insertable length and aren’t absolutely hell-bent on completely entering the Fleshlight, there is no reason why you can’t have fun with this pocket pussy!

It has an opening with a neutral and simple hole placed in a design similar to a vortex. The neutral orifice is another point of similarity with the Flight series and is visually a larger contrast to the Surge variant.

Fleshlight Go Torque Texture

As texture goes, the Fleshlight Go Torque is divided into three major sections. When you enter, you’ll reach a small sphere with long-stemmed bumps, getting off to a good start. This is followed by a ribbed transition canal that starts with a very low diameter that forms an excellent contrast to the wider spherical chamber. It also creates a feeling of tightness and grip that would seem stimulating.

After continuing for a small distance, the canal eventually widens up, though the ribbed texture continues. It opens up into the second, wider spherical chamber. This one too has long-stemmed bumps, much like the previous sphere and the transition from the tight canal to the wider sphere can feel exhilarating. You again get a transition canal, though this one is slightly wider than the previous canal.

This canal opens up into the last chamber. Interestingly, this chamber has cavities facing away from the penis, unlike conventional texture strategy of placing texture towards the penis. This chamber also functions to control most of the sucking power of the Fleshlight. The vacuum can be controlled by moving the cap at the other end of the masturbator.


Fleshlight Go Review — The Torque In Action

Fleshlight Go Image

Starting Off With The Torque

If you touch the Superskin on the Fleshlight Go, you’ll find it feels a bit sticky. Not adhesive-like sticky that clings to your fingers, but an obvious stickiness that will make itself known to the touch. If you use it without proper lubrication, the Fleshlight won’t feel great and you increase the chances of damaging the sex toy. So be liberal with the application of lubricant, preferably water-based lubricant. It enhances the feel of your session and will make your sex toy last longer.

If you’ve previously not enjoyed the role of the suction cap, keep that in mind as well, and be prepared to remove or loosen it depending on your preference.

The Fleshlight Go Torque Feeling

As you insert your penis into the Fleshlight Go Torque, you’ll find it feels amazing. Well, and you’ll be able to see the penis move through the Fleshlight for an added sense of thrill. The visual is one point where I think the Tenga Flip Hole falls behind the Torque. Seeing the penis travel the length of this male masturbator has its own charm.

The stars for the stimulation are the spheres, but the canals work exceptionally well too. Its mix of constricted canals and wider spheres make this Fleshlight quite amazing for stimulation, and this male masturbator certainly does its job pretty well. You’ll find that sessions with this male masturbator barely take a few minutes. The goal here is not to put you through intense stimulation and elicit an orgasm like the Fleshlight STU. Fleshlight Go Torque is more about letting you enjoy the sensations for a longer time as you build up to an orgasm.

It does its job fantastically well. Even the last chamber, with its cavities (seemingly) counterintuitively placed towards the outside does a great job at massaging the penis and sending pleasure your way. This section has to largely deal with the tip of the penis, which of course, is the most important part during masturbation. It does this job decently, though the thrusting through the larger sphere is obviously the major driver for stimulation.

Cleaning The Fleshlight Go

You should get to cleaning your masturbator within an hour of its use. Letting warm water run through the Fleshlight will help make the cleanup easier. Don’t be afraid of using your fingers to ensure all points have been thoroughly cleaned. You can use the cleaning solutions provided by Fleshlight to ensure the masturbator is cleaned properly. And of course, wait for it to dry completely before you decide to put this pocket pussy into storage.


Fleshlight Go Review — The Bottom Line

Where portability and increased maneuverability are the major concerns, the Fleshlight Go can easily be your toy of choice. As you saw in this Fleshlight Go review, it has some combinations of intense texture to keep you company, so there is no dearth of stimulation. The see-through design and the possibility of greater stimulation to the average size penis can also be guiding factors for your choice.

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Fleshlight Flight Review — Portable Fleshlight Retains Sensuality

Fleshlight Flight Review — Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Fleshlight Flight range brings a small change to the conventional Fleshlight male masturbators. Products in this series are somewhat smaller than conventional Fleshlights. They also take on a more discreet look, and the SuperSkin material used is translucent. No disembodied vaginas or lips in this series, it’s a simple orifice, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. We take a closer look at the offering with this Fleshlight Flight review.


Fleshlight Flight Review — Pros And Cons

Fleshlight Flight Review — Fleshlight Flight Pilot

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  • Better, more interesting packaging and design
  • More portable than conventional Fleshlights
  • SuperSkin material feels great
  • Made from body-safe, phthalate-free, non-toxic materials


  • The smaller size may mean that some men cannot completely insert their penis into the Fleshlight
  • Flight models tend to have a bland texture towards the tip


Fleshlight Flight Features

Fleshlight Flight Models

There are three variants/models available in the Fleshlight Flight series. All of them take inspiration from successful Fleshlight models, and indeed can be quite pleasurable. The three models available are:

Fleshlight Flight Pilot: The most popular model in the series, the Fleshlight Flight Pilot follows one of Fleshlight’s most interesting, and acclaimed textures, the Fleshlight Destroya.

Fleshlight Flight Instructor: This intense model takes its inspiration from the Fleshlight STU, at least for the earlier section, though the tip of the Fleshlight Flight Instructor gets a bland, plain texture.

Fleshlight Flight Aviator: Starts with a prominently ribbed texture, with a fair distance between each rib.

Fleshlight Flight Construction And Design

When compared to a conventional Fleshlight, the Flight stands out in using a translucent texture for its SuperSkin, giving up the more skin-like look of the conventional Fleshlight. Another thing it gives up when compared to Fleshlight or Fleshjack is the appearance of body parts for orifices.
Fleshlight Flight masturbator series has plain orifices, with lines leading out to the edge. If anything, these are more like a jet engine than a body part. It goes with the “Flight” theme of the series, though obviously no one in their right mind fantasizes about sticking their dick in a jet engine. Well, it doesn’t cater to that fetish, it’s just a random design choice.

The Fleshlight Flight series comes wrapped in a more modern sleeve, usually black or white, and in a somewhat conical shape. Apparently, the conical shape helps create extra pressure at the end of the canal, which is perhaps why the texture is not as pronounced at the end of these Fleshlights.

Flight series is smaller in length compared to conventional Fleshlights. This makes it more portable, and also offers greater maneuverability. The total insertable length is slightly more than 6-inches, so if you’re any longer than that, you may not be able to completely enter the Fleshlight Flight. It is rarely a problem though since you will still be able to enjoy the textures and the penis will be well-ensconced and caressed by the SuperSkin material. Plus, it is a bit of confidence boost to hit the end of the pocket pussy!


Fleshlight Flight Review — The Masturbator In Action

Fleshlight Flight Review — Fleshlight Flight Pilot texture

In terms of appearance, the this series is interesting, modern, and discreet. I do like the look of the translucent Fleshlight. I’d have preferred there were some transparent sleeves to go along as well, because seeing the penis in action would have been great. It’s not all bad though, because the products in the series do their job pretty well, especially the Fleshlight Flight Pilot, and to some extent, the Fleshlight Flight Instructor.

All models have two caps, the larger one gives you access to the orifice for penetration. The smaller cap is placed at the opposite end and controls the suction effect. As you thrust into the Fleshlight, there will be some vacuum created, that creates a nice suction effect. I’m not a fan, so I usually remove the small cap, though if you enjoy the suction, feel free to adjust the cap to your desired position.

Always remember to use water-based lubricant with your Fleshlight. Use it generously, applying it on the penis as well as the masturbator. It’s a lot more fun that way!

Fleshlight Flight Pilot In Use

The Destroya texture works its magic, and the Fleshlight Flight Pilot is about as good a texture as you can expect. However, there is a bit of a bland patch at the end of the cavity. I’d have much appreciated if hitting the end of the Fleshlight landed the user into the realm of great pleasure, like that in the Tenga Flip Hole. Unfortunately, there is no jackpot at the end of the Fleshlight Flight series.

It’s not a dealbreaker, because the solid Destroya texture of the Fleshlight is amazing and will bring you to an amazing orgasm anyway. However, for a pocket pussy that’s smaller in length, it could have really benefited by adding an extra something to caress the penis tip at the Fleshlight’s end. Overall, I enjoyed this Fleshlight, and if you’ve got an interest in it, the Fleshlight Flight Pilot is a good choice.

Fleshlight Flight Instructor In Use

Fleshlight Flight Review — Fleshlight Flight Instructor

Fleshlight Flight Instructor picks up on the solid Fleshlight STU texture, and as we know, that texture can be amazing. They have a weird thing going with the design, considering that the STU texture does not go all the way through the Fleshlight. Instead, you have a plain cavity. It’s a bit strange because this means the penis tip or head will eventually find itself in a cavity with no stimulation, whereas the prominent texture will end up stimulating the body of the penis.

It feels great, no doubt, but I’d prefer that the Fleshlight actually gave some greater stimulation to the most important part of the penis where stimulation is concerned. I’ll say the Fleshlight Instructor is average, it does not disappoint, but it could be so much more.

Cleaning The Fleshlight Flight

You should clean your sex toys after each use, and preferably within one hour of use. Keeping it under warm, flowing water will help clean this male masturbator rather quickly. You may also use a mild soap solution to clean up your Fleshlight. Once done, let it dry completely before you put the Fleshlight in storage. Fleshlight renewing powder can help keep your Fleshlight in good shape for longer.


Fleshlight Flight Review — The Bottom Line

Fleshlight Flight is an interesting series, and certainly worth notice. If you are looking for a smaller, portable Fleshlight, our Fleshlight Flight review certainly can recommend it for your use, especially the Fleshlight Flight Pilot, which I think is the star of this show. The smaller shape and a better exterior design make it a good travel companion, and also a good masturbator for your needs.

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Fleshlight Alien Review — Let Your Fantasies Run Wild

Fleshlight Alien Review — Fleshlight Freaks Alien

Let your fantasies be free to fly with the Fleshlight Alien. This Fleshlight has the otherworldly, alien look. We can only imagine, but we’re pretty sure Captain Kirk would approve. Or if you’ve got some fascinations with blue aliens from Pandora, let your alien Avatar out for this fleshlight. To keep with its otherworldly look and feel, the manufacturer has added some extra changes to the Fleshlight. Time for our Fleshlight Alien Review to dive deep and check out the goodies for this product.


Fleshlight Alien Review — Pros And Cons

Fleshlight Alien Review — Fleshlight Freaks Alien

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  • Kinky look
  • Intense feeling
  • SuperSkin material feels great
  • Body-safe materials used in construction
  • Multiple texture zones


  • Multiple zones can make it harder to clean
  • Expensive
  • Best suited for “well above average” penis length


Fleshlight Alien Features

Fleshlight Alien Design And Aesthetics

Coming straight from the Fleshlight Freaks series, the Fleshlight Alien Male Masturbator is easily distinguished by its looks. That blue color is hard to miss. Plus, the alien “vagina” has a double clitoris! So, yeah, otherworldly. The sleeve comes in a blue casing that makes for easier storage and use.

Each end has a screwcap. The one on the main (wider) opening makes the product easier to store and keeps it safe from dust. The one on the other side can be used to manage pressure or air suction inside the fleshlight. It’s not much good, to be honest, and you may do better by ignoring it rather than attempting to streamline it into proper use.

Fleshlight Alien Construction And Cleaning

Fleshlight Alien Review — Fleshlight Alien Profile

The texture of the Fleshlight Alien Male Masturbator is a bit of a mix. It starts with a vortex texture of mixed ridges, leading to a tighter lotus node, and finally the longer section with a spherical texture like that of the Fleshlight STU. It’s quite an imaginative setting and brings together some of the best-known textures Fleshlight has to offer. While the dual-clitoris opening makes the Fleshlight Alien seem wider, things get pretty interesting once you enter. And it’s a whole new world once you hit the lotus node.

In terms of pure measurements, the first two nodes cover about 3-inches of length, leading the way onto the third node. Fleshlight Freaks Alien is suitable for a penis up to 8.5-inches in length and about 7-inches in girth. Practically, those with penis sizes near 5-inches may not be able to completely enjoy the Fleshlight Alien. Some customers in that size range also say that passing the Lotus node can be difficult.

As for cleaning, the mix of textures may require additional effort when compared to traditional Fleshlights. When cleaning, make use of fast running tap water to clean it properly. You may also have to use your fingers to ensure it gets cleaned properly. Fleshlight recommends water as the best choice for cleaning its SuperSkin material. Once clean, leave the sleeve to dry. You must ensure it is completely dry before storing it, as any dampness may result in molding of the Fleshlight Alien while in storage.


Fleshlight Alien Review — Fun With Aliens

It is very important that you use a water-based lubricant when using the Fleshlight Alien male masturbator. It not only makes things easier and more enjoyable, it also protects the Fleshlight sleeve from micro-tears, thus increasing the life of your Fleshlight. Water-based lubricant dries up pretty quickly, so keep some at hand. And use it liberally.

You may also want to place the Fleshlight in hot/warm water before use. When cold, it is good. When warm, it can be so much better. Just be sure you’ve got the temperature right before you stick your dick in!

The vortex texture provides excellent stimulation for the penis. It isn’t quite strong given the shape of the Fleshlight Alien, but it does nudge the penis just right and leads it to the tighter lotus node. It takes some force to break through the lotus node, especially since it is flexible. This is the point where those with a longer, girthier dick will have some ease in passing through, but those below average might have trouble going past the lotus. In such a case, some quick motions and thrusting should land you right into the third zone.

The last zone deserves mention for its excellent stimulation. As a series of spheres massage the penis relentlessly, taking over every point. You’ll feel stimulation throughout the penis, and there is an especially noticeable effect at the tip of the penis and glans. Once you are in this zone, the stimulation reaches its peak and you can expect an orgasm rather quickly.


Fleshlight Alien Review — The Verdict

Fleshlight Alien is perhaps the best-regarded sleeve from the Fleshlight Freaks series. And as this Fleshlight Alien review found, there’s good reason for it. Giving some flight to fantasy seems to fit right in with this setting, and well, there’s every reason to imagine some alien action! But of course, it won’t do to rate this just on fantasy. This is solid as a male masturbator. It is pleasurable, enjoyable, and works pretty well to make orgasms more fun.

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Fleshlight STU Review — Stamina Unit Extraordinaire

Fleshlight STU Review — Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight STU, also known as the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a male masturbator purported to leave you spellbound. The claim is that the Fleshlight STU is so intense, training i.e. masturbating with it will prepare you to last longer during actual intercourse. Now that’s a very tall claim and a subtle way of saying that the STU is more intense than sex! This Fleshlight STU review will see just how pleasurable this Stamina Training Unit is.


Fleshlight STU Review — Pros And Cons

Fleshlight STU Review — Stamina Training Unit

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  • Super intense feeling
  • Very pleasurable
  • Designed to intensify orgasms
  • SuperSkin material feels great
  • Non-toxic, phthalate-free material


  • The product is not discreet
  • Tough to clean
  • Expensive


Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Features

Fleshlight STU Review — Stamina Training Unit profile

Fleshlight STU Design And Aesthetics

Let’s start with the look of the unit. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit does not care much about being discreet. The sleeve is golden, with “Fleshlight” emblazoned on its side. For a brand name that’s a play on the word flashlight, there isn’t much likeness that would allow the STU to pass as a flashlight. If you don’t care about who sees it in your home, there isn’t much to worry about. The package it arrives in is discreet enough,

The top of the Fleshlight STU is slightly raised and has a “realistic” looking cushiony vulva. That’s the point of entry for the penis. Depending on your preference, that might make this product more desirable or make it feel tacky and weird. That’s purely a question for preference and you’re the best judge for that.

Fleshlight STU Construction And Cleaning

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is made from the company’s well-known SuperSkin material. It has a great feel and is versatile. It is also a pain to clean. You can only use water to clean it and make sure it is completely dry before you store it. The tube-like construction obviously doesn’t lend itself so easily to cleaning with a water rinse, and drying is difficult as well.

Unlike the Tenga Flip Hole which splits for quicker drying, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit generally retains its shape and can take far longer to dry up. If you put it back in its case before the unit dries completely, it can get moldy. Your best bet is to wait it out and ensure that the Fleshlight STU is dry before you think of storing it.

As for texture, the Fleshlight STU has one of the mildest, even seemingly unimaginative textures in the Fleshlight range. It is lined with soft, spherical bubbles that are a remarkable departure from the usual array of interesting textures. Don’t underestimate that simplistic texture! The Fleshlight STU makes it work, and makes it work well.


Fleshlight STU Review — Using The Masturbator

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit claims super-intense sensations that can (eventually) help you last longer during PIV sex (penis in vagina). It only makes sense that some part of this Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review consider that claim. As soon as you penetrate the Fleshlight STU, you will feel the thrill of its super-intense sensations. The texture actually works great. Oh, and remember to lube it up with some water-based lubricant first. Since water-based lubricant dries up pretty quickly, it would be wise to keep it within reach so you can add more lubricant as necessary.

Given the naming, some people make presumptions about the Fleshlight STU. Some might believe it is intended for people with performance issues in the bedroom, or for those new to using masturbators. Neither of them is true. The Fleshlight STU is a powerful unit and a masturbator that you should enjoy without prejudice.

Starting With The Fleshlight STU

When using a masturbator, one looks forward to all those ridges and varied textures. On the other hand, all that the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit offers is a series of spheres. Turns out, the spheres can make it work! As soon as you penetrate, the spheres start feeling great. The design makes them massage the tip of the penis, as well as just below the head. Plus, the pressure at the base makes it feel more like the “real” thing.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this Fleshlight is that it feels great for the up (or out) stroke, as well as the down stroke. It’s pleasure and sensations all around. Generally, the out stroke does not get as much sensation in most textures. The Fleshlight is relentless in delivering pleasure at every point of the stroke. Which is perhaps what makes it so awesome, and very likely to make even seasoned veterans orgasm quickly. Of course, that is assuming that the person isn’t suffering from death grip issues.

The marketing story is that using the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit for 5 minutes can train you to last 10 minutes in bed. That is perhaps questionable, and the Fleshlight STU is no different from other masturbators in any sort of “training”. In any case, if you are looking for an amazing masturbator, this one pretty much has you covered.


Fleshlight STU Review — Conclusion

Let’s head straight to the verdict of our Fleshlight STU Review; this is a masturbator you will enjoy. It lacks the series of ridges and twists that most male masturbators highlight, but the texture of the Fleshlight STU is no less pleasurable than any other. This masturbator pretty much lives up the hype that has been built around it, and I guess that hype comes from the Unit actually being worth the praise.

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Tenga Flip Hole Review — Sensational Male Masturbator

Tenga Flip Hole Review — Flip Hole White

Tenga Flip Hole is popular, maybe even loved. This relatively simple male masturbator has built up quite a reputation. And it seems well deserved. A clean design and a good look work in favor of this masturbator. Plus, it has several features that account for its barrage of positive reviews. Let’s check it out with this Tenga Flip Hole review.


Tenga Flip Hole Review — Pros And Cons

Tenga Flip Hole Review — Flip Hole White

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  • Discreet and simple appearance
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient to clean
  • Some customization for pleasure possible with the control pad
  • Great texture


  • Can make noisy/squishy sounds
  • Limited uses in numbers and time
  • The area around control pad buttons can attract dust


Tenga Flip Hole Features

Design And Aesthetics

Where appearance is concerned, the Tenga Flip Hole masturbator has its ducks in order. It is discreet and could very well pass off as a random gadget to an untrained eye. The overall design is cool, and the look fairly elegant. Thankfully, it doesn’t attempt to take on the looks of disembodied female parts, (no vagina, anus, or lips shape), which I think is a huge plus.

An interesting part of the design is the slide cap. It covers the opening when the Tenga Flip Hole is not in use. When it’s time to use the Flip Hole, the cap is moved and placed at the opposite end. In this position, it provides more support to the Tenga Flip Hole and ensures the sex toy remains closed when in use.

Tenga Flip Hole Textures And Construction

Tenga Flip Hole Review — Internal Texture White Masturbator

Broadly speaking, the Tenga Flip Hole is divided into two regions with distinct patterns (hence the name). That doesn’t mean you flip the masturbator to the opposite side, there is one point of entry. The “flip” is basically placed along the length. Half of the cylinder has what looks like a series of spheres, while the other side has a more rugged texture. Just a note, while the texture looks quite rugged in images, it is (obviously) very soft and squishy. The texture’s job providing sensations, and it melts away rather quickly in use.

Its name and sensation of flip is dependent on the side you have facing towards you. That is the side whose texture provides a more pronounced sensation while in use.

The Tenga Flip Hole is available in four colors, viz. white, black, red, and silver. Each color has slight variations in texture. For example, the Tenga Flip Hole Black has the more intense texture, White the least. Red and Silver fall between both these categories.

While both sides of the texture can match each other quite well, they are not connected to each other. The Tenga Flip Hole can be opened along its length, though it stays connected at the base. As Tenga says, the Flip Hole opens up like a clam. This makes for easier cleaning and is useful for the application of lubricant as well.

Innards of the Tenga Flip Hole are all made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and remain soft to the touch. Again, though the appearance may be a bit jagged, the material itself is very soft and squishy.

Tenga Flip Hole Control Pad

You’ll notice three buttons on each side of the Tenga Flip Hole. These buttons form the “One Hand Control Pad” that is designed for enhanced pinpoint stimulation. The Bottom Pad provides a more enhanced feel at the entry point of the masturbator. Basically, it delivers a squeeze at the insertion point, that makes the entry point of the Flip Hole feel “tighter”.

Its second button is located in the center and squeezes out any trapped air to enhance the feeling of vacuum inside the sex toy. The third button stimulates the tip of the device. Since the top of the device is where the penis is, this can be especially pleasurable. Also, the Tenga Flip Hole has a nice “End Orb” at the top, which delivers amazing sensations to the tip of the penis.

Keep in mind, the control pad works directly off the pressure you apply on these “buttons”. There are no electronics or other technology involved. To achieve their effect, the buttons are directly connected to the TPE layers beneath them. A drawback of this approach is that the soft and seemingly sticky TPE is visible around these buttons and can trap dust and dirt.

Cleaning The Tenga Flip Hole

Tenga Flip Hole Review — Cleaning And Drying

The Tenga is remarkably easy to clean. It opens up at its length like a clam, and can then be cleaned using hot water and a soap solution. Be careful not to use a strong soap though, as it can cause problems. Once you’re done cleaning, simply place it upside down while opened, and let it dry completely before you pack it away. It’s actually one of the easiest to clean male masturbators available.

TPE is a porous material, and generally not the best choice for sex toys. However, in this case, its soft squishiness makes itself an ideal choice. Due to the nature of the material, you should not share the Tenga Flip Hole with anyone else.

Tenga says the product can last for about 50 uses. That number may change depending on your usage and style. Try to be a bit gentler and it may last longer. In any case, remember the material is porous and should not be kept in use for a very long time. If you notice any odd smells or see tears in the texture, it’s time to dump the Flip Hole for a new one.


Tenga Flip Hole Review — The Masturbator In Use

Tenga Flip Hole comes with two included packets of lubricant. And yes, you should absolutely use a lubricant with this sex toy. It makes it softer and more enjoyable. Adequate lubrication also ensures that the internal texture of the masturbator remains protected and there are no micro tears that will significantly reduce its life.

Maximum insertable length for the penis into the Tenga Flip Hole is 5.9-inches. If you’re longer than that, no worries unless you really want stimulation at the base of the penis. Those who are considerably shorter than that can still use and enjoy the Flip Hole, however, they may miss the amazing sensations at the top provided by the End Orb.

In either case, the Tenga Flip Hole is pleasurable. You’ll feel it right as you enter the Flip Hole, and the sensation just gets deeper as you go in. The sensations are miles ahead of comparable products like the Tenga Eggs. It is easy and enjoyable to go on thrusting, but you may as well try other combinations. Simply playing with the control pad, or rotating the flip hole a bit are both amazing sensations.

Tenga Flip Hole is not simply about an orgasm — your hand could do that. It’s about the incredible feeling and the pleasure that comes along with the texture. Those with a higher than average girth may feel the buttons on the control pad pushed outwards. That’s only natural since the penis will push the TPE. Just make sure you have the slide button in place so you don’t have to make an extra effort in keeping the Flip Hole connected and in position.


Tenga Flip Hole Review — Parting Words

There is no mincing words with the verdict of this Tenga Flip Hole review. It is a good product. Approach it with reasonable expectations, and the Tenga Flip Hole will not disappoint. Of course, keep in mind the limitations of the product as well, it is no promised magic land of fulfillment. I say this because an abundance of positive reviews, like for this product, can create hype and encourage users to have unrealistic expectations. Practically speaking, this is a pretty good sex toy and one you’re very likely to enjoy.

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Tenga Eggs Review — Masturbation Sleeve For Men

Tenga Eggs Review — Tenga Eggs Set

Tenga Eggs are unique and interesting in the world of male masturbation sex toys. Most masturbation sleeves directed for males usually involve a cylindrical box that has a disembodied vagina-look at an end. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but a little variety and perhaps a different look can certainly be appreciated. That’s exactly what Tenga Eggs for men bring to the table. There are several options and varieties available, and we’ll talk about them in this Tenga Eggs Review.


Tenga Eggs Review — Pros And Cons

Tenga Eggs Review — Tenga Eggs Set

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  • Simple, discreet look
  • Pleasurable
  • Available in several options
  • Comfortable fit
  • Package includes all things necessary for use


  • Questionable value as a single use masturbator
  • Can be a bit noisy sometimes during use
  • One-size fits all approach


Tenga Eggs Features

Packaging, Design, And Aesthetics

Tenga Eggs are built as single-use masturbation sleeves. And they play that part really well. The packaging is discreet, and well, adorable. That’s not a word usually employed for male masturbation sleeves, but Tenga Eggs made it happen! Tenga Eggs for men come in a rather simplistic egg-shaped packaging. You can purchase individual eggs, or buy combo packs that contain several eggs. Or stay on with classic numbers, and buy a six pack! A Tenga Eggs set does seem like a sensible purchase, even if you just intend to give it a try.

Each egg has a plastic outer shell. You remove the packaging, get the shell out of the way, and find the masturbation sleeve inside. Each egg includes a water-based lubricant with the sleeve. It’s simple and convenient, which explains one part of why Tenga Eggs are so popular.

Tenga Egg Varieties And Textures

Tenga Eggs Review — Tenga Eggs Variants

There is quite a lot on offer in terms of sensations from Tenga Eggs. The range now includes more 10 eggs as a testament to its popularity. Most variants of the eggs differ in terms of textures on the sleeve. To name a few, you can have prominent, rippling ridges, big orbs, or prominent lines running through the sleeve. Some eggs have textures on both sides and can be used during vaginal sex.

Your choice of texture may dictate the choice of eggs you like, so if you are a first-time use, keep note of the variant you’re employing. Personally, I don’t have a favorite amongst textures, though they certainly make the whole thing more enjoyable.

Sleeves used in Tenga Eggs are soft and squishy, made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This allows them to be both soft to touch, and flexible for use on a male masturbation device. The flexibility means that the Tenga Eggs sleeve can fit multiple penis sizes, and be comfortable for most users. It may stretch a bit for those who have very large girth, but it generally stays pleasurable thanks to its construction and use of lubricant.

Most of the currently available Tenga Eggs allow an insertable length of up to 7.80 inches, and diameter of up to 2.4 inches. While there is no point in trying to stretch the sleeve to its breaking limit, it should be fairly comfortable to penis sizes in the range of 6.5-inches. That size range should cover most men.


Tenga Eggs Review — The Sleeve In Use

Removing the packaging and getting the sleeve in hand is simple enough, which is a great sign. No one wants to fiddle with the packaging while trying to masturbate! Once you’ve got the sleeve in hand, spread the included lube around the circumference to get the toy ready. You can use your favorite lube as well, though it’s recommended you choose a water-based lubricant.

Placing the sleeve on the penis can feel like awkwardly putting on a condom, but it is fairly quick to bring on the pleasure. Just a few movements and you will be enjoying this sleeve quite a bit. Tenga Eggs focus more on the head of the penis rather than the shaft, which can seem offbeat at first, but is a good choice.

The soft and smooth feel of the sleeve works pretty well. The internal texture on the sleeve feels nice, though it won’t be as prominent if you stretch the sleeve while putting it on, or place some extra pressure on the sleeve. If you’re well-endowed enough to stretch the Tenga Eggs sleeve as you pull it while masturbating, you might see it get translucent at some points. Nothing to worry about, that’s just how the material is.

Did I say it feels great? The Tenga Eggs masturbation sleeve really does feel amazing. Well, not as good as the real thing, but then what is? There might be some sloshy and squishy noises when you’re using the sleeve, but that’s physics at work. It’s not very loud, and not every session has that noise. Overall, these eggs are fun and definitely worth a try, and the lower price makes it easy to give the Tenga Eggs a shot.

Tenga Eggs And Value For Money

Assuming that you get the Tenga Eggs for an excellent price, you would very likely be spending $5 for one round of masturbation. Well, five bucks don’t sound like much, and that is true, but it certainly isn’t suitable for a regular-use masturbator. The costs will pile up pretty quick.

Tenga Eggs are sold as a single use masturbation sleeve. I’ve seen some suggestions about cleaning and reusing the sleeve a couple of times. Personally, I don’t think that reusing is worth the risk. After use, the sleeve is going to be swarming with bacteria, body fluids, and lubricant. TPE is porous and will absorb a fair amount of these substances. Putting your health (and penis) at risk to save a few bucks is a terrible choice.

I’ll suggest you stay true to the manufacturer’s instructions and discard the sleeve after a single use.


Tenga Eggs Review — Bottom Line

There is a lot of variety and adventure on offer with Tenga Eggs. I like that they are discreet in packaging, and convenient to store, given the size of the packaging. As this Tenga Eggs review goes, I’ll suggest you buy an egg, or buy a set. It’s worth the experience, and is economical enough to try just for the heck of it.

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